The ‘Old Ways’ Workshops 2023


As Cassandra still needs to keep a social distance from others, any indoor workshop activities will take place in St Buryan Village hall.

Have some time away from life’s stresses by attending a spiritually nourishing workshop in the depths of West Cornwall. Visit our wonderful ancient village and experience the way we work.

For feedback on past Workshops visit the: Testimonials page.

 We advise our workshop attendees to arrange for childcare as these events are not for young children. Anyone who attends our workshops must at least sixteen years of age (a child above the age of 12 would need to be accompanied by an adult with parental responsibility).

There is no obligation to attend these workshops in any order, or do all of them, so choose ones that resonate with you. 

The first person to book a particular date decides on the workshop assigned to it.

Please note that deposits paid to secure your place are non-refundable.

Workshop Dates: 

6th May

3rd June

15th July

19th August – Necromany – The Dark Arts. 2 places available. 

16th September

NEW! Workshop 1 – Power Magic and Eloquence

Saturday Afternoon 2pm – 5pm

Welcome and introductions.

Cassandra will provide a talk on the following subjects:

Use and abuse of power, energy raising, amulets, sigils, magic squares and numerology.

Laetitia will talk about setting a sacred space for ritual, invocations and working tools used for ceremonial high magic.

Practical work – Discussion and construction of talismans.

Saturday Evening – 7pm to 10pm

You will observe us ceremonially setting the space within a sacred site. You will join us in blessing and empowering your talismans.

We will partake of libations while discussing the workshop and answering any questions you have.

Workshop 2 – The Primordial Land -Sigils and Charms
Saturday Afternoon 2pm – 5pm


Cassandra will discuss the use of Numeric Tables, Sigils, Magical Squares.

Cassandra and Laetitia explain correspondences for the construction of charms.

You will receive guidance in constructing a personal charm.

Saturday Evening 7pm-10pm

You will bless your charms at either a stone circle, holy well or other sacred site and build energy to empower them with the spirits of place. We will either remain at the site, or return to the village hall for libations, dependant on the weather.


Workshop 3 – Sea Enchantment and Divination
Saturday Afternoon 2pm – 5pm

Cassandra will discuss divination – Tarot – Scrying – Sortilege.


Laetitia will explain the history of sea Wisewomen, how to work with the moon, tides, sand, shore-life, sea shells, stones, seaweed and other items from beaches and coves within your practice.

There will be a detailed discussion on the use of various sea shells and ‘mermaids purses’ for charms or spells including the use of magical sigils. You will receive guidance in preparing a spell.

Saturday Evening 7pm-10pm 

We will visit a local beach or cove where you will receive guidance on blessing your spells, connecting with sea spirits and raising energy to empower them.

Meanwhile Cassandra will build a small beach fire and we will return to her for libations. We will either remain by the sea, or return to the village hall dependant on the weather.

Workshop 4 – Necromancy – The Dark Arts
Saturday Afternoon 2pm – 5pm

Cassandra will discuss curse breaking, spirit possession, image magic,  hauntings, psychic vampirism and spirit houses.

Laetitia will discuss image magic and psychic/magical protection.

Construction of relevant charms.

Saturday Evening 7pm-10pm


We will visit a haunted location and a crossroads for magical work and then return to the village hall for libations.

Workshop 5 – Ingenuity of Folk/Cunning Craft 
Saturday Afternoon 2pm – 5pm

Cassandra will discuss the following:

Cunning/ Folk Craft – what it is and how it differs from other Pagan paths, dispelling myths of the Old Ways, the attitude needed for development, working with a clientèle

Discussion on Folk Magic Spellwork will include: wort cunning (working with plants and herbs), -‘pinning the Devil’ – doggeral, – contact items, – raising Energy, — wart charming – witch bottles/jars.

You will then receive guidance to create a spell.

Saturday Evening 7pm-10pm

We will visit a special place to bless your spell and build energy to empower it and then return to the village hall for libations.

If you are travelling a long way to attend, the following links are recommended local accommodation:

Downs Barn Farm

Luxury Cornwall

Tregiffian Farm

Rosemerryn Wood

Tower Park

St Buryan Inn

The Rook’s Nest 01736 810463 – Mobile 07815 976559


12 thoughts on “The ‘Old Ways’ Workshops 2023

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  1. This would be so wonderful! I would love to be there! Oh how I wish I could come to these workshops! To gain so much knowledge from such wise women!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Hello Laetitia. I live in America. And I would love too! Actually that is one of my life dreams, is to go to England. To Cornwall! But my financial situation as it is will now allow it. Thank you for replying to my post! In my opinion, you and Cassandra are the true embodiment of what witches are!


  2. Hi Laetitia, the workshops are topics that I know I would learn a great deal from. I live 15 minutes away from the beach here in America. The sea magick would be most helpful. I would love to visit the UK, especially Cornwall’s sacred grounds and the museum. I really love your book Cassandra and hope you write another one. I wish someday I can attend both of your workshops.


  3. Had an amazing weekend with 2 great ladies on the Cunning folk magic. Was great to see how the cunning work for their community. Make the witch bottle spell was amazing,then we went to a very special place it was humbling. That night will stay with me I feel that a switch I have been searching for as finally been switched on.😊 Again thank you both for an amazing weekend xx


  4. Hi

    I would of love to be able to come along for workshop 5, do you have any idea when this workshop will next be available please


  5. Wonderful to spend time exploring old knowledge and tradition in a twenty-first century context, actual lived experience embedded in the Land. Thank you both for shaping the workshop around us. Really recommend this to anyone looking to develop down-to-earth practice

    Liked by 1 person

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