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Reiki SymbolI qualified for Reiki 1st degree in 1999. Working with the energy helped me cope with life’s difficulties at that time utilising regular mediations and self treatments. The process changed my life considerably as Reiki can remove any blockages hindering spiritual development.

Two years later I was ready to move on to Reiki 2nd degree.  This enabled me to work as a Reiki practitioner and add this to my other qualifications as a therapist. At this level the Reiki energy is used intuitively.

I achieved the Master/Teacher degree in 2003 after an intense and fascinating weekend. Since then I have taught Reiki courses to many students and worked for my Master/Teacher Taggart King at Reiki Evolution in the south east area of the U.K..


This work has produced significant results for myself and clients. A person can benefit greatly from working regularly with Reiki energy as it strengthens their ability and the energy flow.







If you would like to learn Reiki surrounded by the beautiful energies of Cornwall, contact me for further details.

Read the following feedback from students who attended my courses:


“After my course with Laeitita today, I feel accomplished and confident in all the skills that I need to be a Reiki Practitioner. We had a day of solid practical energy work and thoroughly discussed aspects of theory. There is plenty to work on and practice. Laeitita has been taught directly by Taggart King, so the essential disciplines and lessons are preserved.”


“I attended a Reiki 1 course with Laetitia last weekend. It was an amazing experience. I know I will take what I learned that day with me through life. that is priceless!

Thank you to you both for your hospitality and thanks especially to Laetitia for being a brilliant teacher. xxx”

 “Laetitia thank you for the amazing course. You are such a fantastic teacher. I didn’t know what to expect from the first degree Reiki course, but you took us through everything in a way that’s fascinating and easy to understand. You have such a wealth of knowledge and experience, I wanted the day to be longer ! 🙂 The course material was great, and it was helpful to get the basics before the day, but you really brought it to life. I loved the experience and gained so much from it. Thank you 🙂

Earlier Testimonials:

 From my Reiki Master Taggart:

“I am really pleased you are happy with the arrangement and have enjoyed running the courses this last 6 months. You started booking up straight away, so it was meant to be and I feel honoured to have you as one of my team. You are a great teacher.”

I have waited a while before writing this. I have booked my Reiki 2 Course and am practicing every day. The learning experience is quite profound. I found the course and Laetitia’s conducting of it exceptionally powerful. She delivered a truly excellent course. I am an I.T. Consultant and Software Engineer by profession and working with intuition rather than logic is refreshing and rewarding.”

I thoroughly enjoyed the day, it was great to be with a group of like-minded people. Laetitia is obviously passionate about Reiki and conducted the day brilliantly and put everything into perspective. She is knowledgeable about all aspects and answered all my questions fully about various parts I was unsure of. I am really looking forward to 2nd degree.”

I found the course fantastic. I was nervous on arriving at Laetitia’s home but was immediately put at ease. It was especially nice that only 4 people were present. The manual and CD are excellent, its nice to know that you can just relax on the day and do not have to take notes. I have used the CD for Hatsurei and Self Treatments. I will definitely be moving onto 2nd degree course.”

“Thanks Laetitia, you are a fantastic teacher, well done! Love Jx”

“Thanks for today Laetitia, looking forward to tomorrow, I had a great day of spiritual learning.  J x”

“The Manuals are brilliant; you have done a good job. The first thing we both said was “AHHHHH they are scary, but we are sure we will survive as you are a great friend and teacher. E x”

“Hi Laetitia, Thankyou ever so, I thoroughly enjoyed the course, I will need plenty of time to digest all the material covered. I practiced various techniques today and listened to the CD. My hands have been tingly and I have been positive, motivated and focused, no effects of a clear-out yet!! B”

“Hi Laetitia, Just a quick note to thank you for an amazing experience on Saturday. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and already seemed to have gained something special from the experience. I will certainly be practicing over the next few months and ensuring that I do the meditations and self treatments etc. I do hope to complete part 2 of the course and will contact you in due course (once I feel ready to sign up for the next round). I will stay in touch and hope to join the Reiki share some time.”

