“Dear Laetitia and Cassandra, It was really nice to meet you both too. Thank you very much for that very valuable reading. It has left me with lots to think about. I love what you do and feel so grateful that you are keeping the wise woman archetype alive.” H.V.

“Dear Laetitia and Cassandra, Thank you for the very interesting reading. It tallies very well with what has been happening and it has underlined some of the intuitions I have had lately, so the reading has affirmed what I need to do. After quite a difficult period, I feel I have been coming out of that and into a freer state of mind. It felt caught up in something quite powerful and now feel a bit more detached from it. It’s true that we have good friends and family and enjoy our lives. It’s also true that my partner and I have some very marked personality differences which makes things interesting and happily we seem to understand each other well now. Thank you so much. And I admire your concentration – meditating on the candle last night made me realise how distractible I am! More practise needed.  I’m sure I’ll be in touch in the future. ” H.G.


“Hello Laetitia, Happy New year🌹. I have a dear friend of mine who would love a reading from you. I told her I would contact you and give you her email address. I also told her how wonderful you both are. We never met in person, but I have had readings twice before and it has helped me to understand my path and what I need to do for my spiritual life. Is it possible you can message her?  Blessings both to you and Cassandra”. J.R.

Hello Laetitia & Cassandra, The reading really resonated with me, I’ve been really stuck these past few years. I became a single parent and have raised my son with no help from his father having been cheated on by him. I then faced a very serious illness, weeks after this my house was broken into. I decided to move me and my son away to a new area and I’ve started totally again. People thought I was crazy for leaving everything behind and we now have a nice peaceful home. Those things are still  a massive struggle for me. I’ve felt for some time I needed to do the same with myself and when you mentioned the need to find a new way of being, that pretty much summed it up. I’ve literally had life saving surgery, new home, new education and I’m sort of still clinging on to old patterns. I like the idea of thinking of them as old books on a shelf. That’s helped me visualise it better. N.S.

Hello Laetitia & Cassandra. Thank you very much for the insightful reading. This gives me relief with my question and has broadened my view on the whole matter of a second child.

Concerning my husband – this may be a quarrel about money and contracts with a certain company, that is unfolding right now. Your hints about energy and health are also very helpful. The main sentence of the reading to me is:

“Difficult to focus on any one thing as you may have to abandon it”.

This is food for thought and a strong pattern in my life, although I was not really aware of it. I often try to accomplish as much as possible, just to be on the safe side.

Thank you very much, this has helped me a lot. I would love to contact you again one day if life brings up another big question”. H.S. (Distant Reading)


Feedback from four distant readings:

“I am very grateful for the opportunity to work with you on this. I appreciate the effort you went to in performing the reading, and the talents and gifts you have. I would thoroughly recommend your reading services to anyone who is in need of guidance. You have been very patient, understanding and have always given me clarity where I have requested more. Your advice has been invaluable, and will be treasured and honoured.” E.E.

“Dear Laetitia and Cassandra,  Thank you so much for doing the reading, I’m so grateful to you. You really confirmed everything I was thinking, so thank you for being so positive. I had not thought about the complications but it must have had an impact as I am not the same person and I have had to deal with complicated issues. Also, I did the hours meditation and it came to me that it was not that I was really frozen, all my belief systems about rebirth are a bit shattered, and that’s why I am finding it hard to go back to practicing the craft, as it always leads to that principal of renewal and I’m not sure what I believe anymore. It’s a good start, and great advice, I am going to go back to the beginning – just doing very small practices as you suggested. Thank you again, I do feel better and it has basically just reminded me that we all know the answers, it’s just creating a space to find them.” S.M.

“Hello Laetitia and Cassandra. Thank you so much for this. I have read it many times, and will continue to return to it, so I may have a question or two, but for now, it feels intuitively right for me, very perceptive and also affirming of my situation. Thank you.” C.C.

“There were certain answers I had from the reading I also experienced in dreams two nights ago. You were correct in how I am feeling. You were accurate about a lot of things, I am so surprised. I was ready to ‘throw in the towel’ but this helped a lot.” L.



