“I had a reading done by Cassandra and Laetitia and it was really accurate and most helpful in what I needed to do. The energy from the reading was absolutely amazing!” J.H

“To Cassandra and Laetitia
I’d like to thank you both for my reading. It made me see myself and my job in a more positive way. It was a pleasure to meet you both and I look forward to seeing you at one of your workshops next year” Julia

Feedback from a Distant Reading (September):

“OMG you are so spot on , and yes this has helped tremendously . Thank you both for your hard work, and in put into this reading . I shall do as the reading says, Thank you both very much. J.H.”

 The Museum of Witchcraft and Magic forwarded a letter to us from someone who required assistance. We were able to offer help and the following letter was sent to the Museum.



“Thank you for the Yuletide wishes! That’s so kind ❤ I keep meaning to contact you to say how much my reading with you both earlier this year has helped me. I had so many things to say but I just couldn’t put it all into words that could convey how grateful I am, so I procrastinated in sending you my heartfelt gratitude. I came to you in a crumpled heap back then but I left feeling ten foot tall.  It is such a source of comfort to me that there are people like you both in the world & I shall ever champion your wonderful work. A”

“Thank you both so much for your time yesterday. It was a pleasure to meet you both and I sincerely hope that our paths will cross again. I came away feeling a lot more relaxed and confident in what the future holds and I understand and appreciate the truth of the words you both had for me. As for my wife. I know she’s been feeling disconnected from nature and from her natural talents just lately, so it was hugely empowering for her to spend that time with you too. J&H”

“Just a quick e-mail to thank you both for the insightful reading. As soon as i stopped chasing around like a ‘headless chicken’ things have fallen into place. I have been offered my dream job with the NHS starting in September. After a long time of very little money this is wonderful!  Also, i took the advice of seeing a financial advisor and am currently exploring options, there are more possibilities than i realized. The reading reminded me to stop chasing and have more faith. Also to be clearer about what i wanted. L”

“Thanks Laetitia. Feedback from the reading you both did for me at your house – was also spot on, what was said regarding a life changing situation is now moving forward ‘slowly’ with a lovely friend.  I am also preparing myself  in small steps, as advised by Cassandra. Also the last charm you did has helped to bring my creativity to the surface somewhat – I have surprised myself. Thank you very much for your help.”


“Thankyou for a wonderful reading and making me feel so welcome ,you were absolutely spot on regarding my nasty situation, and I have taken all the health advice on board and began right away, also Laetitia was right regarding my older lady with the black jackdaw I couldn’t think who Tessy was but I recognised the bird, but my mum said that was what my family used to call my auntie Sybil and she was very strong and protective and bossy so that was also fantastic. I want to thankyou for your kindness and your confidence in my ability and strength to make my healthy changes and hopefully when I next see you both I will have good health news,also your kind gifts meant everything to me and I will keep them close always”

“When looking for answers you will receive them and more.  the guidance is given with beauty, grace and honesty and they really do “hit the nail on the head”.  An amazing experience that will echo through my soul forever. I don’t go for consultations often, but if you get the opportunity please go because their amazing gifts will guide you and get you back on track” B

“Thank you so much for today, best consultation I ever had and spot on in every way. It was a blessing to receive your advice. My mother said that what you described concerning my father was 100% correct Laetitia.  If I do visit Cornwall again I will visit you for another consultation.” Ben

“I wanted to let you know you were correct about your vision of me riding a red tricycle as a child, my mother confirmed this as she bought it for me.” Vanessa

“Thank you for today, I was shocked by the presence of my Grandfather, it is something I have been coming to terms with recently and have told few people about it. You answered my questions without my needing to ask them.” Nicola

Spiritual Workings


“Hello Laetitia and Cassandra. The charms arrived yesterday. I want to thank you with all of my heart for the charms. I felt very emotional unpacking them and reading the instructions but also with the words of the charm.  We are going to put them up tomorrow but I feel that things are already changing. Thank you so so much. I now feel a sense of safety with the protection charms. You have been so wonderful” M.P

“Dear Laetitia I hope that you are well. My daughter now has two lovely girls thanks to your fertility charm.” F.M.


