Reiki Master Course October 2018

After returning from an action packed weekend at the All Hallows Gathering in Boscastle, I taught a two-day Reiki Master course.

It is indeed a privilege to teach a Master-Teacher course, sending out new teachers and practitioners into the world. They will then assist, treat and also teach others spiritual development, positivity and healing to those who desperately need it.


The two lovely ladies I taught on this course were enthusiastic, accomplished therapists who have already helped their clients utilizing other methods.

Usui the founder of Reiki intended the system mainly for personal spiritual development and enlightenment. Much discipline is needed for the daily meditations and energy exercises.

In Western countries Reiki has been used as a method of treating others and even though have the ability to do this, it is important to remember to use it for one’s own personal development in order to be an effective therapist.

Teaching students how to perform Western attunements is not an easy task as the methods are complex and need constant practice to get them right.

The Eastern attunements are much simpler and will not involve the conscious mind as much when you are familiar with them, so they will increase in power. It is advisable as a Teacher to know both methods and the students are able to experience them and compare both methods.

The new information on a Reiki Master course is fascinating, the use of the new symbols, Kotodama chants, Crystal Grids and the powerful Antakharana symbols are just some of the tools that are available.

 The self empowerments and new meditations on the course prove how powerful Reiki and intent can be.

Preparing the students to teach their own courses is vital as they will interact with a wide variety of people, some will be fast learners, others may need more time. Some will be spiritually experienced and others may not.

I am so fortunate to have found the Reiki Evolution system as Taggart has made so many resources available to his Teachers and also the ongoing support is excellent. I am delighted to be able to pass this on to my students.

My cat Clutterbuck was thoroughly spoilt over the two day course with a copious amount of affection. He certainly enjoys the ‘perks’ from our work!

After an intense but satisfying two days, my students happily received their certificates and their new journey awaits. I wish Michelle and Karen every success for the future.


“This year is a very special year and October – a special month! Samhain and All Hallows Dark Gathering at Boscastle – and a great opportunity to see Cassandra and Laetitia for our annual photo!  After previously completing Reiki 2nd degree with Laetitia, I felt energy changes that I wasn’t expecting and that were also most welcome. I was very much looking forward to booking in with Laetitia for Reiki Master Teacher course – and many months after – indeed I did! I traveled a long way – spiritually and physically to be there. It was a wonderful magical coincidence that Michelle was training with me – this helped my development. The setting is wonderful –  a wise women’s cottage in the village with Cassandra present and of course Clutterbuck the cat. Laetitia is a wonderful teacher and went through everything thoroughly. I loved learning the attunements. I feel confident and happy and am looking forward to this – no doubt challenging, journey. I’m very glad I connected with her and it was especially wonderful because of Samhain. I recommend that you work with Laeitita not only with Reiki – but the work that both her and Cassandra do in the form of readings and workshops. Always an important marking in my spiritual development.” Karen


Reiki Courses June 2018

I attained my Reiki 1st degree in 1999 as I had the desire to provide healing treatments for clients. What attracted me to the Reiki system was that utilising the energy would benefit the therapist as well as the client. The system also has simplicity which adds to its power and produces remarkable results.

I have been a Reiki Teacher since 2003 and have fond memories of my first courses with students who became talented healers and continued with their spiritual paths to this day. One of them in particular became a wonderful Reiki Teacher herself and I am so proud of her achievements and pleased that Reiki was there to assist her with her own difficulties in life. These memories return to me even now during preparation to teach courses.

Teaching Reiki courses is not a regular occurrence for me in Cornwall,  being a small county with a large number of Reiki Teachers residing and advertising their services here. I wholeheartedly believe that members of the community who are meant to learn from me will find their way here.



During the month of June I was fortunate in teaching two courses to introduce 4 ladies to the wonderful world of Reiki healing. There were specific reasons each students would benefit from using this system. It also provides deep satisfaction for me as a Teacher when the students discover they have the sensitivity to feel and work with this energy.

The original Japanese Reiki system places emphasis on self-healing and spiritual development. You cannot be an effective therapist if you neglect your own spiritual and physical well-being.

I was fortunate to find an excellent Reiki system first time that gives excellent ongoing support that I can recommend to others.

