Evening of Psychic Communication October 2018

Yesterday Cassandra and I joined five psychic readers and healers at Sennen Cafe, Bar and Bistro. Debbie and Aleisha were fabulous hosts ensuring their readers were comfortable and had water at the table in stylish glass bottles.
We arrived at the venue by 3.30pm to prepare our area before the clients arrived at 4pm.
Cassandra Latham Jones and I provide Tarot readings and Spiritual Counseling
Jackie provides readings and healing
Katie provides readings
We have worked at this venue on a few occasions and each event has been extremely busy. Five hours providing fifteen minute ‘taster’ readings is intense. We had a thirty minute break for refreshments after working for two and a half hours and then continued readings until 9.30pm. It was also good to see Lorna selling some of her stock from The Healing Star in Penzance.
There are certain things that clients need to understand when receiving readings particularly with mediumship. The spirit connection may not always be with the spirit loved one they expect to hear from. A reader will relate the information received and cannot select a particular spirit with which to communicate.

If there is a prediction concerning future events that appears in a reading, it could take months or years to develop depending on the circumstances surrounding it. At times a client may expect a ‘quick result’ and if it doesn’t happen for them within the next week, they will conclude that the reader is wrong. Some may also be unhappy if a reader does not tell them what they wish to hear particularly if it involves a matter which needs correction in some way.
Michelle provides Rune Readings
Readers are there to offer guidance and help to their clients. They are ‘spiritual counsellors’ who have also experienced life’s ups and downs and by connecting with their intuitive/spiritual energy and personal experience are able to offer guidance and advice. Readers do not tell clients what to do, they provide what one could call a ‘weather forecast’ and it is up to the client whether they wish to ‘take their boat out’.
Connection with spirit is not always easy, certain signs or symbolism received in this way may, at times, take a while for the reader to interpret it to benefit the client. As we know even with human relationships there can be misunderstandings and wrong interpretations when conversing face to face, in written communication or online. Considering this aspect, think about the complexity of connecting with energies in a different dimension such as the ‘world of spirit’.
If you are considering consulting a reader in the future it would be advisable to keep this in mind.
At this event we were able to help many unique and wonderful people that approached us. The work is intense but also very rewarding. Thank you again to all at the Sennen Cafe, Bar and Bistro for their hospitality and another successful evening.

Communing with the Unseen Workshop August 2018

This weekend we hosted Workshop 3 – Connecting with Spirits.
Two of our group had attended previous workshops and the other two were attending for the first time.

Friday’s Introductory evening raised some intriguing topics of conversation, particularly as one person had recently experienced a Shamanic overnight grave burial. It was fascinating to listen to the explanation of digging their own grave before lying within it while the soil was placed over them. It was intriguing to hear their thoughts and feelings during the experience. Another group member had a close connection with the fae spirits during childhood, while another member was born within a different culture. It was interesting to hear how different life was for this person and how it differed from our own culture and all the aspects we take for granted.
We have had a beautiful summer in Cornwall this year, but the weekend forecast was heavy rain, thus our group’s outdoor experience was a rather damp one.
Cassandra began the Saturday afternoon activities by discussing the various elemental spirits, their appearance, personalities and interaction with the land and its inhabitants.
The group participated in a hedgerow walk on the way to the woodland.


 We were about to climb the stile of the last field when we observed two young black muscular bullocks on the other side watching us curiously.
As their behaviour could be unpredictable Cassandra decided to take a detour into the next field and enter the woodland through the fence close to the entrance.

She then explained the exercises that were required which would expand their senses and awareness.

We then left them alone and observed from a distance. A huge amount of discipline would be required as there were many things in the woodland that could distract their focus, the weather, insects and also surrounding sounds of the land. They also had time to explore the area alone to see what impressions they received from the energies there.
We then returned to the cottage to dry out and drink a warm beverage while listening to the group’s experiences and feedback on the afternoons events.
On Saturday evening, I discussed connecting and communicating with spirits of people who have passed over. This also included the subjects of psychic development, mediumship, psychometry, scrying, dowsing rods, pendulums and the use of Ouija boards. These have a bad reputation due to disturbing tales from the media and their portrayal in movies which has caused some to avoid using this method.
After setting up a protected space the group tried some of these methods for themselves. They doubted that they would be successful at sensing anything particularly with the psychometry exercise, but surprised themselves with the amount of correct information they related to us.

