Image - Peter Carter

Image – Peter Carter

I am a Kentish Maid born in the small country town of Swanscombe, an ancient Viking Settlement. It is documented that three women from Swanscombe were accused of Witchcraft and executed at Maidstone in 1652. Read my research via the following link:


I am the third child in a family of six and have a Scandinavian bloodline from my paternal family and Romany Gypsy from the maternal line.

I visited Cornwall frequently on family vacations throughout my childhood to adolescence and fell in love with its ancient beauty. I continued to visit Cornwall until my eventual move here in 2008.

 I avoided anything spiritual during young adulthood in reaction to the indoctrination from a strict Christian religion since birth.

In my 30th year, I began to contemplate my own mortality and explored a Pagan spiritual path from 1996.  I began solitary work and then had experience of working with Egyptian and Gardnarian groups. I am an Alexandrian initiate 3rd in lineage from Alex and Maxine Sanders.  I am also trained in psychic and mediumship development and after years of practice I hosted and taught my own developmental magical and psychic groups.

I am a Mother and also a Grandmother. The experience of raising two children to adulthood helps me connect and understand clients with family problems. I also have counselling qualifications for sexual abuse survival and domestic violence.

I moved from Kent to Cornwall in 2008. It is not easy to relocate and begin a new life within a community and my journey has been an eventful one! I was fortunate to meet Cassandra Latham Jones through an unusual sequence of events.

St Buryan Village. Image - Alsia Mill

St Buryan Village. Image – Alsia Mill

 Cassandra is the Wise Woman of the exquisite and ancient village of St Buryan and has set a fine example of how to work and live within this community.

Cassandra and I. Image – John Isaac

She has taught me her way within the Cunning Craft and I have worked alongside her since 2009 and have been a resident of St Buryan since 2010.

Image – John Isaac

On this site I will update you on our work and community activities.


Image - John Isaac

Image – John Isaac

Clutterbuck was born in April 2008. He came to live with me at 6 weeks of age when I purchased him from the local R.S.P.C.A. His mother had given birth to six kittens on a football pitch and they were rescued from there.

He has all the traits of a Taurean male! Clutterbuck is the first pet I have had time to become acquainted with now my children have their own lives.

Clutterbuck is an excellent hunter and rat catcher, which is a particularly difficult task for cats as they need to use all four feet to hold the rat correctly and kill them without receiving a bite.  He has also caught small bats as he moves at high speed and we find young rabbits and rodents presented as gifts upon the doorstep.

Image – John Isaac

Clutterbuck is spiritually aware and will enter the room whenever magical work is afoot!. He explores all accoutrements placed upon the hearth and sits quietly while observing our work.

He is affectionate, loves attention and welcomes our clients. Clutterbuck is an asset to our work and our life.