Beltane 2018

Its been a struggle for the season of Spring to fully emerge after an extremely cold winter. Lately we have had plenty of sunshine and temperature has risen but there is still a cool sensation from the breeze. The blackthorn blossom arrived late and the gorse flowers are also now in bloom.

John Isaac

Cassandra and I had an early Beltane celebration with our group visiting Sancreed Holy Well which was illuminated by the bright moon just approaching its full phase. This day was also the 20th anniversary of my self dedication to the Gods after 2 years of study and practice during the beginning of my spiritual journey.

Cassandra built a small fire in a clearing close by the well and we indulged in a celebration of fertility,  acknowledging and accepting the power of our gender as nature’s gift from the Gods. The rite was enhanced by the moon’s rays shining down upon us.

John Isaac

We also jumped the fire sensing its cleansing and invigorating energy.

John Isaac

Each of us in turn visited the Holy Well and as I emerged from it the moon faced me as her light shone into the entrance. It was a sublime moment and yet again a bright moon has accompanied me as it has on many significant occasions throughout my spiritual journey.

John Isaac

Our group returned to Cassandra’s cottage for feasting and warmth from the fire at the hearth.

Cassandra and I spent the afternoon of Beltane walking through St Loy woodland to see the bluebells. I deviated from the usual pathways exploring hidden areas amongst the trees. The closed buds on the trees and flowers had heightened energy as they were on the verge of bursting open Sensing this deepens our connection with this fertile season.






After spending some time exploring the woodland, we arrived at the Cove. The incoming tide brought with it the wonderful aroma from the sea. Cassandra  rested a while and I made my way over the huge boulders to the sea for a time of contemplation.




On May Day ‘Team Boekka’ visited Padstow and had a fabulous time. Cassandra first took me to this event in 2009 when I began training as Teazer for Penglaz to show me an example of the energies experienced Teazers work with, especially within this particular community as the knowledge and performance is passed down to each generation to continue the tradition. It was essential for my apprentice Teazers and our new Oss rider to also observe this.




It was an eventful Beltane and May Day. I leave you now with a popular song of the season sung by the wonderful Will Fox from the ultra talented Beltane Morris. May you all have a joyous Springtime!





2 thoughts on “Beltane 2018

    • You are right! The land and sea here are magnificent, the magic is indeed powerful when utilised correctly with focus and good reason. As for people I have learnt to be more selective and have discovered some good hearted genuine souls amongst the fake ones. I do hope you have a wonderful time in the UK. 😊 x


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