If you are interested in learning Reiki to enhance your spiritual development and your emotional and physical well-being contact me for further details.


10 Years in Cornwall

On the 12th June 2018 it was the 10th anniversary of my move to Cornwall. The life I envisaged here and the one I now have are extremely different.

The Guardian

Living near the sea, the elements of the rain, wind and storms intensify. Cornwall may not be as cold as other parts of the UK (although the last winter was a harsh one) and frosts happen less here. The cost of living is rising everywhere, but in tourist areas, prices rise during the holiday season and even though tourists pay these prices for the short time they are here, residents pay higher prices throughout the holiday season. Work opportunities increase during the summer, but lessen in the winter. The cold weather also means an increase in household bills too.

Taking a vacation in Cornwall is easier than surviving here. During a vacation you can take time out to visit beaches and places of interest, but when one is trying to survive and so busy with work, pleasure visits to beaches or sites rarely occur even though one lives in close proximity to them.

On a positive note I have enjoyed my work as a Wise Woman throughout the last 9 years. I have learnt so much from Cassandra Latham Jones, it has been a fascinating and testing journey. Working with the land and sea here and its powerful unpredictable energies has been a challenge. The tests can be severe and obstacles are put in one’s path. It takes strength of character and determination to overcome these and continue………the spirits constantly present challenges as if to say……..”how much do you want this???” Cassandra admits that she has been tough with me throughout this time and admires my tenacity.  I have witnessed others who have wanted to learn from her who were unable to withstand the tests and tasks given.

Image -Mandy Raywood

My experience and training in ceremonial magic while in Kent has been useful when conducting Rites of Passage. Cassandra is happy to leave the – as she calls it – ‘arm waving’ to me when setting up the space for ceremonies.

The consultations we do together work well, the moment just before a reading when Cassandra holds a client’s hands to connect with their energies, I tune in to any spirit presences that may be around them. While Cassandra shuffles the Tarot cards I provide the client with a description of the spirit presence and also any messages they wish to pass on. Cassandra then lays out the Tarot spread and there have been many occasions where the same messages have appeared within the cards giving double confirmation for the client. I have witnessed many readings by Cassandra over the years and am familiar with her cards. I purchased an identical Tarot pack and I am able to provide readings using them.

Property cleansing needs a huge amount of work, particularly if they have been inhabited by a variety of residents over time,(more-so with period properties). The energies from traumatic events are contained within the foundations of these buildings which can have a profound effect on any future residents. In hotels and public houses/inns the energies can intensify and can affect the smooth running of businesses. We have had many successful outcomes from this work.

Image – John Isaac

Curse breakings are another area of intense work. Many clients consult us concerning this matter and Cassandra has a unique and powerful method for dealing with these energies.

Wart charming was a service that at first I was sceptical of as it was difficult to understand how this could possibly work. Even now I could not explain exactly how it works but have witnessed the success of the process with our clients.

I have constructed many charms over the years and have had a high success rate with them, fertility charms in particular. It delights me to think that I have assisted in creating new life and brought much happiness to others.

I still provide Holistic Services and have taught Reiki courses here too which benefit clients greatly, particularly because the Reiki practice is more about the spiritual and emotional development of the person rather than a complementary therapy.  I have also helped a wide range of clients from the terminally ill to pet owners who now are able to calm their stressed animals.

My counseling services have also come to the fore as often clients are affected by childhood abuse and do not realize how much this can affect their everyday lives as adults even though these events happened long ago.

Walks with Wise Women is an enjoyable aspect of our work as it enables us to visit and enjoy the sites with our clients. I have learnt about the folklore associated with them by listening to Cassandra repeating the information on each visit. We also discover more about our clients as we are able to converse with them while walking to and from the sites.

Our Working on the Wild Side workshops have been successful during the last few years. I suggested them to Cassandra who was a little reticent, but due to many enquiries about them, she agreed to try. The workshops have gone from strength to strength with a new subject introduced each year. We have met some fabulous people who have experienced some extraordinary occurrences during them. The preparation and the workshops themselves are hard work but also energizing and satisfying on a deeper level.