It was a pleasure to spend the weekend with friendly warm-hearted people who had worked well together. They happily took away with them new ideas and methods that may benefit and help them during their journey through life.


“This was my second time on the connecting with spirits workshop. The first time was amazing so I decided to do it again. In the afternoon Cassandra explained the types of land spirits their customs and behaviour then Cassandra and Laetitia took us to a special place for meditation, As we walked to the place Cassandra explained the plants and what they are used for. This being my second time I sort of knew what we needed to do. This time the outcome was so much more intense and very spiritual I cannot thank Cassandra and Laetitia enough again”. N.W. xxx
“I just wanted to thank you so much for such an amazing weekend. You were both so warm and welcoming and your cottage so homely! It was so interesting and funny too and I loved all the others on the workshop with me! I think it taught me to stop and listen more closely and to believe that what I am doing is right and effective. I loved your down to earth approach which made it all more ‘real’! I would love to do another workshop if I could be considered again? I know I didn’t contribute as much as the others, but it was quite a step for me to be there on my own anyway. Anyway, if you could let me know dates of next years workshops when you have them it would be much appreciated. Loads of love to you both and thanks again for such an amazing weekend!” C.E xxx


Caravanning Celebrities meet Wise Women of West Cornwall

In May this year we were invited by Channel 5 to take part in their programme Celebrities go Caravanning. We hoped the selected celebrities would have an open mind and respect the work we do.

Squeezed into Cassandra’s tiny cottage was a camera crew of four with all their equipment and two of the celebrities, Colin Baker and Sherrie Hewson. There was limited room for man-oeuvre! My familiar Clutterbuck has become accustomed to many photographers visiting the cottage and no longer makes a hasty retreat via the cat flap. He was indeed the star of the show on this occasion!

A huge thank you to Chris Neno for the photographs above.
Channel 5’s camera crew portrayed the subject well and showed utmost respect for Cassandra’s property. It was a pleasure to work with them and also Colin Baker and Sherrie Hewson who were fabulous people to converse with. The chants and incantations we used are for public situations and not for our personal working.
I recorded the following footage of this programme from our television:


The Titanic’s Cornish Connection

I have always felt a strong connection to the history of the Titanic and was unaware of its significant connection with Cornwall. This was until I visited the Titanic Exhibition at the Falmouth National Maritime Museum on 29th July this year.

The Christmas card was sent to Lulu Drew, the widow of James Drew, originally from Constantine. Lulu and James had emigrated to America in 1896 and in 1912 they returned to Cornwall to visit family. For their return journey to America they travelled on Titanic, and their cabin was next to that of Emily Richards of Newlyn. Remarkably descendants of Emily Richards have also lent items to the Museum for the exhibition.
Sadly James lost his life in the disaster on 15 April 1912. The Christmas card reads: “At this time of year our thoughts are with Lulu Drew who lost her husband James when the Titanic sank. From Aunt Bessie xx”
Ernie Warmington has also lent the Museum a memorial postcard that was sent from Portscatho to Mylor. Memorial postcards were printed after the disaster to help raise funds for the survivors.
Ernie Warmington says: “I’ve visited the Museum to see the Titanic exhibition and the Cornish connections on display have made a real impact. I knew I had these objects and that they would be of great local interest, I just didn’t know where to lay them.


Here are some of the Cornish passengers of the Titanic:

.Mrs William Rowe Hocking was born as Eliza in Tresco in the Scilly Isles off Cornwall, England on 12 April 1858. She first appears on the 1861 census living at Bay on Tresco but the family later settled on the British mainland and appear on the 1871 census at an unspecified address in Penzance, Cornwall. She was married in Penzance in 1880 to William Rowe Hocking (b. 1854), a confectioner’s foreman, and the freshly married couple appear on the 1881 census living at 27 Leskinnick Terrace, Madron, Penzance. Her daughters and two grandsons were rescued in lifeboat 4. Her son George was lost.


Mr Edwy Arthur West was born in Perranzabuloe, Cornwall, England on 20 November 1875. Edwy first appears on the 1881 census when he and his family are residing at Point in Feock, Cornwall. When the family appear on the 1891 census they are residents of Kenwyn, Truro and Edwy, then aged 15, is still attending school. Edwy had struck out by himself by the time of the 1901 census and he was recorded as boarding at 76-86 Rings Road, Portsmouth and he was described as an unmarried house furnishers assistant. Arthur had served as a chorister for many of his young years in Truro Cathedral and to mark his passing a memorial to him was placed within the Cathedral by his wife and daughters who, after the tragedy, returned to live in Cornwall.



