How to Deal with Adult Narcissistic Children

I deal with many clients who have this problem and when it occurs within your family, this article provides good advice on how to deal with it.


How to Deal with Adult Narcissistic Children

Parental Estrangement

Many clients consult us concerning family problems and this particular subject is a common problem, The following article looks at the reasons for it.
Oscar Wilde once warned that children begin their lives loving their ­parents, then grow up to judge them. If so, surely there is no harsher judgment of a ­parent than to be deliberately cut out of a child’s life for ever. Parental estrangement by adult children is a national epidemic, and it’s not always the parent’s fault.
Psychologist Dr Ludwig Lowenstein believes this ­generation have been ­empowered to judge their parents. He hears from up to six parents a day, a third of them women, ­asking advice because they fear ­estrangement from their children.
There are no official statistics to show that the problem is increasing. But numerous leading ­psychologists claim it is, and online chatter ­suggests it is.
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