Spring Equinox Workshop 2018

It was a pleasure to visit Michelle once again at MMW Revolver in Newquay to provide a Spring Equinox workshop. After a long winter and bitterly cold weather, celebrating the Spring, looking forward to brighter days and warmer temperatures was needed to lift the spirits.
We were welcomed by Michelle with a glass of Prosecco, she had also provided Italian lemon bread, chocolate cake and seasonal eggs. We had arrived a little early and it was a good opportunity to browse the interesting items in the shop. The egg-shaped wax candles gave a seasonal glow to the room and Cassandra purchased a sea salt candle.

The workshop began with Cassandra Latham Jones speaking about the symbolism of the season. She included the views of Christianity and Jews that have their unique way of celebrating Easter and calculating the Equinox as a moveable feast. She also spoke about the fertility symbolism of hot cross buns, rabbits, hares and the eggs. At the end of the talk she allowed time for questions and these give an indication of how each person interprets the season and aspects of the talk that resonated with them.
I had arranged for the group to decorate hard-boiled eggs while focusing on future projects that would be born in Spring along with new hopes for themselves and their families.

The food colouring when applied to the eggs seemed to have a life of its own as intriguing patterns and shapes transformed each one.
Our photographer John Isaac was accompanied by his twin daughters who enjoyed participating in the seasonal activities under his supervision.

I provided yellow candles for each person to carve symbols upon while focusing on their hopes and projects.

A small cauldron was then placed in the centre of the table containing potted daffodil bulbs.
Each person lit their personal candle and I guided them through a short meditation using visualization of their hopes and projects springing to life with all the plants and flowers of the land.

It was a wonderful evening and members of the group returned home with their decorated egg, carved candle and instructions for using them at home.
We thank Michelle for her excellent hosting and recommend a visit to her fascinating shop when you visit Newquay.

Swiss Sea Enchantment and Divination Workshop

Wicca, Cassandra and I

Our 2017 spring and summer Working On the Wild Side Workshops began with a workshop for twelve Swiss Pagans. As we were unable to fit them into Cassandra’s tiny cottage, we used the small room at the St Buryan village hall.

Wicca, a lovely woman who runs the Swiss Museum of Witchcraft, arranged for her group to meet with us and translated the relevant information. Cassandra gave a talk on her life and work as a Wise Woman and I spoke about sea spirits, mermaid legends, elemental work and uses for seaweed, sand and other materials found on beaches.  I also explained the magical properties of various sea shells, sea beans and mermaids purses.

Cassandra was asked to construct a few protection charms that the group could purchase at the workshop.

After allowing time for questions from the group, we provided various materials for them to construct personal charms. The unique designs they created and the type of materials they chose, gave us insight of their individual personalities.

After blessing these charms we visited Boscawen-un Stone Circle to charge them with meditation and energy raising dance to the beat of a drum.

We visited Sennen Beach and watched the deep red sphere in the sky as the sun descended over the sea. The group members live inland and sadly do not get a chance to experience the wonderful energies from the sea in Switzerland.

Cassandra built a fire and we sat around it discussing the local folklore.


We sang chants by the shore to invoke the sea spirits and raise energy for casting spells with sea shells. When this was done we returned to the fire for Cornish blackberry mead and saffron cake.
A wonderful workshop with a group of fabulous people and despite the difference in language the sister and brotherhood of the Craft deeply connected us all.