My life began as a musician when my parents arranged piano lessons for me at 11 years of age. This was after they observed my ability to play tunes using a toy whistle.

Years later I became a member of a Morris team which aroused an interest in the melodeon. Ten years later I purchased a concertina at Rosudgeon car boot fair which did not feel right for me. I exchanged it for a beautiful melodeon at our local antique shop and took it to Mike Rowbotham in St Ives,  who maintains and sells them.

I discovered that it was an Irish melodeon therefore it would not suit the tunes required for a Morris team due to the position of the melody buttons. I sold the Irish melodeon which enabled me to purchase a Hohner melodeon from Mike that was previously owned by a deceased Morris man in Kent.

I am now a member of the local Golowan Band after self tuition on the melodeon from February 2012. Accompanying talented musicians has been a challenge but also significantly improved my ability.

St Pirans 2017




Christmas atmosphere in Penzance, a procession for Humphry Davy’s Birthday on 17th December 2016.

Quay Fair 2015 010

Image L.Latham Jones