October Harvesting

October is a significant time of year as Samhain approaches and the year comes to a close.
Our seasonal pumpkins are chosen with careful contemplation. The energies of these beautiful vegetables are extremely important, therefore locally grown produce is a must.
It was a yearly tradition to purchase our pumpkins at the Harvest Home auction hosted by the local public house. In the last few years the pumpkins have been few or at times been absent from these auctions.
We now have an alternative adventure. We travel along the winding lanes deep into the valley of Lamorna where a local resident sells his pumpkins at the threshold of his home.




A wonderful part of residing in a village community is that produce of other items are displayed outside one’s home along with a jar for payment. This shows trust and faith in people’s good nature and many would not consider abusing this provision. This creates positive energies for the season.


It is now time to prepare the vegetables, dust off the seasonal decorations and gather ritual items as we await the closing of a productive year.

Harvest Home Auction in St Buryan 2016

Each year the local village pub hosts the Harvest Home auction. This year it was on 26th September and it was a very wet, windy evening. The farmers bring some of their produce to the Buryan Inn for auction and the money is given to a different charity.  This year it was for St Petroc and Breadline




There were large cabbages, marrows, onions, leeks and squashes, many apples and beautiful fruits set out on three adjoining tables.


Cassandra has attended this local event for about 35 years as she would purchase her pumpkin for Samhain. Unfortunately last year no pumpkins were available and in the last few years there were few to go around, so solitary ones were sold to the highest bidder. Fortunately we are acquainted with a local resident who grows and nurtures a regular supply of beautiful pumpkins, so we now purchase our pumpkins from him.







Julian or Barry are fun auctioneers so the evenings are full of humor.  Two handsome farmers are usually the “glamorous assistants” to hold up the produce and take them to the highest bidders.
Pauline is a fabulous baker and makes many local pasties. This year her 15 inch pasty was up for auction and purchased for £40!


This particular evening marks the turning of the season from summer to autumn gathering the produce in readiness for the cooler weather in the months ahead.
£480 was raised for charity, well done to them all.