“Dear Cassandra and Laetitia, We wish to thank you most sincerely for meeting with us at such short notice on Saturday afternoon  and for offering us much needed blessings, comfort, and guidance in our troubles. You were a tremendous help and have helped give us an inner strength as we commence our new journey in life. It was so comforting to visit your home which felt to us like a ‘womb’ protecting us from the dangerous world outside. We felt so safe there and have carried this feeling back with us.” D&C.


” Hi Laetitia, It was truly an honour and pleasure to have met you both today! Thank you for the guidance and sharing your experiences with me. I’ve taken back invaluable lessons from you both and I’m still in awe of the bits of wisdom passed down to me. I’ll heed the advice from you both and also be more disciplined in my practice.” .A.N.

“Hi Cassandra & Laetitia , Thank you both so much for today ,the reading was very timely & appropriate if that’s the right word ,bringing together a few loose ends on my journey. I will catch up with you soon. C x”


“I had a reading done by Cassandra and Laetitia and it was really accurate and most helpful in what I needed to do. The energy from the reading was absolutely amazing!” J.H

“To Cassandra and Laetitia
I’d like to thank you both for my reading. It made me see myself and my job in a more positive way. It was a pleasure to meet you both and I look forward to seeing you at one of your workshops next year” Julia

Feedback from a Distant Reading (September):

“OMG you are so spot on , and yes this has helped tremendously . Thank you both for your hard work, and in put into this reading . I shall do as the reading says, Thank you both very much. J.H.”

 The Museum of Witchcraft and Magic forwarded a letter to us from someone who required assistance. We were able to offer help and the following letter was sent to the Museum.


“Thank you for the Yuletide wishes! That’s so kind ❤ I keep meaning to contact you to say how much my reading with you both earlier this year has helped me. I had so many things to say but I just couldn’t put it all into words that could convey how grateful I am, so I procrastinated in sending you my heartfelt gratitude. I came to you in a crumpled heap back then but I left feeling ten foot tall.  It is such a source of comfort to me that there are people like you both in the world & I shall ever champion your wonderful work. A”

“Thank you both so much for your time yesterday. It was a pleasure to meet you both and I sincerely hope that our paths will cross again. I came away feeling a lot more relaxed and confident in what the future holds and I understand and appreciate the truth of the words you both had for me. As for my wife. I know she’s been feeling disconnected from nature and from her natural talents just lately, so it was hugely empowering for her to spend that time with you too. J&H”

“Just a quick e-mail to thank you both for the insightful reading. As soon as i stopped chasing around like a ‘headless chicken’ things have fallen into place. I have been offered my dream job with the NHS starting in September. After a long time of very little money this is wonderful!  Also, i took the advice of seeing a financial advisor and am currently exploring options, there are more possibilities than i realized. The reading reminded me to stop chasing and have more faith. Also to be clearer about what i wanted. L”

“Thanks Laetitia. Feedback from the reading you both did for me at your house – was also spot on, what was said regarding a life changing situation is now moving forward ‘slowly’ with a lovely friend.  I am also preparing myself  in small steps, as advised by Cassandra. Also the last charm you did has helped to bring my creativity to the surface somewhat – I have surprised myself. Thank you very much for your help.”


“Thankyou for a wonderful reading and making me feel so welcome ,you were absolutely spot on regarding my nasty situation, and I have taken all the health advice on board and began right away, also Laetitia was right regarding my older lady with the black jackdaw I couldn’t think who Tessy was but I recognised the bird, but my mum said that was what my family used to call my auntie Sybil and she was very strong and protective and bossy so that was also fantastic. I want to thankyou for your kindness and your confidence in my ability and strength to make my healthy changes and hopefully when I next see you both I will have good health news, also your kind gifts meant everything to me and I will keep them close always”

“When looking for answers you will receive them and more.  the guidance is given with beauty, grace and honesty and they really do “hit the nail on the head”.  An amazing experience that will echo through my soul forever. I don’t go for consultations often, but if you get the opportunity please go because their amazing gifts will guide you and get you back on track” B

“Thank you so much for today, best consultation I ever had and spot on in every way. It was a blessing to receive your advice. My mother said that what you described concerning my father was 100% correct Laetitia.  If I do visit Cornwall again I will visit you for another consultation.” Ben

“I wanted to let you know you were correct about your vision of me riding a red tricycle as a child, my mother confirmed this as she bought it for me.” Vanessa