“Thanks again you have given me new hope via the Reiki course and I thank you for that. K”

Thank you very much for telling me about the cheque and thank you for such a lovely course, I learnt so much. E”

“I just wanted to drop you a line and say thank you so much for my first degree course. The weeks that followed have been a mix of emotions, but I have now come through those and am feeling balanced and positive for the future. The marker for me was this week when I celebrated my birthday and concluded that it was time to “move on”. So thank you, because the time I spent training with you has clearly initiated much of what needed to be done.K”

I very much enjoyed my Reiki 1st Degree course. The manual and CD were clear. The CD tracks for Hatsurei and Self-treatment are particularly useful since I can just listen to prompts rather than trying to remember what comes next. Laetitia’s hospitality, guidance and support were excellent. I would have no hesitation in recommending Laetitia to future Reiki students.”

It was a very nice day and the instruction was very clear. I especially enjoyed the experience of sharing, having taken 2nd Degree with the same people as 1st Degree, Laetitia gave us the confidence to prove to ourselves that our powers had been enhanced.”

The course content was good and relevant and Laetitia was very friendly and helpful. The manual was a bit overwhelming at first- I wasn’t sure how much of the Japanese names etc. I had to learn. Was very happy with it though after the initial panic! Very thorough, interesting and a great reference tool. The CD reassured me that I had learned everything OK from the manual and the Hatsurei and Self-treatment recordings are great. I really enjoyed the course overall. Reiki is giving me a great new strength and calmness.”

I really enjoyed the day spent with Laetitia during Reiki 1st Degree. I was comfortable throughout and knew I was meant to be there. The CD is helpful and I use it for the Hatsurei and self-Reiki. The manual seems to contain everything I need to know about 1st Degree. I have felt an amazing sense of calm and balance since December 17th, which is unusual for me at this time of year. I have practiced Reiki on my 12 year old son and my boyfriend, also on my dog and my parrot. Thankyou and I look forward to advancing in the future.”

.I thoroughly enjoyed the course and found it a very moving and interesting experience. We were made very welcome by Laetitia and I feel that she is a very talented person.  I will definitely be attending 2nd level.”

Dear Laetitia, I just wanted to drop you a line and thank you for last Saturday. It’s been a week of ups and downs (def. more ups!) and now I am feeling on top of the world. I learnt so much last week and am still learning! Have been doing Hatsurei every day and self treatments, as well as everything I can practice on. I can’t believe how strong my emotions are when I do my exercises. I cry each time but not with any sense of sadness. The colours get stronger and the heat is really strong. I am really keen to complete the 2nd degree. If I can’t do May are you doing more courses throughout the summer?.Thanks again, hope you and yours are well and happy.”

I found Reiki Evolution from browsing on the internet, having already decided to take my 1st degree. The site was informative and I liked the fact that there was follow-up. The learning is broken down and some is self-directed. This worked well for me- allowing me to digest the information at my own pace and in my own style. Everything is clear and the CD is 100% useful. All the information about the actual day was clear and friendly. My tutor is Laetitia and I was with another student, we therefore had real quality time and tuition. It was truly a special day. I felt comfortable, welcomed and learnt so much. Since I have come away I have asked questions and plan to do more with Reiki Evolution when the time is right. I would recommend this to anyone. Talking to others who have had training elsewhere, I feel I got real quality teaching plus a gorgeous certificate which I proudly show anyone who shows the vaguest interest! I look forward to learning more. Thank you.”

Dear Laetitia, I just want to thank you again for the wonderful day last Saturday. I slept the deepest sleep that night and have felt the benefit of the empowerment since then. The energy is so much stronger now and I really feel I have embarked on a very special new stage in my life. Look forward to meeting again.”