“My husband had been out of work for quite a while. Shortly after we saw you and you did some work to help us, he was in a local hardware store in town and one of the managers asked him if he would like a job! the store was the same franchise as the one he had left so he was familiar with it and accepted the offer!” Jean


“I recently requested a charm to help my daughter become pregnant after three miscarriages. I am happy to let you know she is expecting a baby girl in July. We are so delighted!” F x

” I just wanted to let you know that the charm has worked! I am now 21 weeks pregnant with my baby girl. I am so happy.” M x

” I want to say it has been a great pleasure to meet you. For the first time in my life I feel that someone understands who I am and you have touched my heart. You do such great work.” S x

” I contacted you over the return of an ex partner five years ago. Even though he is married again he still keeps in touch and we are good friends just as I wanted it to be. Laetitia seemed to contact me each time I was having problems throughout this process as if she knew.  You are amazing and I would recommend you to everyone.” J x

A client came to see me as she had problems conceiving and also had miscarriages when she did become pregnant. I cast a spell and constructed a charm. She returned eight weeks later announcing she was pregnant. I constructed another charm to see her safely through the pregnancy. The baby was due on 31st October 2013. I received the following email from her with a beautiful photograph.

“Thank you for your email asking how I was doing. I was going to contact you this week. Out little girl was born five weeks early on the 21st September. After a traumatic start she is doing amazingly well and putting on weight. Thank you so much for your help.” J x

” I did not want to count my chickens before they hatched but I had to write and let you know Laetitia that your charm arrived a week on Friday and the following Tuesday my husband was contacted with three job offers, one with an immediate start! My Father ahs also agreed to an equity release scheme to allow us to pay off our debts. His thrombosis was also diagnosed as a torn muscle! Thank you so much I now feel so much happier that I can see a way forward.” F x

” The property we were unable to sell received an offer and was sold a few days after receiving your charm! Thank you thank you thank you!” B x

” I did my exam yesterday. I took your charm with me and despite it being a very difficult subject I passed with the best result in the group. If I hadn’t changed one of my answers I would have got 96%! Some night say as if by magic! thanks for your input.” N x

“MAGIC WORKS!!! the charm worked brilliantly. I was informed that my early release from work has been confirmed. My last day is Summer Solstice! Thanks so much.” D x




“Perhaps it is an understatement to say how wonderful it was to be in the company of Cassandra and Laetitia again on the Friday evening of the workshop; getting to know them again, getting to know new travellers on the path and rekindling acquaintances with some old faces. In the relaxed yet haunted atmosphere of their cottage, we heard each other’s story and began to build the group egregore that would carry us through a weekend of intensive learning and experience.
The Saturday afternoon began with a conversation that centred on the nine levels of psychic self-defence with practical examples provided both from history and from the current practice of the cunning folk. Such material is learned in the hope that one never has to put such knowledge into practice. And yet, as a practitioner, I am glad to have such techniques as part of my “tool kit” of the trade.
This was followed by a demonstration on how to build a spirit house. Like most folk, house spirits get bored, and when they get bored they can get up to mischief. A spirit house provides them with a safe space where they can work out their mischief in a controlled environment. In return they provide safety and protection for the house’s other occupants (human and non-human). Metal frames and other materials were provided and despite my complete lack of crafting ability I was able to come up with the rudiments of a spirit house – a work in progress that will continue to evolve for some time yet!
Dusk gradually made its presence felt. And it was in the gloaming that we began preparations for a crossroads banishing ritual. We gathered our intent and poured it into the materials of the spell in the sacred hearth space before heading out into the night.
We walked into the night, deep into the Penwith moors and began climbing a hill to a dark rocky outcrop of granite boulders. “What can you feel”? “What can you see”? were the questions that ran through the experience? In the darkness of the black moon, I stretched forth my senses and saw flashing lights, here and there; so brief that one could almost doubt their willow-the-wisp existence. I saw moving shapes and running forms; some humanoid in appearance, some not so distinct. And when I touched the granite of the Carn, I felt a power, ancient, wild and free; and I knew that this was his land.
The walk down the hill was less determinative, more meandering, more uncertain; a delicious “being lost” and “abandonment” as we lost our way, being (mis)lead by the mischief of the Piskie Man and ending up miles from the cross roads where we were to complete our rite.
Yet find it we did, and in that most in between of places we raised our energy and called our power and shattered the vessel of our desire; its energies racing forth into the dark night to do our will.
And back by the sacred hearth we learned of the local lore of Carn Kenidjack; of the Man-in-Black who chases the night wanderer until he or she reaches a certain stile, of the Piskie Man who misleads and of the witch who guards a well that is sometimes present and sometimes absent. And it is in this ‘between the worlds’ of space and time; this experience of “the hedge”, the crossroads, that magic is alive and powerful.
And then it was time to say farewell to our two friends and guides. A farewell – yes- but a farewell with a promise to return to this most magical of hearths and its two wise guardians who will always have a place in my journey. T.N”