“Thank you for today, I was shocked by the presence of my Grandfather, it is something I have been coming to terms with recently and have told few people about it. You answered my questions without my needing to ask them.” N


Online Sessions


“Hi,Cassandra and Laetitia, thank you so much, we thoroughly enjoyed Friday’s online session. You explained everything clearly which was great for us newbies. It was also good to meet you and the other two ladies. We certainly will be attending more. Look forward to meeting again. Kind regards L.B. and Y.V. 🥰

“November 25 Virtual training on Power Magic, it was a wonderful learning session! Thank you for going into the world of technology with Zoom. I was able to see the complex workings of creating talismans and sigils using powerful magical systems, in addition to visually blessing & charging the talisman. Well done with the virtual platform, it was fascinating!  Thank you!” T.H.

“Dear Ladies (all 3) Very good this evening. You both came over very well with such warmth and giving us loads of knowledge. I very much appreciated the teaching and the company.  A lone witch in the New Forest taught me about Sigils a few years back, but your teaching was far better, and you were online. I feel rather high having burned too much incense!” A.A.

“”Goodness, what a marvellous workshop Laetitia and Cassandra…I am still digesting it mentally…it was quite informative and stimulating…😚 Thank You” B.L.

“We both loved it and will definitely let you know how we put what we learned into practice.” K.H.

“The teaching and information that you are giving us is of great value.  Priceless.Well written and well expressed.  Very comprehensive. Amazing value for money.” A.A.


Spiritual and Magical Work

Feedback on a charm for finding the truth and career success: “Dear Laetitia, after a few weeks of wearing the charm daily I successfully got the work placement I had always wanted. The lies and deception of the manager has also risen to the surface. I am so incredibly grateful to you and will continue to wear it daily to help with my work.” L.D.

Feedback on a charm for self-love and courage – “I got my charm today its beautiful. I had a beautiful experience when I  meditated. Chakra colours were floating from the candle all around me and coming towards me where I could touch them. Mainly blue/purple and pinkish and yellow mixed together. So beautiful. Thank you😊” J.R.

Feedback on a charm for courage –  “Hello Laetitia, I received the charm today. It’s got a lot personality and I really like it. When I hold it it feels like a very high frequency, it’s the same feeling as when I hold a high frequency crystal. Thank you so much” E.P.

“Hello Laetitia. Thank you so much for everything. Last night I felt the same self sabotage feeling that I get that’s the main part of the problem. I really had to push through that feeling for the whole hour. I feel a victory already from overcoming that. Your presence was strong whenever I looked at the candle so thank you for all your effort.” E.P.

“Dear Laetitia. We moved into our new home last Friday. There is no mobile phone signal and no broadband, so I could not let you know until today. Thanks very much for your support!!” V.G.

“Hello Laetitia, My son has done incredibly well in his mock exams (so the recent spell has succeeded fully!) –  which is great news. I have written to the school and his headmaster again advocating for him. He is topping the entire class which is the top class for common entrance. I saw him revise the week before – he has changed so much in the last two years, become more mature and understands the value of hard work and revision. I am also booking Removals for moving, so that is heading in the right direction too and the spell is working well. Thank you for being with us during this long journey.” V.G.


“Hi Laetitia, Hope you and Cassandra are well. My son has done really well in the end of year exams in year 7, despite missing a month when we got stuck overseas due to Covid19. He is now boarding at the school and is very happy.” V.G.

“Dear Laetitia. Thank you, thank you, thank you and thank you! I thought it would take weeks for them to arrive at a decision, as is normally customary with this country, but the judge immediately decided I was innocent. I had found an invocation to Nemesis, which I adapted slightly, and had the print-out of the photo of the spell you sent me in my top pocket. Love and Best Wishes” J.P.S.


“Do you remember the banishing witch bottle spell that we did in last years workshop? The intended recipient just resigned amidst “issues”. Many thanks for aiding another magical success!” T.N.


“Good evening, I just wanted to say thank you once again for a protection charm you made for me a few years ago. I recharged it and used it again last week, and I felt that the magic still held strong after 3 years. Kind regards K.W. xx”

“Good news! Got the limitation standstill from the other trust just awaiting the standstill agreement from the medical practice. Your magic is working very well! Thank you.” A.A.

