Laetitia and Cassandra will not see clients in person for consultations during times of ‘lockdown’, however they continue to provide distant consultations and readings via email. Charm making, wart charming, spells and other distant energy work are also available while adhering to guidelines of safety. 
Walks with Wise Women are available while maintaining the social distance rule. Contact Laetitia for further information on this.
Their thoughts and good wishes are with you all, stay healthy and please work with safety guidelines so we can all help to resolve this situation. 
Laetitia provides consultations offering spiritual guidance to clients bewildered by life’s dilemmas.
She has worked alongside Cassandra since 2009 providing spiritual guidance, charm construction, wart charming,  property cleansings, rites of passage, workshops and spellwork.

Here are examples of the charms Laetitia creates – they are constructed in a range of colours corresponding to the work required. Please note that Laetitia and Cassandra consider it essential to provide a reading for anyone requesting a spell or charm to receive guidance and ensure this would be the correct solution.

Laetitia utilises her own methods of energy raising when working with Cassandra.

She also has Diplomas in Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Indian Head Massage and is a Reiki practitioner and Teacher.
Laetitia also has qualifications as a counsellor for survivors of sexual abuse. See the following link for the organization she qualified with.
Family Matters 
She has also attained a Diploma for Crisis and Trauma Counselling
Taking the Helm
Laetitia holds a Certificate from the Criminal Records Bureau checking service dated 3rd March 2020 which is clear with no criminal records found. This is available for clients to view on request.
Please note their Work Ethics: Laetitia and Cassandra do not work without full knowledge from a recipient, or do anything that will cause harm or interfere with the free will of a recipient.
To experience an afternoon walk visit this link for details ‘Walk with a Wisewoman  displayed upon Cassandra’s site.
Please note that any deposits paid to secure dates or places for Workshops and Rites of Passage are non-refundable.
 For more details on their services visit the Contact Page on this site.