Working On The Land Workshop Retreat – May 2018

Thank you for your detailed feedback on the workshop Emma 🙂 x

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Sorry I have been away for a while – I have just had  no real topic to share in writing for the time being, but that’s all over now!

So today’s blog is:

Working On The Land Workshop – May 2018


About one month before I decided to go, I had finished reading Cassandra Latham-Jones’s book Village Witch: Life As A Village Wisewoman In The Wild West Of Cornwall.

Cassandra is a woman living the witch’s dream she lives, breathes and works as a village wisewoman or village witch for St. Buryan, Cornwall and has been doing so since the 1980s.

She casts spells, makes charms, reads tarot, communes with spirits and the land, cleanses persons/objects/homes – you name witchcraft – she does it!


And I had also decided to have a look at her and her partner’s blog.
I saw the workshop advertised and was thinking about…

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