“Dear Laetitia and Cassandra , It went very well.  Lots of twists and turns, the replacement barrister was magically silver tongued.  The Coroner first of all threw out the submission (which she had insisted on), and then went onto award article 2, using some of the many transgressions of care already listed by myself.  I held your first charm tightly throughout.  I am so pleased with your spell work.   I will be in touch before long” A.A


Dear Laetitia, Your spell worked wonders yesterday. My barrister went off sick and won’t be back till Dec, another stood in for me. He was great. Young and handsome😊charming with words. The pre-inquest went very well. I may have a listing for December for the full inquest should the suggested psychiatrist medical expert be available. Love and sincere gratitude. A”

“Dear Laetitia, I felt transported during the hour. Still feel released and greatly revived. No going back now. Oddly, I feel free of karma. I hadn’t realised that was something that I wanted. Thank you so much. A”


“Hello Laetitia and Cassandra. The charms arrived yesterday. I want to thank you with all of my heart for the charms. I felt very emotional unpacking them and reading the instructions but also with the words of the charm.  We are going to put them up tomorrow but I feel that things are already changing. Thank you so so much. I now feel a sense of safety with the protection charms. You have been so wonderful” M.P

“Dear Laetitia I hope that you are well. My daughter now has two lovely girls thanks to your fertility charm.” F.M.


“My husband had been out of work for quite a while. Shortly after we saw you and you did some work to help us, he was in a local hardware store in town and one of the managers asked him if he would like a job! the store was the same franchise as the one he had left so he was familiar with it and accepted the offer!” J


“I recently requested a charm to help my daughter become pregnant after three miscarriages. I am happy to let you know she is expecting a baby girl in July. We are so delighted!” F x

” I just wanted to let you know that the charm has worked! I am now 21 weeks pregnant with my baby girl. I am so happy.” M x

” I want to say it has been a great pleasure to meet you. For the first time in my life I feel that someone understands who I am and you have touched my heart. You do such great work.” S x

” I contacted you over the return of an ex partner five years ago. Even though he is married again he still keeps in touch and we are good friends just as I wanted it to be. Laetitia seemed to contact me each time I was having problems throughout this process as if she knew.  You are amazing and I would recommend you to everyone.” J x

A client came to see me as she had problems conceiving and also had miscarriages when she did become pregnant. I cast a spell and constructed a charm. She returned eight weeks later announcing she was pregnant. I constructed another charm to see her safely through the pregnancy. The baby was due on 31st October 2013. I received the following email from her with a beautiful photograph.

“Thank you for your email asking how I was doing. I was going to contact you this week. Out little girl was born five weeks early on the 21st September. After a traumatic start she is doing amazingly well and putting on weight. Thank you so much for your help.” J x

” I did not want to count my chickens before they hatched but I had to write and let you know Laetitia that your charm arrived a week on Friday and the following Tuesday my husband was contacted with three job offers, one with an immediate start! My Father ahs also agreed to an equity release scheme to allow us to pay off our debts. His thrombosis was also diagnosed as a torn muscle! Thank you so much I now feel so much happier that I can see a way forward.” F x

” The property we were unable to sell received an offer and was sold a few days after receiving your charm! Thank you thank you thank you!” B x

” I did my exam yesterday. I took your charm with me and despite it being a very difficult subject I passed with the best result in the group. If I hadn’t changed one of my answers I would have got 96%! Some night say as if by magic! thanks for your input.” N x

“MAGIC WORKS!!! the charm worked brilliantly. I was informed that my early release from work has been confirmed. My last day is Summer Solstice! Thanks so much.” D x



“Thank you to you and Cassandra for a really good day.  I learned a lot and it was a pleasure to meet the other ladies.” L.B.

“Loved every minute of the workshop and can’t wait to book on for more. Laetitia and Cassandra are cauldrons of knowledge, and warmly welcome questions and curiosity. And they are a bloody good laugh too!! The workings we did were simple to comprehend, yet really powerful and I got practical tips which really enhanced my daily practice. Thank you so much Laetitia and Cassandra!🖤 Blessings on your work, loved meeting you both and I’ll be back for more on zoom or next year!!” C.B.

