Springtime and Sea Conjuring

We are now seeing the signs of Spring and during our journey to Sennen Cove I noticed the vibrant yellow flowers on the gorse and the white blackthorn flowers now in bloom along the hedgerows. The sun shone today, however the breeze still carries winter’s chill. Sennen cove car park was full and many people were on the beach either surfing, walking their pets or playing games with their children.

I had work to do for a client and on a beach as large as Sennen, it is easy to find an area where one can spend time alone. As I walked to my chosen area, a ‘seaweed besom’ welcomed me, so I grasped the handle and took it to the sea.

I connected with the sea spirits and awaited their response.

It was then time to work.

The circle is drawn for an ‘area of focus’ as the sea spirits along with the other elements naturally surround one with their protective energies.

I mix a special recipe for libations to the spirits.

There is constant communication with the sea spirits during this process.

The seaweed ‘besom’ works well on the sand.

It sweeps away anything no longer required and is then cleansed within the sea.

Just beside the working space lay a small mound of sea lettuce that I used as a garnish with my evening meal.

A productive afternoon. On my return home I received feedback from my client:

“Dear Laetitia

I felt transported during the hour. Still feel released and greatly revived. No going back now. Oddly, I feel free of karma. I hadn’t realised that was something that I wanted.

Thank you so much. A”

With thanks to wonderful Cassandra for her continued support and the photographs.

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  1. I love this! Would you describe yourself as a pre Wiccan style witch, as in the article you put here after this post, like a wise woman, or do you follow a Wiccan path?

    Blessings, soo xxx


    1. Thank you for your comment Sue. When setting out on my spiritual path I was introduced to someone who referred to herself as a Hedge Witch. I followed books that she gave me and worked alone for 2 years and then joined an Egyptian group for a while, then a Gardnarian group and later went on to become an Alexandrian initiate. Wicca is good basic training for ceremonial ritual, however it did not satisfy my hunger for the Old Craft. I eventually found this in Cornwall through tuition from Cassandra Latham Jones of the Old Ways and have worked alongside her for 10 years now as an Old Craft initiate. I still utilise some of the ceremonial skills as a Handfasting Celebrant but my work now is that of a village wise woman, sea conjuror, therapist and counsellor. 🙂 x


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