“This was a great workshop I met some awesome people. Cassandra and Laetitia were amazing hosts. I learnt a lot from the discussion during the first half of the afternoon. Later I learnt how to make a spirit house and how they work. The evening was awesome, we were taken to a breath taking location. On the way back we were ‘piskie led’ and thought it funny. Thanks again ladies you are amazing!” N.W.

“Going on the dark arts course was very interesting. Laetitia and Cassandra have great knowledge. We made a spirit house and learnt how spirits enjoy puzzles. The walk in the evening was amazing and my favourite activity as I love nature. I felt really connected. Overall a fantastic weekend of good people and I left with a better understanding.” P.O.

“I really enjoyed our couple of days and got a lot out of it. It was great to spend time with you and Cassandra and also to meet others and hear their different perspectives on the craft. In particular, I loved our night-time walk and crossroads spell, working on our spirit houses and learning about the different levels of psychic protection – several of which I have used before. I’ll also keep an eye out for the next series of workshops which I’d like to attend. Look forward to seeing you again soon” A.C.


“I just wanted to thank you so much for such an amazing weekend. You were both so warm and welcoming and your cottage so homely! It was so interesting and funny too and I loved all the others on the workshop with me! I think it taught me to stop and listen more closely and to believe that what I am doing is right and effective. I loved your down to earth approach which made it all more ‘real’! I would love to do another workshop if I could be considered again? I know I didn’t contribute as much as the others, but it was quite a step for me to be there on my own anyway. Anyway, if you could let me know dates of next years workshops when you have them it would be much appreciated. Loads of love to you both and thanks again for such an amazing weekend!” C.E xxx

“This was my second time on the connecting with spirits workshop. The first time was amazing so I decided to do it again. In the afternoon Cassandra explained the types of land spirits their customs and behaviour then Cassandra and Laetitia took us to a special place for meditation, As we walked to the place Cassandra explained the plants and what they are used for. This being my second time I sort of knew what we needed to do. This time the outcome was so much more intense and very spiritual I cannot thank Cassandra and Laetitia enough again”. N.W. xxx


“I attended the workshop on Sea Magic and have to say it was amazing. Living inland I never get the chance to do any sea work and have never understood how to use shells, tides. This was all explained by the workshop in the afternoon when Cassandra and Laetitia demonstrated how to make sigils and use them in spells. We were then given insight on the lore of the sea and how to use items found on the beach when spell working. This is my second year attending their workshops and I love them.” N.W

“I’ve lived by the sea my whole life and always known it’s power, however this workshop showed me how to connect and give thanks to the spirits of the sea and the meanings of the objects from it to create charms and how these charms were used past & present. Laetitia and Cassandra are incredibly knowledgeable and giving, as were the other group members. It was an amazing workshop, we were blessed with great weather and a new moon. Thank you for an incredible weekend” C.R.


