Working On The Wild Side Workshops 2020


Laetitia and Cassandra are now able to provide workshops at a social distance. While these rules apply, any indoor activities will be in St Buryan Village hall instead of Cassandra’s cottage.
Their thoughts and good wishes are with you all, stay healthy and please work with them on a resolution to this worldwide catastrophe. 
Take time out from life’s stress for a spiritually nourishing weekend in deepest Cornwall. Visit a Wise Woman’s mystical cottage and experience the way they work.
For feedback on past Workshops visit the Testimonials page.
We have cut down the length of our workshops from 2020, (which includes the price) to a one day workshop instead of two. We will still offer all the aspects of our previous workshops by keeping to a timed schedule. 
(There is no obligation to book these workshops in order or attend all of them, choose the ones that resonate with you. Workshop 5 is new for 2019)
The first person to book a particular date decides which workshop will be assigned to it.
Please note that deposits paid to secure your place are non-refundable.

Workshop Dates

17th October – Workshop 4 – Dark Arts – FULL

14th November – Workshop 2 – Sea Conjuring – FULL


Workshop 1 – Working on and with The Land

Saturday Afternoon 2pm – 5pm

Cassandra and Laetitia explain their personal correspondences  for the construction of charms.
Cassandra will discuss Utilizing Numeric Tables.
You will then be guided by Laetitia while constructing your own personal charm.

Saturday Evening 7pm-10pm

You will receive guidance in blessing your charms at the hearth before visiting a stone circle, holy well or other sacred site to energize them with the spirits of place. We will then return to the cottage for libations.

Workshop 2 – Sea Conjuring

Saturday Afternoon 2pm – 5pm

Cassandra will discuss divination – Tarot – scrying – runes etc.

Laetitia will explain her work with the sea, the history of sea witches, how to work with the moon, tides, sand, shorelife, sea shells, stones, seaweed and other items within your practice.

There will be a more detailed discussion on how to utilize sea shells and ‘mermaids purses’ for charms/spells including the use of magical sigils. You will receive guidance in preparing your spell.

Saturday Evening 7pm-10pm 

You will be guided in blessing your spells at the hearth.

We will then visit a beach or cove, build a small beach fire and join us for the invocation of sea spirits and spell working. We will then return to the cottage for libations.

Workshop 3 – Spirit Connections

Saturday Afternoon 2pm – 5pm

Discussion on various methods of spiritual connection. Elementals Spirits, Psychometry, Hauntings, Types of Mediumship and Physical Phenomena.

You will join them on a hedgerow walk to a special place that is alive with the woodland elemental spirits and Cassandra will show you ways of connecting with them.


Saturday Evening 7pm-10pm

Laetitia will guide you through various methods of spiritual connection with psychometry, scrying and other forms of divination within a protected space. After this we will partake of libations.


Workshop 4 – The Dark Arts

Saturday Afternoon 2pm – 5pm

Cassandra will discuss Curse Breaking, Spirit Possession, Image Magic, Dark Deities, Hauntings, Psychic Vampirism and Spirit Houses.
Laetitia will discuss her methods of Image Magic and Psychic/Magical Protection.
Construction of relevant charms.

Saturday Evening 7pm-10pm

Visit a haunted location and crossroads. We will then return to the cottage for libations.


Workshop 5 – The Old Ways -Cunning Folk Magic and Spellwork

Saturday Afternoon 2pm – 5pm

Cassandra will discuss the following:

What is Cunning Craft and how it differs from other Pagan paths.
Dispelling Myths of the Old Ways
The attitude needed for the development of it.
Working with a clientèle

Discussion on Folk Magic Spellwork:

Wort Cunning (working with plants and herbs), ‘Pinning the Devil’, Doggeral, Contact items, Raising Energy, Wart charming, Witch Bottles/Jars.
You will then receive guidance to create your spell.

Saturday Evening 7pm-10pm

Blessing your spell at the hearth before visiting a sacred site to energize it. We will then return to the cottage for libations.


Recommended local accommodation

Downs Barn Farm

Luxury Cornwall

Tregiffian Farm

Rosemerryn Wood

Tower Park

Sunny Cottage – Penny Ellis – 01736 810265

Caroline Henning – 01736 810445 – Mobile 07889 484001

The Rook’s Nest 01736 810463 – Mobile 07815 976559

8 thoughts on “Working On The Wild Side Workshops 2020

  1. This would be so wonderful! I would love to be there! Oh how I wish I could come to these workshops! To gain so much knowledge from such wise women!

    Liked by 1 person

      • Hello Laetitia. I live in America. And I would love too! Actually that is one of my life dreams, is to go to England. To Cornwall! But my financial situation as it is will now allow it. Thank you for replying to my post! In my opinion, you and Cassandra are the true embodiment of what witches are!


  2. Hi Laetitia, the workshops are topics that I know I would learn a great deal from. I live 15 minutes away from the beach here in America. The sea magick would be most helpful. I would love to visit the UK, especially Cornwall’s sacred grounds and the museum. I really love your book Cassandra and hope you write another one. I wish someday I can attend both of your workshops.


  3. Had an amazing weekend with 2 great ladies on the Cunning folk magic. Was great to see how the cunning work for their community. Make the witch bottle spell was amazing,then we went to a very special place it was humbling. That night will stay with me I feel that a switch I have been searching for as finally been switched on.😊 Again thank you both for an amazing weekend xx


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