27. Our New Home

There were two books I utilised for magical work at this time. One was entitled “West Country Wicca – A Journal Of the Old Religion” by Rhiannon Ryall which was helpful for the celebration of Sabbats.

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Image – Amazon

I researched Cornish words and phrases as the use of ‘local language’ while working enhanced my connection with Cornwall. I downloaded lessons of Kernewek Kemmyn from the internet as out of 3 different versions it was a preference for the Cornish community.

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Image – Amazon

My second book entitled “Hearth Witch” by Anna Franklin contained seasonal recipes and information about Sabbat feasts.

The owner of Pendle cottage accepted my husband’s offer £9000 below the asking price. The reason for this was that the owner had not yet found another property and we were in no hurry for the sale completion. We had agreed not to share this news with anyone until the sale was complete. 

Image - Castle Wales

Image – Castle Wales

The couple I met at the Scole Experiment seminar were moving to Wales. I had cultivated a good friendship over the years and I knew that I would miss them. Some of their other friends were unhappy about their move and jealousy occasionally surfaces when some have courage to follow their dreams. I visited them on the day of their move while they were awaiting their removal van with 80 cardboard boxes stacked in the garage and more of them in the house. Our move was not for another 18 months and seemed far into the future. My friends are now in regular contact and are happily settled in Wales.

St Austell Spiritualist Church. Image - Little Church

St Austell Spiritualist Church. Image – Little Church

I contacted a man from the St Austell spiritualist church in Cornwall and discovered that church members could participate in the healing of church members if they had completed the church’s healing course. It would be local to me and the organization hosted other events during the week. 

I attended a spiritual healing course with the International Church and Healing Fellowship in Kent. My Reiki student and I worked on this course together. The tutor and her disabled husband hosted the course at their home with ten other students. At the first healing session, the tutor sensed a strong Egyptian spirit presence with me. At first she thought the energy was male, but later revealed itself as female. She also sensed that in a past life I held a position of Egyptian hierarchy and my two friends were hand maidens that cared for me. It was apparently my turn in this life to serve them and assist their spiritual development. Some of her messages made sense, but I did not agree with all of them.

We returned to Cornwall to complete our purchase of Pendle cottage and collected the keys on Imbolc 2007 which was also on a full moon!  I stood in the centre of the cottage and the realization I was finally in Cornwall was an emotional moment indeed.


That evening I performed an Imbolc ritual combined with a house blessing. I placed a large white Goddess figure at the hearth that I had purchased from a Cornwall PaganConference. The energies were powerful but peaceful and I sensed an accepting spirit presence within the cottage.


My husband fitted a house alarm that would connect to our telephones if activated so that we could deactivate and re-set the alarm using a code. We could also listen for activity within the cottage via an intercom. Our neighbours were extremely helpful in checking the property while we were in Kent.

The spiritual healing course progressed, but we soon discovered (as in all groups) that some members had huge egos. My Reiki student’s friend did not continue as certain relationships within the group caused her to feel uncomfortable and contaminated the energy. I had witnessed certain incidents and could understand her misgivings. My Reiki student and I did not become too involved with other group members and concentrated on achieving our qualifications.  

My husband and Ireturned to Pendle cottage during the Easter holidays in March 2007. During each visit, we transferred more of our belongings to the cottage. We also attended the Cornwall Pagan Conference and arranged to meet with the traditional witch and partner there. They previously suggested we purchase a property in Penzance and sent us information on various properties there, but my husband was not keen on the area. Our cottage was only a forty-five minute journey from Tintagel and Boscastle and I planned to visit them often.

When we arrived at the Conference  a woman I had been in contact with was the first to greet us while collecting tickets at the entrance. She also arranged the monthly Pagan moot in Bude and we had conversed via email.  She was aware we had recently purchased Pendle Cottage and her greeting to me was “Welcome to Cornwall!” It was wonderful to hear! She asked me to follow her and as I did so,  she walked towards the wise woman and we were introduced. She shook my hand and said “Oh so YOU are Laetitia!” She had remembered my name from correspondences with the Pagan e groups online. The moment her hand touched mine I felt a familiar energy. The wise woman was then introduced to my husband. I studied her as they conversed and sensed another side to her that was not so abrupt, but loving and caring accompanied by a deep sadness. She then departed as she had work to do for the Conference.