I have learnt many things since being here and the main lesson is that life is indeed unpredictable. One can plan the future to a certain extent but circumstances that create a sudden change can have an incredible impact on one’s life with positive or negative results.

I have also learnt that being successful in work and within a community brings rivalries, competitiveness and jealousies from some, who will then project the dissatisfaction with themselves and their lives onto another. When a person experiences this level of pettiness it is vital to remember that these people, by their treatment of you are validating that you are exceptionally good at what you do. If you were not successful or talented, negative ones would not bother with you.

When a person moves into a new community, they are on ‘foreign territory’ and therefore vulnerable to predators and bullies. Genuine good-hearted people in the community will do what they can to assist especially if they were once in the same position themselves.

Image – John Isaac

Cassandra Latham Jones falls into this category and has assisted me in so many ways.

I have also integrated myself socially by attending festivals and utilising my talents as a musician and dancer. By doing this I have met some kind, thoughtful and talented individuals.

The residents of St Buryan village have been particularly welcoming and now consider me part of their community.

My time here has been creative too as Cassandra and I along with my son Rhys formed our Guise team Boekka with Penkevyll the Lands End ‘Oss. Our team has performed for 8 years now and we have introduced Morvargh my new Sea ‘Oss as a recent addition. To top it all, my idea of Cassandra, myself and Penkevyll the ‘Oss meeting Phil, Vivien and their Mari Lwyd at the Museum of Witchcraft and Magic on Samhain in 2014, has developed into a fantastic event  The All Hallows Gathering!

I have lived in Cornwall 10 years now and am no longer a ‘newbie’. The local and Pagan community has witnessed how difficult it has been and the obstacles that were placed in my path. I am certain that some individuals could not have withstood or endured a fraction of what they have directed my way, but that is par for the course.  The positives far outweigh the negatives and I am still here…….


25. First Moves

I taught my Reiki student her second degree course and included my daughter.  A teacher does not judge whether or not a person is suitable in personality or spirituality for attunement to Reiki. The more they work with it the more they receive, so you trust the energy as the deciding factor for genuine Reiki practitioners.  I practised meditation, self treatments and self empowerments regularly which enhanced my use of it and the strength of the energy. My first Reiki student received positive results from her treatments and practices.


During 2006 our home was added to the property market. We viewed a beautiful converted chapel on an ancient crossroads at Poundstock near Bude in Cornwall. The garden had a small patio area adjacent to the graveyard and the sea is visible in the distance about two miles from the garden. On the walls inside the chapel there were visible indentations where builders had filled in some of the arched windows. 


There was a beautiful stained glass arched window above the front entrance too. We hoped that our property would sell in time to purchase the chapel and were delighted when someone made an offer on our home only six hours after it was advertised. Unfortunately the buyer was after another property that was withdrawn from the market and he used ours as a bargaining tool with the owners. The property then re-appeared on the market and the buyer pulled out of purchasing ours. Another buyer made an offer for the chapel  which was accepted, so it seemed it was not meant for us after all and our search continued.

In March 2006 we attended the Devon and Cornwall Pagan Conference. The couple we met via the Egyptian group and another male friend travelled down from London to spend the weekend with us at the Conference. Our male friend was a member of the couple’s occult meetings and also a follower of our former Morris team.

Image - Diary of an internet nobody

Image – Diary of an internet nobody

On Friday evening we listened to a popular folk singer who performed in the lounge bar of the venue. Our American friend frequently left the table to return to his chalet and I discovered from his partner he was still in communication with members of the rock band commune. Apparently he kept contact hoping he would be reimbursed with the money he had given them. Our American friend wasthen a member of a coven in Devon and introduced us to his high Priestess at the Conference. I recognized her from the Nordic group who performed the closing ritual at the first Cornwall conference I attended. My American friend would travel from London to Devon for rituals or meetings and if late he would receive a scourging. He accepted  this punishment as karma for past life  mistakes. The priestess and her husband wore fetish attire and her husband’s T-shirt had ‘Master’ written upon it. They spoke openly about their lifestyle and although she were the priestess of the coven,  it was obvious she was under the control of her husband in their relationship.

The Conference Deity Competition.