“Experiential learning of a unique kind. Whilst Clutterbuck grounds you, Cassandra sparks alive deep wisdoms, and Laetitia brings a balance of nurture and hands on craft. Great mix of workshop lady attendees….all men on my last course. A bright light was brought to the profoundly dark issues discussed. Spell work superb… Wow!” AA

“I really enjoyed the workshop. It covered a lot of things. .Sadly I was not allowed to reveal what I had done within my old coven to everyone but I now have a greater understanding of the dark arts.” M.M

“Just a quick note to thank you so much for the great workshop and the hospitality of your delightful cottage. I learnt a lot and it gave me plenty of food for thought. I will be looking at your list of other courses and see if something else resonates within me.” J.F.

“This was my third workshop with Laetitia and Cassandra and one thing is for sure with these weekends is…to always expect the unexpected and this one certainly provided lots of that! For me, the workshops are not just an opportunity to learn new things and try new experiences, but a chance to meet like minded people and exchange ideas, information and experiences in a non judgemental and warm environment. It was an absolute pleasure to meet the other 3 ladies and share this experience with them. I have come home with new insight, ideas and memories which have not only given me a greater understanding of the things unknown but also a contentment that you can not put a price upon. Thank you so much ladies for sharing you knowledge, time and wonderful home with us.” SH


“Workshop1 Working On The Land 2018 was a fantastic weekend workshop that focused on learning your basics in witchcraft or wise-craft. The correspondence materials provided were simple and easy to understand and also left one with an interest to research more into certain topics after the workshop had ended.
Laetitia and Cassandra were both truly welcoming and understanding ladies, and we all had many laughs with the discussions we had – witchcraft or otherwise!
The charm-making session was wonderful – I loved how simple charms can be to make, but their correspondences can be as complex or a simple as you like! I also loved the energy of the stone circle we went to, to charge our charms – the atmosphere was calming yet alive and magical at the same time!
I’d like to personally thank Laetitia and Cassandra Latham-Jones for all the wonderful work that they have done for their community and for the pagan community. Thank you also for allowing me to share and experience that knowledge that you have chosen to share with others via workshops, allowing a new generation as well as older ones to enjoy the pleasures and magic of a Village Wisewoman.
Brightest Blessings. Thank you. E.S. xxx”

A recent email (22nd February) from the woman who organized a visit with the Swiss groups for our Sea Workshop last year:
“How are you both? We still think a lot about you and many of our group were deeply impressed by you and your work.” W.



 “Third workshop done and this weekend was amazing. Cassandra &Laetitia have been amazing teachers. If you get the chance book your place on their workshops. Again thank you ladies was amazing weekend see you September”

Amazing workshop, I’m completely worn out today & cant stop thinking about the things I experienced, thanks so much xx”


“It went too quickly….so much, and so many treasure chambers to explore.
The sea spell was the highlight, both the preparation and the casting. I felt free, not bound in any way. For me it was important the next day to sit for a while in a stone circle to come back to earth. The magic of the sea as a child returned and made much more sense.I would have loved to have spent more time on the tarot and astrology, but next time eh. Enjoyed the saffron cake thank you very much.” A

“Had a very interesting and informative weekend with Cassandra and Tia and two great people who attended the workshop. Cassandra went through Astrology which I am very interested in and tarot her knowledge is amazing. Then Tia explained about sea magic and the spirits of the sea and how to use shells in spells. The icing on the cake was going to the beach and releasing the spells into the sea and watching the sunset was Magical I highly recommend Cassandra and Tia’s workshop it’s not to be missed ” N


Such a lovely few days with all of you, lots of interesting discussion & lessons learned, looking forward to seeing you soon. Had a great weekend with these amazing women & two lovely guys, I would highly recommend trying one of their workshops.”

Hi thank you both for a great weekend really enjoyed and got a lot out of it.”

“The weekend was wonderful!”