“I loved the workshop. The structure of Cassandra’s nine levels of bane was very helpful and clear, and I liked the way she focussed on levels 1 to 8 and touched lightly on level 9.
All the magic was down to earth and practical, and I felt encouraged rather than deterred or anxious about developing my own, which is wonderful. It is very possible to come away disempowered from a workshop if it is badly handled and this was most definitely was not the case!
I enjoyed the practical, i.e. image making, and the charging and casting of the spells was  extremely helpful. I think I need to do more work on this though… I had not met Hecate before this.” C.H.

“It was an amazing, beautiful day” S.N.

“Hi Laetitia and Cassandra, I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your workshop on Saturday and in particular the time we spent on Sennen Beach in the evening. It was a pleasure to meet you both and I hope our paths will cross again soon. With very best wishes, S.T.”


“Dear Cassandra and Laetitia, I just wanted to say a huge thank you again for Saturday’s workshop. I really had an amazing time and feel lightened and enlightened. Cassandra, your no nonsense and common sense approach is genuinely inspiring and I feel energised after the time I spent with you both. Laetitia, thank you so much for your advice and sharing your knowledge and thoughts. I massively appreciate the time you have both given to everyone who attended. I’m already thinking of when I can fit in my next trip 😀.Hopefully I’ll see you both later this year. Sending love and blessings” C.M.

“Had a brilliant day. Learnt so much and met some wonderful people. Can’t wait to attend another.” D.L.

“It was an amazing day ♥️ I came away with new friends and new purpose”. S.J.


Social media post: “Another trip to the UK and I have a bunch of pics, but wanted to make sure our first one was abut our visit with the Witches of Buryan Cassandra and Laetitia Latham Jones. We had a really good workshop on the Dark Arts and a great adventure visiting Carn Euny and a crossroads. We finished the day with chatting and cake! 10/10!” J.F. and A.R.


“Thank you for a wonderful day, great company and a brilliant workshop!” P.O.

” Yesterday I attended a six hour workshop with the Wisewomen of St Buryan, Cassandra and Laetitia Latham Jones. The experience was thrilling! There are a lot of ‘witchy’ workshops out there but I had purposely chosen to this one because it covered a subject matter I am being called to learn more about but more importantly the integrity and respect the Wisewomen have for the land that is hard to come by these days. I have deep admiration and respect for the depth in which Laetitia and Cassandra conduct their Craft. It was an honour and a privilege to work with these incredible practitioners.” J.R.


“Hi Laetitia, Thank you very much for the workshop. I’m still letting it sink in. You asked for feedback.
It seemed perfect as it was. The first workshop I did was very informative ( the spell in a glass jar). I loved it. This one had an amazing feel to it. You created an energy that is still with me today.
It feels like the ocean is now pondering this earthlings spell/ offering. It was lovely to spend time with you and Cassandra. You made it very special. Thank you.” C.D.

“Thank you both so much, although it did not seem that much happened to me over the weekend, but I felt relaxed and that I had ‘come home’ however I feel transformed and have connected with something very powerful and good. You both made me so at home. How should I develop this new awareness as I have connected with something significant, with natural forces which are important to me. This could be a new beginning, I look forward to hearing from you.” P.G.

“For me the workshop worked as a gear changer, shifting some of my preconceptions and showing me possibilities. I tell my students that they should move away from self-fulfilling prophecies like “I’m no good at magic”, but then I fall for them myself, and it’s like shutting a door.  I was so pleased with the results of the psychometry lesson; I felt I did much better than I expected – it was as though you guys had pulled a lever for me. I expected to have little or no results, but the rush of images that came to me as I picked up the photo really surprised me. You have helped me to shed blinkers. And your relaxed but competent style of running the event encouraged us and gave us all the freedom to get our results in our own ways. In the hurly-burly of running a coven and outer circle, helping students, writing rituals etc, it is easy to move away from things you should give more importance to, to take time to go and walk in the woods and spend time with spirits, practise the Craft you fell in love with all those decades ago. You gave me the opportunity to rediscover that, and I really benefited. It was also lovely to get to know you a bit better; I’m a bit of a fan! The discussion we had afterwards was fun; as I said, the exchange of views helps you to crystallise your own opinions, where before they have just floated vaguely.  And thanks for the toad! One last bit of magic to the day, and I’m sure you called him in specially. Love and blessings to you both. W.T”


“We had a wonderful workshop with these two women yesterday. Cassandra and Laetitia are Village Wisewomen by profession, healers, and “followers of the old ways. Thank you, Laetitia and Cassandra, for a wonderful Sea Magic workshop. No matter how long we study and follow the natural path of spirituality, you have the amazing ability to give us our next step. We are filled with respect for the sea and her magical creatures and we are filled with appreciation for you.” K.H.S. P.S.