My experience of Reiki Evolution has been one of extremely high quality from the word “go”. Following my introduction to Reiki through a randomly-selected library book, I spent some time on the internet broadening my knowledge generally but being immediately drawn to the Reiki Evolution web site when I finally stumbled on it (that quality thing again!) Since then I have been most impressed with the actual materials themselves- paper, manual, CDs – as well as the friendly, relaxed and professional way the admin. Side of the business has been devised and presented. The R1 experience itself was a pure delight and was conducted by a charming, well informed teacher. On reflection, I am amazed at the ease with which Laetitia introduced such a profound, life changing experience to my fellow students and myself, another example no doubt, of the thorough, well designed way of doing things the Reiki Evolution way.”

Thanks for the confirmation, that’s fantastic. So looking forward to Reiki 2. Laetitia is a wonderful teacher.”

Firstly your site was the only one I researched on line, decided to trust my intuition! I was impressed enough with the site to send off my payment. When the manual and CDs arrived I was pleased with the quality of both, so I had high expectations when I went to meet Laetitia and again I was not disappointed. I found her to be very welcoming and felt relaxed and at ease. The day itself was wonderful, life changing day and I left knowing I would be back for 2nd degree, which I have already booked.”

.Dear Laetitia, Just a quick line to say many thanks for a lovely day and a wonderful experience at your home, I am sorry I had to dash off, (husbands!!).  I have just booked for my 2nd degree in July and look forward to seeing you then.It was really nice to have met you.

Hi Laetitia, I must apologize for not contacting you earlier to thank you for a wonderful day last Saturday, but wanted to delay sending thanks to see how I felt after a few days. I cannot begin to tell you all of the positive changes that Reiki has made in my life. I am so much calmer (Iam always on the “go”) clearer thinking, sleep better and feel happier and contented. What more could anyone want. I continue to do Hatsurei each day, also self treatments and often send distant healing to friends and family. I have today received my beautiful certificate from Taggart with a request for feedback. As we are off to France tomorrow I have no time to do this at the moment but will e-mail this later on when I have had time to consider everything. Suffice to say that I am so pleased I did the course and look forward to doing Reiki 2 in the future.”

I am very pleased with everything about the course. I found it very empowering and Laetitia was very clear and relaxed. What was especially good was there were only 4 people on the course at the same time. The manual is very clear and the CDs are great. I have had amazing feedback from people I have treated. They have experienced everything from loads of heat to colours flashing around them. I am planning to do Reiki 2 in September and I can’t wait!”

Dear Laetitia, What an extraordinary day! Thank you very much for the course, I gained a lot more from it than I expected, since I have been working through the book and CDs for the past few weeks and thinking I have been developing well. I probably have but that does not reduce the effect of the day. I shall keep in touch and let you know how I get on.”

Dear Laetitia, Thanks so much for the very special day last Saturday. Since then I’ve found I meditate at a much deeper level and when healing, feel a much stronger energy. Its wonderful. Have experienced a slight “clear-out” I think but had a tummy/fluey virus so its difficult to tell!”

The course content and presentation are very clear and informative. I feel I have learned a lot and Reiki has now become an essential part of my life. Laetitia made the group very welcome and it was helpful to share experiences. It was a wonderful day, carefully structured and presented.”

I found it really helpful to learn about the history and background of Reiki. The course was simple to follow- particularly the list of instructions. The CD format is great to soak up the information and the guided meditations are helpful as you don’t have to worry about remembering what to do. On the day of the course I found Laetitia great to work with. I found her friendly, helpful and encouraging. Although we were all concentrating the mood was still light-hearted. It was a really enjoyable day.”

“The whole structure and set-up has been first class. The manual is brilliant and Laetitia Jones was an excellent teacher- she helped clarify things clearly and simply without confusion. I will do all my courses with you- I have already signed up for level 2.”

The live course was in a friendly setting and Laetitia was good at answering any questions we had and helped us to feel as if we were already Reiki Practitioners!  An enjoyable course and although I wasn’t sure what to expect the little Reiki energy I was aware of convinced me to develop Reiki further.”

Usui - The Founder of Reiki

Usui – The Founder of Reiki