Ada Mary West was born 1879, Truro, Cornwall. Ada and her family appear on the 1881 census living at Prospect Place in Truro. Ada West died in St Vincent’s Nursing Home in Plympton, Devon on 20 April 1953 aged 74. One keepsake that remained in her possession for the remainder of her life was the flask that her husband had passed to her the last time she ever saw him.


Mrs William John Wilkes was born as Ellen Needs in Tresco in the Scilly Isles off Cornwall, England on 13 June 1864. She first appears on the 1871 census living with her family at an unspecified address in Penzance, Cornwall. Also travelling with her, albeit in second class, were her sister Eliza Hocking and her son George and two daughters Ellen and Emily with the latter’s two sons. Ellen was rescued on lifeboat 16. Her sister, nieces and great-nephews were rescued in lifeboat 4.


Master Sibley George Richards was born in Newlyn, Cornwall, England on 17 June 1911. He was the second son of James Sibley Richards (1887-1939), a general labourer, and Emily Hocking (1887-1972). His parents were both Cornish and had married in 1908. By 1912 he had one sibling, his elder brother William Rowe (b. 1909). On the night of the sinking Sibley and his brother were asleep in their cabin with their mother when their grandmother came to alert them of the danger. The family escaped in lifeboat 4 but his uncle was among the lost. Arriving in New York, he was met by his father who had travelled from Akron.


Master William Rowe Richards was born at 6 St Mary’ s Street, Penzance, Cornwall, England on 1 April 1909. He was the eldest son of James Sibley Richards (1887-1939), a general labourer, and Emily Hocking (1887-1972). His parents were both Cornish and had married in 1908. He was named after his maternal grandfather. On the night of the sinking William and his brother were asleep in their cabin with their mother when their grandmother came to alert them of the danger. The family escaped in lifeboat 4 but his uncle was among the lost.


Mrs Sidney Richards (Emily Hocking) was born in Penzance, Cornwall, England on 22 April 1887. She first appears on the 1891 census living at 39 Adelaide Street, Penzance. Her father is believed to have settled in South where he died and her mother remarried, becoming Mrs William Guy. The family appear on the 1901 census at 34 Mount Street, Penzance. Emily was married in 1908 to James Sibley Richards (b. 9 October 1887), a general labourer from Newlyn, Cornwall. The couple appeared on the 1911 census living at 6 St Mary’s Place, Penzance, a boarding house ran by her mother. The couple would have two sons whilst in England: William Rowe (b. 1909) and Sibley George (b. 1911) and later lived at ‘The Meadow’, Newlyn. Their boat was only a short distance away from the Titanic went it went down. The people in the boat pulled seven men out of the water. The Richards and Hockings hoped that George Hocking had been rescued by another ship, but he was lost. After leaving the Carpathia, the Richards stayed at Blake’s Star Hotel at 57 Clarkson’s Street in New York City and she was reunited with her husband Sibley Richards who had travelled from Akron.


Frank Thomas Andrew 1 was born as Thomas Francis Gribble in Perranarworthal, Falmouth, Cornwall, England in the closing months of 1885. Frank grew up on his father’s 25 acre farm, Gilly Tresamble, in Perranarworthal and appears there on both the 1891 and 1901 census records. Frank was married on 4 July 1908 at the register office in Helston, Cornwall. His bride was Rhoda Tripp (b. 11 December 1887). Rhoda hailed from Redruth, Cornwall and was the daughter of Henry Tripp, a farmer, and his wife Emily. Frank and Rhoda settled in Illogan, Cornwall and lived at Forest Gate, Four Lanes in that village, appearing there on the 1911 census. At that time they had one daughter, Lucy (b. 30 November 1908). Frank worked as a tin miner. Frank Andrew died in the sinking and his body, if recovered, was never identified.