The Conference Deity Competition.

On Saturday the main competition was ‘dress as your favourite deity’ and proved to be popular.  I entered the competition as Sekhmet and my husband assisted me in constructing a golden sun disc as a headdress. I wore a long satin crimson nightdress for her gown and my female friend from the Egyptian group gave me a large golden ankh to hold. I applied face paints, as a Leo with feline features and make up artist qualifications it was not difficult for me to create the correct image. The contestants formed a queue by the stage and were interviewed by a renowned Pagan man who was also joined by the wise woman as compere. I hoped she would interview me, but when she saw a dark Goddess approaching her she laughed and passed me on to the other compere.



A man with long hair and a beard dressed as Cerunnos made a huge impression by wearing tiny undergarments covered in leaves and small horns upon his head. The audience laughed as he sidled onto the stage and the comperes found it difficult to interview him without signs of amusement. We knew then that he would win, as the competition was judged by the amount of cheers from the audience!

The day ended with the closing ritual. The male compere was a member of the Golden Dawn tradition and this method of working fascinated me. The chants are evocative and the powerful presence of  four giant Archangels at the quarterly directions is powerful as they are huge figures. He encouraged the audience to participate with chants to raise the energy and the Sekhmet costume I wore seemed to enhance my experience during this ritual.

In the evening I sat with friends at a table in the large hall. The alcohol flowed and I awaited livelier music to dance to. I invited the Devon high priestess to join me on the dance floor and she did so. I met the elderly priest of the Cornish magical group as he was always one of the first on the dance floor. He reminded me of a Morris dancer as his hat and waistcoat were adorned with colourful ribbons. When we returned to our table, the Devon priestess’ husband seemed upset because she had left the table to dance without asking permission. They began a serious discussion and I left them to it.

Later that evening the couple from the Egyptian group joined me on the dance floor along with their occult group member. The throbbing beat of the music and the spirit of the dance took over my body and I was unaware of another person who had been watching……….Suddenly the wise woman was close beside me, dancing and smiling.  She enjoyed the way I moved and I was delighted to see that she was friendly towards me. I ‘turned up the heat’ as I danced which pleased her as I was aware she flirted with women at Conferences. They enjoyed the attention and I could see why. There was momentary contact as we swayed together and then she disappeared from the dance floor and did not reappear for the rest of the evening.

During our journey home the following day, I thought about the wise woman. It seemed she made a habit of ‘toying’ with women before disappearing. I vowed that if she approached me at the next Conference I would be ready for her!

23 Further Networking

In 2005 the Devon and Cornwall Pagan conference changed their venue from Camelot Castle in Tintagel to Penstowe Manor in Bude.  The main building was a wonderful period property with gothic style. 

Penstowe Manor. Image - Penstowe Holidays

Penstowe Manor. Image – Penstowe Holidays

Chalet accommodation was also available for Conference attendees.

The Function Room at Penstowe. Image - 21st Century

The Function Room at Penstowe. Image – 21st Century

I saw the small woman with the crooked top hat that I met at the Cornwall conference in Tintagel. During this event she gave a talk about her work as wise woman. Her appearance was unique to other Pagan women and her talk was interesting with humour. There were occasions when she cursed and profusely apologized which seemed to make it worse. The wise woman was one of the organizers for the Pagan Federation events in Cornwall and her attire was rather masculine, therefore I assumed she was ‘gay’. When the time arrived to draw the raffle she stood on stage voicing cheeky remarks about various women that approached to collect their prizes. It seemed to amuse them being accustomed to her ‘holiday camp’ persona, but my husband was unimpressed. 

During the lunch break a woman approached me and introduced herself as the photographer for the Cornish Pagan Wheel magazine. She asked me to pose for photographs outside the venue with a group of Pagans. Two blonde women I usually danced with during the evening entertainment were there and one of them wore a leather witch’s hat that received a lot of attention . A well-known artist selling on a stall expressed a desire to paint me and I appreciated the compliment. 