“Sea Conjuring Course. This is not the first time I have attended a course with the Cornish Wisewomen, and after finishing this course – it won’t be the last. Cassandra and Laetitia were and are amazing. Warm, welcoming and fantastic teachers. They are always so professional and I learn so much in the time we have. Thank you both for sharing your wisdom and teaching me. You teach in a weekend – but the things you teach, will stay with me forever. Your knowledge is priceless and the experiences you give to people are unforgettable.”

“Thank you for being great hosts on the sea workshop. So much knowledge on Astrology and birth charts and also learning about the shells, tides and moon phases Followed by a visit to Sennen Cove to work with the sea spirits. Lots of fun and laughter as well. . I’m still smiling about our conversations we had throughout the weekend. Enjoyed every minute of it Can’t wait till next year for another workshop!!!!! Blessed Be xxxxx “

“The wise women workshop was wonderful – Laetitia and Cassandra were both very welcoming – with a lovely down to earth and engaging approach to communicating their craft . Thank you very much for a special weekend – I hope to join you for another dreckly !! All my love xxx”


“It was a mixture of trepidation and excitement that I felt as I knocked on the door of the cottage just as the shadows had started to lengthen on a Summer’s evening in St Buryan. But any trepidation thatI might have felt instantly evaporated by the warm welcome I received and the conversations that ensued by the hearth. Listening to the stories of my fellow travellers made me wonder at how such different people with such different backgrounds could come together at this one point in space and time to share and experience of the other realities that dwelt “”across the hedge”. I am normally quite reserved about how much I share with others, but the warm atmosphere created by Cassandra and Laetitia put me almost instantly at ease and I felt that I could open my heart and my story in an atmosphere of trust. And so the hours of Friday evening were spent, listening, chatting, laughing and appreciating the fine gifts of mead, wine and stuffed olives!

Saturday was very much the heart of the experience. We were lead across field and style to a sacred place; a place where the spirits were thick and fast. I have often felt their presence before but as I gazed and gazed a slight shift of perception occured and here, in this spirit haunted place, I caught fleeting glimpses of eyes and faces shifting into and out of the edge of vision. It was this that confirmed what I knew all along; these beings are real. Cassandra and Laetitia proved themselves to be conssumate guides to an unseen world.

Grounding ourselves at a local village pub with cider and excellent pub grub was just what was needed to bring us down to earth again. Even more grounding was the journey back with raucous renditions of Mana Mana (no not an ancient pagan chant, a song from the Muppet Show) in the car!

What was most surprising was the conclusion of the evening where we delved into the techniques of psychometry, scrying and Ouija under guidance.. The results of the psychometry experiments were uncannily accurate. I had never placed much faith in it before, but results really do speak for themsleves.

In conclusion, it was a wonderful weekend full of wonderful experiences and people whom I will never forget. I learnt much about the hidden realities that lie just beyond the gates of perception and how to get in touch with them. I can not recommend enough these workshop experiences offered by Cassandra and Tia. I very much hope to continue to learn from and enjoy the company of both of them again!”

“I attended this workshop with Cassandra and Laetitia who are two wonderfully inspiring extremely knowledgeable lovely ladies. I met some very interesting other people too who also attended. The walk to a special wooded area was shrouded in warm mist which added to a magical nature spirit experience. I would truly wish to thank you both for a wonderful derail weekend and thoroughly enjoyed being with you. I really hope to return soon to be with you again in your wonderful village and cottage for more interesting experiences. Thankyou.”

“This was my second workshop with Cassandra and Laetitia so it was an absolute pleasure to see them again and feel welcomed into their wonderful home. It was also lovely to see Mr Clutterbuck too! On a personal level this workshop was something that has been a subject I have wanted to know more about for a long time, but have never explored fully by myself for various reasons, and what an experience it turned out to be! Experience is something that you cant put a price on and i would like to thank you both so much for the knowledge and time you shared with us. I have gone away with new ideas, a better understanding and also some invaluable self discovery which I can now implement in my life. If like me, you are a solitary person, having the opportunity to meet with like minded people and get out of your comfort zone is fantastic and these workshops are the perfect place to do so! So thank you to the new friends and old, and hopefully see you on the next one!”