Robert Hichens 1 was born in St Peter’s Square, Newlyn, Cornwall on 16 September 1882. He was the son of a fisherman, Philip Hichens and Rebecca Hichens (née Wood) who was originally of Whitby, North Yorkshire. By 1906 he was shown on his marriage certificate to be a “master mariner”. He had married Florence Mortimore at the parish church of Manaton, Devon on 23 October in that year. On the night of 14 April 1912 Robert Hichens was at the ship’s wheel (having relieved Q.M. Oliver at 10 p.m.) when the warning came from the lookout that an iceberg had been spotted ahead of the ship. When the order came to hard a’starboard he immediately swung the wheel as far as it would go. At about 12.23 he was relieved by QM Perkis at around which time one of the officers shouted ‘That will do with the wheel, get the boats out.’ Later, Second Officer Lightoller told Lookout Fred Fleet to get into Lifeboat 6 on the port side and put Robert Hichens in charge of that boat. The lifeboat (capacity 65) left the ship at about 12.55 with only 28 persons on board with the order that they were to make for the lights that could be seen in the distance.
Robert’s conduct on the lifeboat would later come under intense scrutiny. After being rescued and landing in New York, Senator William Smith had subpoenaed 29 crew members for the US Inquiry and the remaining crew were to return to England on April 20 aboard the steamer Lapland. Robert hadn’t received any notification, and so he was aboard Lapland when it left New York at 10 a.m. Shortly after departing the ship received a wireless to stop and await a boarding party. When the boarding party arrived 5 more crew were taken ashore, among them was Robert.


Mr Richard George Hocking, 22, was born 26 July, 1889 at 39 Adelaide Street, Penzance Cornwall, the youngest son of Mr William Hocking (Confectioner and Baker) and Mrs Eliza Hocking (née Neads). After the death of his father in South Africa the family moved to 6 St Mary’s Street, Penzance.
George perished in the disaster, his body, if recovered, was never identified. His mother had asked him to enter her lifeboat but he replied, ‘No, these men are good to stand back for you, and I must stay back and let their wives and mothers go’. A brass plaque in memory of George Hocking and his friend Harry Cotterill was placed in St John’s School, St Michaels’s Street, Penzance shortly after the tragedy.


Miss Ellen “Nellie” Hocking was born in Penzance, Cornwall, England on 5 November 1891. She was the daughter of William Rowe Hocking (b. 1854), a baker and confectioner, and Eliza Needs (b. 1858). Her father hailed from Cornwall whilst her mother was born in Tresco on the Isles of Scilly and they were married in 1880. When Nellie appears on the 1901 census she is 34 Mount Street, Penzance. Her mother was on her second marriage by this time–the ultimate whereabouts of her father being unknown–to a Mr William Guy. Mr Guy died in 1907 and the family later show up on the 1911 census living at 6 St Mary’s Place, Penzance where her mother ran a boarding house. She remarked at one time to Nora Keane that as night had fallen the previous night she had heard a cock crowing (a sign in Cornish folklore of impending disaster). Nellie was told that she had imagined it but she was adamant.  Nellie, her mother, sister and nephews were rescued in lifeboat 4. Her brother George was lost.


Mr Joseph Charles Fillbrook was born in Truro, Cornwall, England in early 1894. He was the son of William Fillbrook (b. 1868), a mason, and Catherine Vincent (b. 1866). His father was native to Truro whilst his mother was Canadian-born. Joseph first appears on the 1901 census living at the home of his maternal grandparents Edward and Mary Jane Fillbrook at 10 Victoria Square, Kenwyn, Cornwall and again on the 1911 census with his now widowed grandmother at Williams Row, Calenick Street, Kenwyn; he was described as a house painter by the time of the latter record and had been apprenticed as such since leaving school. His parents and siblings are listed on the 1901 census living at 8 Lemon Row and on the 1911 census at 16 Charles Street, Truro. Joseph Charles Fillbrook was lost in the sinking and his body, if recovered, was never identified.


Mr Joseph Charles Nicholls was born in Nancledra, Cornwall, England on 24 July 1892. He was the son of Richard Henry Nicholls (b. 1867) and Agnes Friggens (b. 1861), both Cornwall natives who had married in 1886 and he had two known siblings: Mary Ethel (b. 1886), Richard Henry (b. 1890). His father was a stonemason who worked at the quarry at Trenowith Downs.
The family appeared on the 1891 census living at an unspecified address in Nacledra, Cornwall. When Joseph’s father Richard Nicholls died is not certain but his mother was listed as widow on the 1901 census when she and her children were living at Corbis Bay, Uny Lelant, Cornwall. Joseph was lost in the sinking. On 23 April 1912 his body was recovered from the sea by the MacKay Bennett.


