Sound Healing Journey at the Merry Maidens

I had heard of events such as ‘Gong Baths’ and other healing therapies that utilize sounds vibrations, but had not attended one until yesterday.
Our lovely friend Angie Latham along with her husband Dougie and fellow sound therapist Anthony, invited us to a Sound Healing Journey within the Merry Maidens stone circle. As we travelled along the lane, we could see the stone circle in the distance and the sunlight reflecting off the impressive large gongs that stood in the centre.
We were well prepared with blankets, pillows, coats and our drums to join in with the rhythms. Angie welcomed Cassandra and I with a warm embrace as we had not seen one another for a while, due to life’s unexpected occurrences.

Other people arrived and we were all admiring the wonderful instruments on display.
I felt drawn to the quartz crystal bowls and looked forward to hearing them, Angie explained that their vibration connects to the higher spiritual energy centres of the body. As a healer and someone who has hosted psychic development circles, I know this method is of benefit to people involved in psychic development and spiritual practices.
Angie’s Beautiful Gong creates a wonderful calming vibration.
Anthony explained how the gong on the right is tuned to the Mercury vibration connected to the throat energy centre. As a therapist I am aware that this would be ideal for communication problems and physical throat conditions. The lower gong on the left is attuned to the vibration of Venus and connected to the energy centre of the heart. This would help with many aspects of emotional problems and physical heart ailments.
Here is Anthony.
Angie seemed much happier and more content now she has found her ‘soul purpose’. It is obvious she enjoys this work which benefits her and those who attend her events.

Angie asked Cassandra to speak to the group about the history of the Merry Maidens circle so they could connect with their surroundings. When everyone had settled, we were instructed to lie down and relax.
Cassandra was well prepared.
As we relaxed, the deep earthy sound of the gong resonated around us. I was aware of someone walking their dog through the site and the animal was disturbed at first by the sounds and barked for a while. He soon settled down to the deep vibration. We were lying there for over an hour and even though the ground was hard, there were times when I felt my body was not touching the earth at all, particularly when the sounds from the quartz crystal bowls began. As well as sounds from gongs and bowls, rattles and chimes were also used.
I have meditation CDs at home for daily practice and I recognized many sounds that day which activated the Reiki energy that I work with.

When the drum beats began, our bodies slowly came out of the relaxation and we rose up to join in with the drums. All the people around us were smiling and enjoying their individual experience. We created a good rhythm, some were listening and others drummed and danced while the sun slowly descended on a beautiful day.

When it was over, we invited Angie, Dougie and Anthony to join us for a well deserved drink at our local Inn to toast Anthony’s birthday and a update which was long overdue.
I am so pleased I attended this event and highly recommend it to anyone who is considering attending. Thank you so much Angie, Dougie and Anthony.
For more information go to Sacred Earth Sound Therapy 

One thought on “Sound Healing Journey at the Merry Maidens

  1. It was very atmospheric. I really liked the resonant effect from the granite stones and the birdsong increased. Also it helped me journey back in time with the Merry Maidens. Thank you Angie and Anthony. Highly Recommended. 😀


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