I consumed a large glass of red wine during the lunch break that affected me more than expected. The first talk after lunch was by Teresa Moorey who asked the audience to participate in a relaxing meditation. We closed our eyes and she began to count: “One…….sleeeeeeeeeeep……….two….sleeeeeeeep” as this continued it amused my son. The next talk was given by an archaeologist who had an unfortunate lisp. My son, who was now a teenager, also found this amusing but managed to contain his laughter. It was an interesting talk as the archaeologist also presented a good selection of photographic slides, but it went over the allotted time by twenty minutes. The audience became restless and I noticed the wise woman at the side of the stage discussing a tactful way to end the talk. The archaeologist then spoke a sentence that contained many letter S’s and my son could restrain his laughter no longer which was rather infectious and I blamed the wine.

I continued my communication with the young man from the Cornish Witchcraft group (who I will now call the traditional witch) and informed him I would attend this Conference. He did not attend the event himself, but suggested I introduced myself to an elderly man who was high priest of the Traditional Cornish magical group. He was easily identifiable as the traditional witch thought he looked like a well known television actor. He was a lovely man who provided me with information about the group and pointed out another woman who was also a member.

Image - Diary of an internet nobody

Image – Diary of an internet nobody

The elderly man was energetic, he loved to dance and I spent a wonderful evening with him on the dance floor. When it was time to leave I thought about the wise woman and another year would pass before I saw her again. 

In May 2005 I began teaching courses for my Reiki teacher. He had  Reiki students in all parts of the U.K. that taught courses for him. He provided manuals and dealt with the correspondence sending the students to his teachers on a pre-arranged date for the practical aspect of the courses. They would receive their certificates on completion of the course. I taught many students at this time.

Local Library. Image - UK Attraction

Local Library. Image – UK Attraction

We began our Cornwall property search via the internet at the local library. I would print copies of properties which suited our requirements in preparation for our next visit to Cornwall. We  also investigated an empty church that needed renovation but discovered the graveyard was still in use with reserved plots.

Back in Kent my friends asked if they could join me once again for ritual work, but this time we arranged to meet at their places of residence My Reiki student had realized the younger woman had developed a ‘crush’ on her.  Some young people can be drawn to an older friend or partner as a ‘parent figure’ in order to fill a void. With knowledge of this their meetings together became less frequent.

London College of Psychic Studies. Image - Nickel In the Machine

London College of Psychic Studies. Image – Nickel In the Machine

I attended a day workshop on psychic development at the London College of Psychic Studies with a friend. This event was three days after the London bombing at Kings Cross. I was understandably apprehensive about using public transport so my husband kindly drove us into London by car. The College of Psychic studies was a fascinating place. There were painted portraits of spirit mediums who founded the college. It was a fabulous building with large stone pillars at the entrance, Georgian windows and spacious rooms.

Image - Travelling Calavera

Image – Travelling Calavera

The intense energy and spirit presences were prevalent. Many people regularly attended talks and workshops there, but it was also a long and difficult journey through London. The couple I met at the Egyptian group attended their workshops regularly as they lived nearby.

My mother in law visited on one occasion while my husband was at work. I usually avoided conversing with her and would leave her to speak with my husband.  On this occasion I could not avoid her. She enjoyed challenging and debating and did not approve of my occupation or beliefs. The only positive feedback I received from her was that I kept our home exceptionally clean and tidy. There was also video footage of me bathing my new born son, which she thought was good enough to for an educational tool to teach new mothers. Hearing this from a nurse tutor was a huge compliment! My mother in law was not a believer in life after death even though she attended church.  I had reached a time in the month when I was outspoken and rose to her challenges. I called into question her attendance at church if she did not believe in heaven to which she replied it was more about the social aspect than any religious belief.  My mother in law stated she did not believe in magical practices and referred to it as fantasy. There were times when she babysat for my son and I returned to find a line of chocolate wrappers in a line upon the altar. My son had learnt to show respect for the altar and would not do that. My mother in law also took hold of the Sekhmet statue asking if it was my God and whether it was made of wood while tapping its head on the edge of the table.  I questioned her judgement on magical practices when she had no experience of them. She did not reply to this but I surprised myself that I had successfully debated with her.