Mrs Robert Davies was born as Agnes Friggens 1,2 in Ludgvan, Cornwall, England on 23 November 1861. She was the daughter of Grace Friggens (b. circa 1841 in Gulvall, Cornwall) who was unmarried at the time of her birth (3). Grace seemingly married a few years later to a man named Thomas Victor and had at least one more child before emigrating to the USA, leaving Agnes behind.Agnes was apparently raised by Henry White (b. 1820) and Dinah  (4) (b. 1819), the latter née Rowe, natives of Ludgvan who already had a large family. Agnes first appears on the 1871 census living with them at an address in Lennor, Penzance. By the time of the 1881 census, Dinah (now a widow) and Agnes are the only ones present at their home on New Mill, Madron, Penzance and both are described as charwomen. Agnes survived the sinking, probably in lifeboat 14, the events immediately before and after the sinking were recounted by her to a Calumet newspaper on arrival in Michigan.
Read more about the history
Here are some of the images captured on my visit to the Museum.







There were also costumes on display from the popular Titanic movie:


Even though the creation of a romantic story was the main focus of this movie it still highlighted the tragic loss of many lives along with the intensity of that night. A time in history that will always be remembered.  It is also a reminder of how helpless humans can be when dealing with the power and energy of the sea.


Property Cleansing

Cassandra and I have undertaken many Property Cleansings and I thought now was an auspicious time to write about the subject.
 Years ago I lived in a row of terraced houses and in one particular property adjoining these the couple divorced after a few years. I noticed that couples who moved into the property also divorced and at the time I wondered if the energies from these occurrences affected new tenants.
It is vital to understand these negative influences that are usually categorized into two types: thought energies (or if they have a shape – thought forms) and negative spirit influence. Now, you may instantly think about dead people, however we are all “spirits”. Some of us are living within the physical realm and some aren’t. We do not become a spirit when we physically die as we are one housed within a physical body.One may also say, “But I cannot see/hear spirits, this is proof they don’t exist”. Well, we cannot see radio, or television waves in a room. You cannot hear a dog whistle, but dogs can! It would be rather foolish to conclude such a whistle made no noise simply on the grounds that you didn’t hear it.
Negative thought energies are created by someone (dead or alive) thinking in this way, e.g. anger, hatred, fear etc. If the person is thinking these thoughts about us they are automatically projected in our direction. As negative spirits are attracted to negative energy these will often accompany it,particularly if this is done formally, e.g. casting a spell.

Fortunately there is defense against these things. Positive energies will dissolve negative and we can invoke positive spirits to protect us against negative ones. There is nothing particularly profound about it.
The negative thought content of a spell, or any other form of psychic attack, can be canceled out by directing a positive thought form of the same, or greater strength at it. When they meet, the negative thought form will dissolve. This can be achieved by prayer, visualization, etc.

We inhabit certain energies wherever we live. Our homes are a space of unity where many energies meet – our feelings, thoughts and emotions emit a certain type of energy, but also attract other energies. Family members, neighbours or visitors in our homes can also bring in negative energies which may affect our mood and well-being.
Once they enter your home, negative energies impact your whole life. They can cause your budget to fluctuate, break the relationships between family members and disrupt the harmony in your home. As a result, you will feel anxious, restless and broken, with no will to live. However, the symptoms may not be noticeable earlier, which is why it’s important to know how to detect the negative energy in your home.