“Thank you for hosting the workshop in your home. It’s not often you enter a true wise woman’s domain let alone make charms at her hearth! It was useful to study my birth chart and did ‘ouch’ a bit when looking at my negative traits! Very accurate and gave me much to work on. the discussion before making the charms was very interesting and I felt nurtured. I also felt the silent support in the fact I don’t need to ‘follow the crowd’ and it was OK to do things my own way. It was good to have that confirmation from someone you regard highly and boosted my confidence. The charm making was simple yet powerful and the sea giving us the gift of the presence was amazing!  You are both a perfect combination and I feel truly blessed to have learnt from you. My charm continues to work, I have more energy and commitment and slept better.” P.K

“I had such a wonderful and inspiring weekend. Thank you for your warm welcome, hospitality, knowledge and many laughs! I loved every moment and learnt so much it has inspired me to work with the sea. Saturday evening on the beach was an amazing experience. Thank you both.” Sam

Many thank you’s for the weekend I had a wonderful time. I thought I would have to wait a moon cycle for results on the work but have already noticed a difference. I would have happily paid more for the workshop, I loved it all. It was good to meet Clutterbuck and see you wonderful home.” K.H.


“I travelled 300 miles to attend the workshop. It was well worth the effort to meet everyone especially Mr Clutterbuck. the workshop was excellent, presentation superb and I am still under a spell…… a good one! I am reading the resource material I brought home. Osmosis is an important part of magical learning as it contains much more on many different levels than most workshops.  Occupiers of the wise woman’s cottage are knowledgeable, generous and kind.” Anne

“After an 8 hour train journey I attended Workshop 1. These ladies are amazing, as soon as I arrived I felt welcome and was ready to learn. Fantastic teaching, intelligent conversation, atmospheric surroundings and genuine intent to teach and share. The workshop exceeded my expectations. I will be attending others in the future.” K.Z


“I am still absorbing the workshop, it had a powerful effect on me. A big thank you for sharing your wisdom, your hospitality and openness. As a novice this workshop was a revelation for me. It has given me so much I want to explore and opened my eyes to the power of nature and the spirits that dwell there. I have taken away a restored sense of wonder at the world as well as a lot of sand!! There was even some on my pillow! I appreciated the mix of practical work and the clear way you both delivered the information with humour and transparency…… not a Latin word in sight!! I will continue on this path and feel I am just beginning!”  L

“Thank you for an extraordinary weekend. the impact of it is just beginning to sink in and there is plenty of food for thought.  It was great to chat to you about your spiritual perspectives and feel some commonality with my own journey. I have found ‘book learning’ so limited especially on a subject such as this where availability is poor (and dubious)! I never thought I would have an opportunity to get a hands on taster of the Old Ways from the ‘horses mouth’ so to speak. It was a truly privileged experience. I am inspired and excited to continue this work more than ever as I have a sound base to work from.  Thank you for sharing your work with us and also the reassurances for my spell.” Nx

“I loved every minute of it and think that you are magic to the core! Not sure when I will be down next, but will let you know and perhaps we can re-visit the sea and the moon. My husband cherished his charm and will be making you a magical stone to thank you for your blessings. I did not realize how much stuff I was carrying around with me until I spent three days alone. I feel stronger and lighter now. I had a magical weekend and learnt some new and very interesting aspects of magic. The atmosphere was welcoming as were you both.” Mx


“I really enjoyed the workshop. the best parts for me was blessings charms and the drumming. It was a great weekend that I was glad to be a part of, thank you again.” N

“Thank you so much for a wonderful weekend… we are still laughing. Next workshop please xxx…….until then lots of love and hugs to you.” W x

“We had a wonderful time and learnt so much. We will be back!!” Lx

“Wow!! what an amazing life changing weekend. These wonderful women really went out of their way to take the time to get to know us, our wants and needs. The ritual was powerful as were the stones, the moon and the charm making. It is rare to find gems in this world but we definitely found them. I cannot say enough what a beautiful and magical time we had. I adored being in your energy. You welcomed us into your home like long lost friends rather than strangers. What an honour to have met you both.” F x