“This workshop was superb. Learning about the spirits of the sea and how to work with them. Being shown by Laetitia her sea shells and their abilities. Being guided with doing a sea spell with a mermaid sea purse. Then in the evening going to a beach and building a fire and being guided with your sea spell. Found the whole experience really interesting. Can’t wait to go to a beach and start looking for sea shells seaweed etc. And start doing more work with the sea. Learnt so much. Cassandra and Laetitia are excellent in what they do with their workshops. Awesome day.” P.O.


Hi Laetitia and Cassandra, I really enjoyed the dark arts workshop. I found your teaching down to earth and It was good that you encouraged us all to talk about our own experience and answered our many questions. I especially enjoyed walking to the sacred site with you at night, the beauty of the landscape and feeling the ancestors near was heart warming. We had a lot of laughs too, it was good to sit with a drink afterwards. I’d definitely like to join you both again. JM

‘Darlene and I want to say a very big thank you. Everything you both said made sense and resonated with me, expanding my mind to new possibilities. Cassandra and Laetitia’s teaching method is down to earth and easy to understand. They are lovely warm people who know their Craft! Can’t wait for the next one. Shane’.

‘It was a pleasure to meet Laetitia and Cassandra. The knowledge and understanding they have on the subject is clearly vast and varied. It is clear that they both have a lot of experience between them.  I found the workshop interesting and, enjoyable.  I particularly enjoyed the visit to the stone circle, and it is a place that I would love to visit again.  We covered Curses and spoke about methods of protection and discussed deities/crossroad magic and decorated our spirit houses. Thank you both for a lovely day’. N.A.


‘A very informative workshop. Cassandra and Laetitia shared their working knowledge and were very welcoming. A good format to the day.’ N.G.

“I attended the course Folklore and found it a really interesting. The new measures in place for covid do not take anything away from the experience and all was done really well. It was a wonderful day full of interesting experiences and I felt I learned a lot. I left in the evening feeling inspired to try new ideas at home.” S.L.


“We had an incredible time with you both!!” Jason

“You’re both amazing witches and awesome people! Thanks so much for fitting a workshop in for us!” Arkie


“Thank you both for your time today, we enjoyed it so much. We both felt we just got started and would love more immersion. What wonderful souls you two are! What wonderful energy, openness, honesty and depth you shared with us. Plus so many great information to take away.” A.H.


“Had the most amazing weekend, mind blowing and loads to think about and read, thank you both x” A.T.

“Had an absolute fantastic time at Cassandra and Laetitia Latham Jones’ Workshop at the Museum of Witchcraft and Magic today. Learned so much, had a lot of laughs and discussions – it was total ‘amazeballs’! They truly are amazing and inspirational. Thank you both for such an awesome day of magick! Blessed be. xx” E.G.

“It was a fun, interesting and informative day. Cassandra is as entertaining as she is knowledgeable. Thank you both” C.M.

Wonderfully informative with humour and what a fabulous turn out! Cant wait to attend another one” M.E.

“We attended this first workshop and it was amazing, great people and great vibes, thank you everyone see you again!” M.H.

“Wonderful inspiring day with you all. Thank you Cassandra and Laetitia.” K.H.

“What a Wonderful day with beautiful people. Can’t wait to go back to Boscastle to go walking in minster woods. Thank you Cassandra and Laetitia for a day of knowledge and learning. Xx” P.O.

“We had a wonderful day lovely people and a great feel here yesterday x”

“I really loved it and look forward to the next one. Xxx💜xxX” G.W.

“I loved every moment of and loved the walk to collect wild flowers.” S.H.

“Can’t wait for the next one! Thank you Cassandra and Laetitia. Many new things heard and learnt. It felt very special. I’m only beginning to feel my way around ” spirit” but excited for the journey. Hope to see you all again soon.” C.D.