When moving into a new house, flat, unit or workplace, you will need to cleanse the new property or workplace because buildings absorb the energies of previous occupants. The curtains and carpets also need to be cleaned as they hold the stagnant/negative energies from previous tenants. These stagnant/negative energies can be absorbed by the people living or working within this space, causing arguments, physical and mental illnesses, and relationship problems.
Many people do not realize that when they move into a new place there are energies that might be lingering there from past residents or past incidents. While these energies are usually not going to greatly affect you, there is still a chance that it could affect you or someone in your family if the energy is strong enough. These energies can be particularly powerful in a home where  negative energy has built up over a long period of time. For example, a home where a bitter divorce took place, a home where a suicide or murder took place, or a home where a person may have gone through major depression (or other disorders that would affect a person’s spirituality and/or mentality). These are all spaces that could be rife with leftover negative energy.
So while you focus on cleaning your new house physically, it is wise to remember to clean your new house spiritually as well. This also applies to a home that has never been cleansed spiritually to your knowledge. If you’re looking to lighten up the air and promote a positive energy flow in your home, cleansing the energy of your house is imperative.
Now that you understand the importance of energetically cleansing your home, let’s learn about the best and easiest ways to cleanse.
A good ol’ fashioned smudging ritual is a Native American tradition of lighting bundles of herbs and using the smoke in order to spiritually cleanse an area or person from negative energy or spirits. Different herbs are used in order to do a smudging ritual, and so the choice of herb is up to you. Some of the herb bundles that can be used include: white sage, cedar, and sweet grass. If you cannot get your hands on a smudging bundle, you can always make your own. Or you can use herbs that you have in your own kitchen cabinet!
There are many herbs with purification qualities that will work just as well as a white sage bundle will work in cleansing a home. For example, you can use dried rosemary, basil, common sage (the kind that you get from the grocery store), cloves, cumin, garlic, and onion (among many others). Create your own loose incense with one or more of these dried herbs and burn them over a charcoal disk (carefully of course!) Let the smoke fill each room with its purifying and cleansing powers.
Blessing one’s home while moving in is actually quite a common practice among various faiths. That being said, you do not have to be of a particular faith in order to bless your home before or while moving in.
The best things to use are oils or holy water. For the oil, you can use plain ol’ olive oil or whatever kind of oil you have in your cabinet. For the holy water, you can acquire some from a Church or create your own.
Cassandra and I were recently asked to perform a house cleansing for someone moving into our village and on this particular occasion we were given complete access to thoroughly examine the property and were there  four hours.
It was indeed pleasure to do this work for our new residents and we warmly welcome them into our community.

Reiki 1st Degree Courses June 2018

I attained my Reiki 1st degree in 1999 as I had the desire to provide healing treatments for clients. What attracted me to the Reiki system was that utilising the energy would benefit the therapist as well as the client. The system also has simplicity which adds to its power and produces remarkable results.
I have been a Reiki Teacher since 2003 and have fond memories of my first courses with students who became talented healers and continued the to the present day. One of them in particular, Julie, became a wonderful Reiki Teacher and I am proud of her achievements and pleased that Reiki was there to assist her with her own difficulties in life. These memories return to me even now during preparation to teach courses.
Teaching Reiki courses is not a regular occurrence for me in Cornwall,  being a small county with a large number of Reiki Teachers residing and advertising their services here. I wholeheartedly believe that members of the community who are meant to learn from me will find their way here.


During the month of June I was fortunate in teaching two courses to introduce 4 ladies to the wonderful world of Reiki healing. There were specific reasons each students would benefit from using this system. It provides deep satisfaction for me as a Teacher when students discover they have the sensitivity to work with this wonderful energy.

The original Japanese Reiki system places emphasis on self-healing and spiritual development. You cannot be an effective therapist if you neglect your own spiritual and physical well-being.

I was fortunate to find an excellent Reiki system first time that gives excellent ongoing support that I can recommend to others.
If you are interested in learning Reiki to enhance your spiritual development and your emotional and physical well-being contact me for further details.


Ten Years in Cornwall

On the 12th June 2018 it was the 10th anniversary since my move to Cornwall. The life I envisaged here and the one I now have are extremely different.

Living near the sea, the elements of the rain, wind and storms intensify. Cornwall may not be as cold as other parts of the UK (although the last winter was a harsh one) and frosts occur less here. The cost of living is rising everywhere, but in tourist areas, prices rise during the holiday season and tourists pay these higher prices for the short time they are here, however residents have to pay throughout the holiday season. Work opportunities increase during the summer, but lessen in the winter and the cold weather also means an increase in utility bills too.

Taking a vacation in Cornwall is easier than surviving here. During a vacation you have free time to visit beaches and places of interest, but when one is trying to survive, pleasure visits to beaches or sites rarely occur even though one lives in close proximity to them.
On a positive note I have enjoyed my work as a Wisewoman throughout the last 9 years. I have learnt so much from Cassandra Latham Jones and it has been a fascinating and testing journey. Working with the land and sea and its powerful unpredictable energies has certainly been challenging as the tests can be severe and obstacles are constantly placed in one’s path. It takes strength of character and determination to overcome these and continue………the spirits are asking……..”how much do you want this???” Cassandra also admits she has been tough with me throughout this time and admires my tenacity.  She informed me there were others who have in the past who desired to learn from her but were unable to withstand the tests and tasks given.

