A Walk with Wise Women September 2019

The summertime has been extremely busy and before we know it Autumn is upon us. Many tourists had travelled home at this time, therefore we enjoyed a peaceful walk accompanied an interesting group of people visiting from America. One of them, Eric had joined us on a walks five years previously and it was wonderful to see him again.
Our first visit was  Men an Tol. Rain had not been forecast, however on arrival at the site, we were all bathed with a short cleansing shower.

Each person is unique concerning their beliefs, their interpretation of sites and the reasons they attend our walks. It is a source of fascination to observe their reactions and listen to their thoughts, especially if they have visited these sites for the first time.

We also visited Men Scryfa a standing stone in a field opposite the Men an Tol. Cassandra discussed the carvings on the stone and the group gave their impressions of what these could represent.

Carn Galva   was visible from there and even at a distance its magnificent presence could be felt.

We then visited Madron Well and Baptistry. The hedgerows and trees were vibrant and full of life at this time of year and our group enjoyed the abundance of blackthorn that surrounded them.

Cassandra spoke about the ‘clouties’ hanging from the trees, why they are put there which is acceptable only if the materials are biodegradable.

Madron Baptistry activates the imagination with its ancient energy. Unfortunately there was no water in the well on this occasion which can occur if the flow is obstructed or with minimal rainfall.

The sun appeared from behind the clouds and shone down upon us as we sat in the baptistry.

We experienced an enjoyable afternoon with a wonderful group of people. I’m sure that we shall meet again.

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