“It was so good to meet you all last weekend, I think we were lucky to get such a nice group, even though we are all pretty different! I enjoyed the whole experience and particularly how important it is to have that space where we can speak openly about our beliefs, experiences and personal practice, Its so rare to be able to do this for someone who is not involved in the ‘community’. I loved that we could ask you both anything and get a sensible answer! I loved the ‘down-to-earth’ energy of it all, but that’s a big part of why i chose to come to you in the first place I suppose. 


To give some more precise feedback, I would say that the visit to the grove was good – particularly as there was helpful (practical) advice from Cassandra on best practice for working in this realm. The evening work with the Psychometry was also good and lovely that there was no feeling of judgement or competition – its quite nerve wracking to try this sort of exercise for the first time so the last thing you need is added performance anxiety! I (like many others I’m sure) have a lot of resistance to the idea of Ouija board work – just from the all the years of bad stories etc etc, made this exercise too difficult to get in to. Overall it was really helpful to get a taste of the different practices along with the wisdom that actually these are things that also require work and practice – like any other skill. When I think back over my years with horses and the times I’ve had the strongest connections and done the best work – its always been those times when i was really immersed, working at it every day and seeking and experimenting and being truly dedicated, I’ve no doubt that the work of witchery is the same…. I would love to be able to attend another of your courses (particularly charm/amulet -making, i think you do one?) It’s so hard to find teachers you can feel like you can trust in this sort of stuff, people with both deep and long experience who are at the same time warm, approachable and fun- i feel lucky to have had the chance to meet you both! With warmest wishes and gratitude. H.B.”


“Firstly i would like to thank Laetitia and Cassandra for creating this wonderful workshop which allowed us to gain an insight and deeper understanding of what it is to work with the spirit world. Within the welcoming atmosphere of the wise woman’s cottage, it was great to discuss and learn from each other our different spiritual paths and our own experiences of the spirit world. We all gained a lot of knowledge from Cassandra and Laetitia about types of energies and how there are many ways to connect with them. Our walk to a special site with Cassandra allowed a peaceful time in which we were taught how to focus deeply within a setting in order to be more aware of our connection to the things around us. During the evening we were given opportunities to try out ways in which to connect to the spirits. My favorite practice we used was Psychometry, even though it was my first time doing this i found it particularly fascinating. Thank you Laetitia and Cassandra for a fantastic experience i will definitely be joining you again for another workshop.” C.N

“Hi Laetitia and Cassandra! What a whirlwind the last few days have been! Such a pleasure to see you both again. Thank you so much for the time, effort, and energy you put into the Spirit Connections workshop. Arkie and I learned so much from it. We’ve already started talking about locations in Chicago we can go to practice our stone meditation and we plan on working more on our psychometry skills this week! We’ve made it a personal goal to attend each of your workshops so we can’t wait to see what else you have in store!” J.F.

“Dear Laetitia & Cassandra: I cannot fully express how valuable the workshop was for Paul and I. We keep remembering pieces and remarking to each other about how wonderful our experience was. Thank you so, so much. We look forward to more….including Sept 7.

Cassandra and Laetitia are masters in their Craft. The Dark Arts Workshop was riveting and valuable. Their teaching styles compliment each other and one gets the feeling that there is a deep well of wisdom and experience for each pearl that is expressed. My husband and I will be their students again, definitely.” Karyl and Paul.


“Had an amazing weekend with 2 great ladies on the Cunning folk magic. Was great to see how the cunning work for their community. Make the witch bottle spell was amazing,then we went to a very special place it was humbling. That night will stay with me I feel that a switch I have been searching for as finally been switched on.😊 Again thank you both for an amazing weekend xx N.W.

Property Cleansing

“Dear Laetitia, I wanted to thank you and Cassandra for your work. I’ve had no disturbances since your visit and I’m sleeping with the light off now. It’s such a relief.” J.Z. 


“It was great to meet you both today. Thank you for ‘Nuit’ and blessing the house. I know the house now feels loved and will protect whoever lives here for many many years to come, long after I’ve gone. Im so glad we got to carry on this old tradition. Thank you both so much” D.L.