During the talks we sat at a table with the traditional witch and partner who introduced us to other acquaintances. During the evening I was once again on the dance floor with friends and the bubbly blonde ladies. They were followers of the organizers, entertainers and renowned Pagans gazing admiringly at them during their talks and performances on stage. We danced to the songs of the folk singer who regularly performed at the venue and the elderly Priest also joined us. The wise woman suddenly appeared to dance and smiled at the dancing ladies as she remarked on the line of ‘heaving bosoms’. She turned her back towards me and reversed in my direction.  I took the opportunity to grab her from behind but after a while she pulled away and danced alone avoiding my gaze. The traditional witch and partner were amused by this. The wise woman then repeated this move and when I took hold of her again I was determined not to let go! The blonde ladies joined the dance behind me which created a long line of swaying women. The wise woman realised she would be observed by others and attempted to break the chain, but the more she tried the tighter I held her. She eventually pulled away with such a force that the ladies behind me fell backwards as the wise woman shot forwards and then disappeared. After this occurrence I was a little concerned I had gone too far and hoped I had not upset her. 

We returned to Cornwall again at the end of March and all my magical items were then transferred to Pendle cottage. The Reiki equipment and literature remained in Kent as my teaching of courses were ongoing until our move. I sensed that the demand for Reiki courses would be an occasional occurence in Cornwall.

In June 2007  we visited Cornwall again and were invited to join my childhood friend and his family for an evening at their local pub. His sister was once a good friend of mine, but still a member of her parents’ religion. I was reminded that she would not be allowed to converse with me which made the evening rather uncomfortable and we left early. My friends who lived in Wales visited us in Cornwall and admired the cottage. We spent a day in Tintagel together and they updated us on their life in Wales.

On my return to Kent I continued attending the healing course. It had been ongoing for seven months and we consulted the tutor who informed us that we had qualified for our certificates some time ago! The qualification certificate  had an expiry date and needed renewal each year for in order to receive insurance cover by the International Church and Healing Fellowship.

I disliked the energy outside our rented property in Kent as it was situated on a busy crossroads. During the night cars raced along the road and sirens from ambulances and police cars were frequent as we were situated near the local hospital. Our neighbours slept in the rear bedrooms to avoid the noise which brought back memories for me of a trip to New York during childhood. (We stayed in a Brooklyn apartment listening to sirens from police and ambulance vehicles throughout the night. The American children also played in the streets until 4am. We were there for three weeks and visited the Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty (we climbed the stairs inside it to reach the crown), Central Park and the Yankee Stadium for a five day religious convention. We had a wonderful time in New York.)

One morning when transporting my son to school, I noticed the main roads were empty. This was unheard of. Police cars were parked in the centre of the dual carriageway and as I continued I noticed another police car stood at the next junction. 

Image - BBC News

Image – BBC News

I discovered that an 11 year old boy  had attempted to run across the busy road. The traffic lights were red but it seemed he forgot the ‘fast track’ buses crossed the junction at that point. As the bus hit him, his body was dragged beneath and he died instantly. Outside our property were flower tributes and photographs, the boy’s football shirt had been tied to the railings and the shrine was visible from our lounge window.

My psychic development circle met the evening after the incident and we experienced intense energies. It seemed the boy’s spirit was confused and members of the group attempted to guide him to where he was meant to be. The energies gradually calmed and we hoped he was at peace.

Image - Quotesgram

Image – Quotesgram

My son and I attended Tae Kwon Do classes as I discovered through research that teenage boys have a testosterone surge which could result in aggression if not channelled into an energetic sport. Martial arts are beneficial for fitness, discipline, spirituality and protection. I attended classes with him and we attained our grades together. I was the only mother attending as other class members were fathers with their sons!

We returned to Cornwall again in August 2007 and arranged another evening out with my childhood friend and his wife. Their marriage had reached crisis point as he still felt a strong connection to my parents’ religion. 

Although I had learnt a great deal during my spiritual journey, there was much more yet to be revealed!