“Exceeded expectations, this workshop was tailored for my needs. I have seen a lot of “light” and fluffy spiritual ‘wannabees’, but these ladies are genuine and can work whatever magic your heart desires.” J x

Property Cleansings

“I have woken up this morning with a real sense of peace. I will be getting the ‘gang’ together to have a good physical clean of the place. I will get them to focus on cleaning away all the negative debris as they do it. ” V x

” I wanted to thank you again for Tuesday. the difference in the pub was immeasureable! the cellar had never felt so peaceful and clear it has allowed the energy above from the gallery and kitchen to permeate down and settle like a warm hug. Fabulous!” V x

Handfastings and Rites of Passage



“We simply cannot thank Laetitia and Cassandra enough for The Handfasting Ceremony they performed for us. We can honestly say that it was the most romantic, magical and memorable moment in our lives. Anyone who is considering “Tying The Knot”, look no further than Laetitia and Cassandra. From advice to reassurance, nothing is too much trouble. Thank you so much for everything that you have done for us. Wonderful, warm knowledgeable  Wise Women xxx” Kim and Tony


“Our handfasting was a truly magical experience made all the better by Cassandra and Laetitia.
They made the lead up to the ceremony stress free and went above and beyond our expectations making the day perfect. It was a pleasure getting to know them and for anyone looking to have a Handfasting ceremony we would highly recommend them. Finally thank you both again for all your hard work you gave us the perfect day we wouldn’t change a thing.” J&A

“Cassandra Latham Jones and Laetitia Latham Jones changed our lives. The Handfasting Ceremony they performed for us in their cottage was magical, loving, and transformational. In their care we shifted from being a twosome into a committed, very married, couple. We felt the presence of the Old Ones; we felt held by the directions and we felt surrounded by the love of two empowered women, who know how to invite change at depth. The words, the rites, the ancient symbols, even the storm outside, were mystical…. An evening that will live in our hearts forever.  As someone who performs weddings and teaches ministerial students how to do the same, I have never experienced a more moving, personal, and transformational ceremony than ours. It’s a bit strange to be so emotional in the midst of the ceremony and to think about it later and affirm, “ They really did a good job!” I start teaching that class in February and my students will be introduced to you, Laetitia! Thank you Cassandra and Laetitia.”


(Elder Blessing) “Thank you again for a very lovely afternoon for Mike. We both appreciated it so much and everything it meant. You are very dedicated ladies.”

“Can’t thank you enough for your amazing witchery, excellent crowd control and the winning one liner of the day by Laetitia: “Tell them you are a bit tied up at the moment” when the groom’s phone went off in his pocket during a crucial Handfasting situation! Cassandra said it would be memorable and it was. You both played a major part in making it so! To quote Lou Reed – just a perfect day! Thanks again, will keep in touch.”


“Thank you very much for our special day last week. the setting next to the stream was beautiful and the ceremony was relaxed. the words for the Handfasting were fantastic and carried great meaning for us both. the bluebells added to the lovely scene in the woods. It was a memorable occasion that will stay with us forever. We are grateful for all you both did to make the day so perfect.” S & S


“Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I feel so empowered as a female and my husband thought it wonderful. I want to do it again!! Loved it!!” J x

“It was an unforgettable experience to meet you and you made the Handfasting magical. I would also like you to know that I am pregnant (this was five weeks after the Handfasting when we decorated and put energy into their broom for fertility). We are so happy, thank you so much.” B x

“Just wanted to thank you for such a lovely day. It couldn’t have been better and we really enjoyed it. We agreed that it beat our original ceremony hands down and felt completely right.” C x

Walks with Wisewomen


“Thankyou very much for a fantastic afternoon spent with you both the dogs enjoyed their walk too. It is difficult to pick a favourite site but I think Alsia well was really special and mayze found it interesting too!” D.E.


“A lovely afternoon, thank you very much,  as you probably know it reached my Meg very deeply.”




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