Previous Years

“I have woken up this morning with a real sense of peace. I will be getting the ‘gang’ together to have a good physical clean of the place. I will get them to focus on cleaning away all the negative debris as they do it. ” V x

” I wanted to thank you again for Tuesday. the difference in the pub was immeasurable! the cellar had never felt so peaceful and clear it has allowed the energy above from the gallery and kitchen to permeate down and settle like a warm hug. Fabulous!” V x

Handfastings and Rites of Passage

In one afternoon we provided a Baby Blessing, a Handfasting and an Elder/Marriage Blessing for one family. This is their feedback:

“My dear, dear friends, The ritual day was more wonderful than I could have imagined. Cassandra and Tia, you led us through a marathon with such grace and skill. The timing of everything was perfect. The weather was perfect. The solitude was perfect. The rituals were perfect. My family, who really did not know what to expect, was very, very moved. Melanie, especially has thanked me a half dozen times for the handfasting. I think she felt it more deeply than she thought she would.  When I asked for a day of ritual for my birthday, I really hoped it would be moving and magical – and it was! I wondered if everyone would have interest sustained, standing up for all afternoon – I think everyone did What an amazing day of joy and transformation! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.” K.H.S.


“Hi guys it was amazing and a huge huge thank you for a wonderful evening and for recommending john he is such a great guy. All of my friends commented on what an amazing ceremony it was. Thank you so much for being so understanding and being so professional and carrying on with the ceremony despite the difficulties. As for the honey moon drink……

Thank you so much for an amazing event. ” D.E.


“We simply cannot thank Laetitia and Cassandra enough for The Handfasting Ceremony they performed for us. We can honestly say that it was the most romantic, magical and memorable moment in our lives. Anyone who is considering “Tying The Knot”, look no further than Laetitia and Cassandra. From advice to reassurance, nothing is too much trouble. Thank you so much for everything that you have done for us. Wonderful, warm knowledgeable  Wise Women xxx” K and T


“Our handfasting was a truly magical experience made all the better by Cassandra and Laetitia. They made the lead up to the ceremony stress free and went above and beyond our expectations making the day perfect. It was a pleasure getting to know them and for anyone looking to have a Handfasting ceremony we would highly recommend them. Finally thank you both again for all your hard work you gave us the perfect day we wouldn’t change a thing.” J&A


“Cassandra Latham Jones and Laetitia Latham Jones changed our lives. The Handfasting Ceremony they performed for us in their cottage was magical, loving, and transformational. In their care we shifted from being a twosome into a committed, very married, couple. We felt the presence of the Old Ones; we felt held by the directions and we felt surrounded by the love of two empowered women, who know how to invite change at depth. The words, the rites, the ancient symbols, even the storm outside, were mystical…. An evening that will live in our hearts forever.  As someone who performs weddings and teaches ministerial students how to do the same, I have never experienced a more moving, personal, and transformational ceremony than ours. It’s a bit strange to be so emotional in the midst of the ceremony and to think about it later and affirm, “ They really did a good job!” I start teaching that class in February and my students will be introduced to you, Laetitia! Thank you Cassandra and Laetitia.”


(Elder Blessing) “Thank you again for a very lovely afternoon for Mike. We both appreciated it so much and everything it meant. You are very dedicated ladies.”

“Can’t thank you enough for your amazing witchery, excellent crowd control and the winning one liner of the day by Laetitia: “Tell them you are a bit tied up at the moment” when the groom’s phone went off in his pocket during a crucial Handfasting situation! Cassandra said it would be memorable and it was. You both played a major part in making it so! To quote Lou Reed – just a perfect day! Thanks again, will keep in touch.”


“Thank you very much for our special day last week. the setting next to the stream was beautiful and the ceremony was relaxed. the words for the Handfasting were fantastic and carried great meaning for us both. the bluebells added to the lovely scene in the woods. It was a memorable occasion that will stay with us forever. We are grateful for all you both did to make the day so perfect.” S & S


Walks with Wisewomen

“Thankyou very much for a fantastic afternoon spent with you both the dogs enjoyed their walk too. It is difficult to pick a favourite site but I think Alsia well was really special and mayze found it interesting too!” D.E.


“A lovely afternoon, thank you very much,  as you probably know it reached my wife very deeply.”



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