Image - Rightmove

Image – Rightmove

My mother in law planned to sell her home due to unexplainable occurrences as items in the home had moved and reappeared in strange places.  A buyer withdrew from the purchase and she then told my husband it no longer mattered as the unusual activities had ceased. My mother in law also consulted an optician but her test results were normal.  I sensed that my father in law’s spirit created a little mischief as he disagreed with her sceptical and judgemental nature.

I looked forward to my next visit to Cornwall as further developments were about to take place. 

21. Intriguing Experiences

We attended a local folk festival in May and met with members of our former Morris team. They were pleased to see us and we had the opportunity to explain our reasons for leaving. Our former Priestess attended a Yoga event that day, but the Priest entered the hotel with the other coven member and noticed we were sitting at a table with the rest of the team. After a quiet conversation between them the Priest left and the other coven member joined us. It was so good to see him again and he was friendly towards us but a little reserved. 

Image - Alef Healing

Image – Alef Healing

I completed the course for my Reiki Master/Teacher level in May 2003 and received my Diploma. It was intense course and the new information was fascinating. There were advanced meditations, plus Reiki attunements and empowerments to practice along with advice on teaching my own courses. Time was needed to digest the new information and familiarize myself with the practical aspect before I could consider teaching other students. I had a fantasy (as many do) of setting up a holistic retreat in Cornwall that provided Reiki treatments and courses. I discussed the idea with my former Priestess who thought there were too many therapists in Cornwall and the competition for work would make life difficult when working in the area of complimentary therapies. 

We visited Cornwall in August 2004 and the weather was beautiful. This time we had purchased a small video camera to capture footage of Boscastle, Tintagel, Rocky Valley and St Nectan’s waterfall.  This enabled me while in Kent to take a virtual journey when needed. My psychic development circle met a few days after our return and after meditation and spirit connection one group member sensed the presence of a Cornish water spirit with me.

Boscastle Flood. Image - Daily Mail

Boscastle Flood. Image – Daily Mail

One week after our visit to Boscastle, we heard via the television news that Boscastle had flooded. It was distressing to observe the film footage of this fabulous village engulfed by sea water. Rescue helicopters were lifting residents from buildings and a car identical to ours amongst many others were carried out to sea from the car park. Our family and friends contacted us to check that we were home from our vacation.

Image - Tintagel Web

Image – Tintagel Web

My husband contacted the information centre using the telephone number given by BBC news to check the owner and staff at the Museum were safe. He heard that the majority of enquiries received were about the Museum and the following day the owner gave a short interview to journalists on the television news. Understandably he seemed rather bewildered and explained the terrible state of the Museum. The beautiful stone bridge over the river had gone and the Harbour Lights shop opposite the Museum was no more. The Museum may have lost many of its artefacts, but fortunately the building remained intact.

I also received a reply from the Traditional Cornish Witchcraft group. The young man who contacted me agreed to correspondence via email and yearly meetings during my visits. This would help him decide whether or not I would be right for group membership.  I gave him details of my life experiences and sent photographs. We exchanged a few emails and he thanked me for the detailed information. He then revealed more about himself and how he had used a pseudonym for the Pagan email lists instead of his real name. The reason for this was that he awaited surgery to change gender and would then be known by his chosen female name. He requested I used his female name in correspondence from that moment on. I discovered that his partner was also transgender and twenty years his senior. Our communication continued.

Two of my Reiki students asked me to teach them magical ritual and once again I became part of a magical group. After past experiences, I preferred group members to work along with me as equals but this can at times be difficult when one is tutoring.

Image - Wolfshead Bowmen

Image – Wolfshead Bowmen

As we no longer had a family interest performing with the Morris team my husband announced he would choose our new family activity. We became members of a medieval longbow archery team that wore medieval attire and performed at historical events.

132-l-l-jWe attended medieval re-enactments and provided displays at ancient castles and sites. It was an expensive pastime purchasing longbows, arrows and the correct costumes. Membership of the Grand National Archery Society was also required for insurance purposes and there were health and safety regulations to adhere to.


We continued attending the Battle of Camlann re-enactment at Tintagel and enjoyed participating in the battles with the archers against the soldiers.

Teaching Reiki courses and providing treatments for clients kept me busy, but work was rather erratic. My husband assumed the ‘Reiki craze’ would eventually die out due to sceptics and this opinion was supported by my mother in law.