My experience and training in ceremonial magic while in Kent has been useful when conducting Rites of Passage. Cassandra is happy to leave the – as she calls it – ‘arm waving’ to me when setting up the space for ceremonies.
The consultations we provide together work well, the moment just before a reading when Cassandra holds the client’s hands to connect with their energies, I tune in to any spirit presences that may be around them. While Cassandra shuffles the Tarot cards I provide the client with a description of a spirit presence and any messages they wish to pass on. Cassandra then lays out the Tarot spread and there have been many occasions where the same messages have appeared within the cards giving double confirmation for the client. I have witnessed many readings by Cassandra over the years and am now familiar with her cards, so I now own an identical Tarot pack and have the ability to provide readings from them.
Property cleansing needs a huge amount of work, particularly when they are inhabited by a variety of residents over time,(more-so with period properties). The energies from traumatic events are contained within the foundations of these buildings which can have a profound effect on any future residents. In hotels and public houses/inns the energies can intensify and can affect the smooth running of businesses. We have had many successful outcomes from this work.

Curse breaking is another area of intense work. Many clients consult us concerning this matter and Cassandra has a unique and powerful method for dealing with these energies that she has passed on to me.
Wart charming was a service that at first I was sceptical of, it was difficult to understand how this could possibly work. Even now I could not explain exactly how it works but have witnessed the success of this process with our clients.
I have constructed many charms over the years and had a high success rate with them, fertility charms in particular. It delights me to think I have assisted in creating new life and brought happiness to others.
I still provide Holistic Services and have taught Reiki courses too which benefit clients greatly, particularly as Reiki practice is more about spiritual and emotional development of the person rather than a complementary therapy.  I have helped a wide range of clients from the terminally ill to pet owners who now are able to calm their stressed animals.
My counselling services have also come to the fore as often clients are affected by childhood abuse and do not realize how past trauma affects their everyday lives as adults, even though it happened long ago.
Walks with Wisewomen is an enjoyable aspect of our work as it enables us to visit and enjoy the sites with our clients. I have learnt the folklore associated with them by listening to Cassandra repeating the information on each visit. We also discover more about our clients as we converse with them while walking to and from the sites.
Our ‘Old Ways’ workshops have been successful during the last few years. I suggested them to Cassandra who was a little reticent, but due to many inquiries about them, she agreed to try. The workshops have gone from strength to strength with a new subject introduced each year. We have met some fabulous people who experienced some extraordinary occurrences while they were with us. The preparation and the workshops themselves are hard work but also energizing and satisfying on a deeper level.
I have learnt so much since being here and the main lesson is that life is indeed unpredictable. One can plan for the future to a certain extent but unforeseen circumstances can create sudden changes that can have incredible impact on one’s life bringing positive or negative results.
I have also learnt that being successful in work and within a community brings rivalries, competitiveness and jealousies from some, who will then project dissatisfaction with themselves and their lives onto another. When a person experiences this level of pettiness it is vital to remember that these people, by their treatment of you, are validating that you are exceptionally good at what you do. If you were not successful or talented, negative people would not bother with you.
When a person moves into a new community, they are on ‘foreign territory’ and therefore vulnerable to predators and bullies. Genuine good-hearted people in the community will do what they can to assist especially if they were once in the same position themselves.

Cassandra Latham Jones falls into this category and has assisted me in so many ways.
I have integrated socially by attending festivals and utilising my talents as a musician and dancer.  I have also met some kind, thoughtful and talented individuals. The residents of St Buryan village have been particularly welcoming and now consider me part of their community.
My time here has  been  a catalyst of creativity too as Cassandra and I, along with my son Rhys formed our Guise team Boekka with Penkevyll the Lands End ‘Oss. Our team has now performed for 8 years and we have introduced Morvargh my Sea ‘Oss as a recent addition. To top it all, my idea of Cassandra, myself and Penkevyll the ‘Oss, meeting up with Phil and Vivien Larcher with their Mari Lwyd at the Museum of Witchcraft and Magic on Samhain 2014, has now evolved into a fantastic event entitled  The All Hallows Gathering!
Now that I have lived in Cornwall 10 years, I am no longer a ‘newbie’. The local community has witnessed how difficult it has been for me and the obstacles placed in my path. I am sure that certain individuals could not have withstood or endured a fraction of what they have directed my way, but that is par for the course.  The positives far outweigh the negatives and I am still here…….

