Cassandra Latham Jones’ Book Signing’ Event

On the 8th December we travelled to Newquay. Cassandra was asked to do a book signing for Village Witch at MMW Revolver.
We arrived by late afternoon as we also installed two protection charms in a property that we had cleansed during a previous visit.
We enjoyed a wonderful meal at The Fort Inn with a fabulous view of the sea from their French windows.


We arrived at the venue for 7pm and were welcomed by Michelle with a glass of Prosecco and chocolates.


The customers arrived and Cassandra began her talk at 7.30pm.


There was a 30 minute talk on the reason for writing her book, her work, her views and her life. Cassandra always leaves time for the audience to ask any questions. You can listen to the talk on the following video links.









I admire the way Cassandra has a natural rapport with an audience. She provides entertainment and humour but also the correct emphasis on important subjects.  You can see the passion she has for her work and the caring for her community. The room was full and the audience gave her their full attention and asked some interesting questions. Unfortunately I was only able to record two of them.  Only two books remained by the end of the evening.








With thanks to our wonderful host Michelle for a fabulous evening.







Congratulations to Cassandra Latham Jones

Casandra proudly holding the new third edition of her book Village Witch

Cassandra proudly holding her new third edition of Village Witch

When Cassandra viewed her memories on social media, she discovered that today was the anniversary of the release of her first edition of Village Witch in 2011.
She also received her completed third edition from her publisher Mandrake Of Oxford.
I have supported Cassandra throughout the emotional highs and lows of this process and admire her for consistency and strength over the past five years. I am delighted to say that she has genuine friends who are also talented, professional artists that she has chosen to contribute to the latest edition. The new photographs and artwork make this book the best edition of them all.
The following link with provide you with further information on her journey:

Village Witch