Image - Echonyc

Image – Echonyc

I regularly attended a mediumship development circle hosted by the couple I met at the Scole seminar. The woman would meditate and descend into deep trance connecting with her Indian Chief spirit guide. Before meditation she would unfasten her brassiere and loosen her clothing as she would take on his physical dimensions and the Indian Chief was a large man. The first time I witnessed this transformation it fascinated me to see the change in her facial features. Each week I was taught preparation of mind and body for a deep trance meditation. I was rather cautious when I sensed a spirit in close proximity and put off the full connection for weeks, but when I eventually relaxed, the spirit did not retreat, but connected in a slow and gentle way and it was a wonderful feeling. Certain television programmes about haunted locations with spirit mediums who ‘overacted’ concerning spirit possession and this could deter many from developing psychically believing that a medium had no control over spirit. The thought of a negative spirit entering the body is a deterrent until one understands that these television programmes increase exaggerate the drama of it for higher viewing statistics.

I celebrated Autumn Equinox with my magical group using a copy of a ritual from the Gardnarian group.  The youngest member of the group giggled constantly and I suspected anxiety. During the summer she practically invited herself to join us on our vacation to Cornwall. Although this woman was in her early twenties her mind was much younger and we soon discovered that she took advantage of others’ good nature.  She also became close friends with another female group member who was married with two sons, had a motherly energy and also wished she had a daughter. This lady was one of my most talented Reiki students. 

Organizing monthly rituals and hosting regular ‘Reiki shares’ kept me occupied.  My magical group met for a Yuletide celebration.  I did all the preparation before they arrived and cleared up after they left each ritual.  It was evident after a while that they had not practiced or remembered anything I taught them and repeatedly needed prompting. I concluded that the only way this would improve was by working alone and during our next group meeting I suggested they continue their work without me. 

Local Nursing Home. Image - Chronicle

Local Nursing Home. Image – Chronicl

 I visited a local nursing home voluntarily. There were a few residents who could still converse and some of them had suffered severe strokes leaving them paralysed except for movement in one arm. I befriended a wonderful man who enjoyed card and board games. We discussed his family and the fascinating war-time adventures he had. Visiting the nursing home filled a void in my life as I had no parental contact due to their religion’s rules. 



After frequenting the home for eighteen months, I arrived one afternoon and the nurse informed me the man I visited was unwell, but she allowed me to visit him in his room. I sat on the bed and held his hand and noticing a change in his breathing. Even though I had not experienced this before, I sensed it may be the laboured breathing that occurs before death. We were alone without nursing staff listening to us which provided an opportunity to discuss the world of spirit with him. One of his friends had recently died and I explained how he had entered the spirit world for a reunion party with his friends. He hoped I was right. I also assured him his wife would be there to greet him and show him the way when his time came. He once again hoped I was right so I asked him for a sign of confirmation when he entered the spirit world and he promised me he would do that. As we were conversing I felt the room filled with a powerful energy of unconditional love and I was in an altered state of consciousness and felt so positive and that anything was possible. A large cluster of lights like diamonds appeared before me just above his head and glistened before they disappeared.  Smaller individual lights also appeared around his bed and his reading light on the bedside table flickered. I described these to him and reassured him that they were a sign that those in the spirit world heard us. When it was time for me to leave, I gave him a hug, but he did not wish to say goodbye as he was unhappy about my departure.  As I left his room and walked along the corridor I heard him call “goodbye” as loud as he could and I reciprocated. I regret not returning to him for another hug before leaving. My visit happened on a Monday and the following Friday I attended a Reflexology treatment exchange with other therapists.  I laid back in the treatment chair to enjoy my treatment and as I relaxed a large cluster of lights appeared at the corner of the ceiling identical to the lights I saw at the nursing home. The following day a nurse called at my home to inform me the man at the nursing home passed away on Thursday. I believe the lights I saw were from him keeping his promise to confirm he was then in the spirit world.  I will always remember him and the extraordinary experience which was a wonderful gift from spirit for the love and happiness I gave him. Members of his family also visited to thank me for bringing happiness and light into the final days of his life.