The Dark ‘Arte’ of Glamour

I remember during childhood,  my mother’s fascination with certain movie stars. She would ‘fall in love’ with the characters they portrayed, believing they were wonderful people who she placed upon a pedestal. Occasionally, when she discovered information concerning their personal lives, that surfaced within the media, it resulted in huge disappointment and they ‘fell from a great height’ off the pedestal she had placed them upon. (I remember when she discovered that Rock Hudson was ‘gay’ she would no longer watch his movies). Unfortunately there are some individuals who are adept at hiding their ‘true selves’ and use their ‘personas’ as a tool to manipulate others.
In the Pagan world we have many ‘celebrities’ or renowned individuals using various titles to create an elite image, some are authors, speakers, organizers and entertainers. They portray a glamorous ‘persona’ and are selective concerning the information they reveal about themselves. Some are skilled in taking one grain of truth and embellishing that with misleading information. There are those who also imitate the persona and image of characters from popular magical movies by copying their attire and imitating their characteristics.
I have observed some who dress and imitate remowned witches e.g. Patricia Crowther, Doreen Valiente, Ithell Coulhoun and Alaistair Crowley to name a few. Their adoring followers, loving the magical fantasy of the character and the mystical land they inhabit, will believe without question all they are fed and place them high upon a pedestal. Observing this process has stirred my curiosity to research this particular subject.

The Dark ‘Arte’ of Glamour

Glamour began quite literally with magic. Growing from the Scottish gramarye around 1720, glamour was a sort of spell that would affect the eyesight of those afflicted, so that objects appear different from they actually are. Sir Walter Scott anglicized the word and brought it into popular use in his poems:
“You may bethink you of the spell
Of that sly urchin page
This to his lord did impart 
And made him seem, by glamour art
A knight from Hermitage”
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Definition of Glamour

“Any calculated, carefully polished imaged designed to impress and persuade.
Many magical operations are designed to impress and persuade. In some cases the spell has been directed at an individual that the worker is attempting to persuade or influence in some way. Attention given to personal glamour can be a deciding factor in the outcome of that working. Studies have shown that most people make a decision about a new acquaintance within the first thirty seconds to two minutes of interaction. It is within your power to influence that decision not only with magical action, but with a carefully crafted image, as well as communication skills. This naturally applies to interactions of both a personal and professional nature.
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Ethics of Glamour

Witches & Pagans

Are Friends who Associate with your Enemy Trustworthy

In my experience this scenario is fraught with difficulties……..
It’s a familiar story. A group of three or more friends, having the best of times. Then two of those three friends begin a feud and the third, innocent party is stuck to choose. We’ve all been there and I know from personal experience it’s hard to tell whether or not you can trust a friend who’s friends with your enemy, but it’s also hard to be friends with two people who hate each other.
For the innocent party who just wants to be friends with everyone, it’s really hard. I personally don’t know if it’s actually possible because I’ve never seen it work out. You’re going to like one friend more than the other, or you’re going to accidentally betray one or the other friend and they’re going to turn on you.
I understand wanting to keep your friends, but unless you can be perfect and schedule the same amount of friend dates for the same amount of time, while also not becoming the middle person for their petty vendettas, it just isn’t going to work and someone is going to end up losing.
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Understanding Scapegoating.

This is another subject clients consult us about and we have had the experience and ability to help them.
The ego defence of displacement plays a role in scapegoating, in which uncomfortable feelings such as anger frustration envy and guilt are displaced and projected onto another, often the more vulnerable, person or group. The scapegoated target is then persecuted, providing the person doing the scapegoating not only with a conduit for his uncomfortable feelings, but also with pleasurable feelings of piety and self-righteous indignation. The creation of a villain necessarily implies that of a hero, even if both are purely fictional.
Some would say that Satan the Devil was used as a Scapegoat for sins and interestingly they also depict his image as half man half goat.
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