Laetitia provides consultations offering spiritual guidance to clients bewildered by life’s dilemmas.
She has worked with Cassandra since 2009 providing the following services; mediumship, charm construction, wart charming,  property cleansings, rites of passage, workshops and other varied methods of energy work.

One example of a charm
Laetitia utilises her own methods of energy raising when working with Cassandra.

She also has Diplomas in Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Indian Head Massage and is a Reiki practitioner and Teacher.
Laetitia also has qualifications as a counselor for survivors of sexual abuse. See the following link for the organization she qualified with.
Family Matters 
Please note their Work Ethics: Laetitia and Cassandra do not work without full knowledge from a recipient, or do anything that will cause harm and would not interfere with the free will of a recipient.

To experience an afternoon walk visit this link for details ‘Walk with a Wise Woman  displayed upon Cassandra’s site.
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