The Old Ways – Craft of the Cunning Folk Workshop March 2020

It has been a long winter with more than average rainfall along with flooding and storms within Cornwall and most of the U.K. We usually arrange our first workshops in the Spring, however we would not decline a request from Jason and Arkie, two lovely young men who travelled all the way from Chicago, so we agreed to provide an extra Folk/Cunning Craft workshop for them.

They had attended a previous workshop and accompanied us on a Wisewoman walk to Zennor Hill. Their inquiring minds enthusiastically soak up new information and their cheerful boundless energy is good for the soul, making it a pleasure to spend time with them.

They each brought along a stylish skull-shaped witch bottle to use for their spells and ventured out with Cassandra to harvest relevant foliage from the local hedgerows. I set out the other corresponding ingredients within the cottage ready for their return.

We had plenty of cakes and goodies left over from Cassandra’s 70th birthday party, so Jason and Arkie were more than happy to reduce the amount for us!

During the evening we guided them in blessing their witch bottle spells at the hearth and they enjoyed the chant that I use for this process.

Cassandra and I transported them to a special place for magically energizing their spells.

It was a dark evening with a clear night sky and as we stood within the graveyard, the cold wind strengthened and howled loudly as we chanted to raise the energy. We were unable to light the candle contained in the lantern, so we worked together in complete darkness which Jason and Arkie found wonderfully exciting.

We later returned to the cottage for libations and warmed ourselves by the hearth fire while discussing their individual experiences and impressions throughout the workshop while answering their questions. Cassandra and I thoroughly enjoyed our time with Jason and Arkie and we look forward to their next visit. It was so refreshing to be surrounded by happy, positive energies at a time where there is so much fear and uncertainty. The season of Spring is urgently needed and we look forward to it’s arrival.


We had an incredible time with you both!! Jason

You’re both amazing witches and awesome people! Thanks so much for fitting a workshop in for us! Arkie

The ‘Old Ways’ Workshops 2014 to 2016

This image was captured at our first Workshop (Sea Magic) in 2014….how time flies!!

Workshops of 2015

We had a fabulous time in 2016 on our workshops and met some wonderful people. There were thought provoking discussions and profound experiences.

May 2016 Workshop 1- The Ancient Land.

workshop May2016a

workshop May2016c


June 2016 Workshop 2- Sea Enchantment and Divination

WorkshopJune2016 008

WorkshopJune2016 010

WorkshopJune2016 014

July 2016 Workshop 3 – Communing with the Unseen

Workshop2016 003

Workshop2016 006

Workshop2016 017

Workshop2016 010

August 2016 Workshop 2 – Sea Enchantment and Divination

WorkshopAug2016 002

WorkshopAug2016 003

WorkshopAug2016 007

WorkshopAug2016 009

WorkshopAug2016 014

WorkshopAug2016 017

WorkshopAug2016 022

WorkshopAug2016 026

Image - D. Martin

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