Psychic Evening at Sennen.

Last evening Cassandra and I worked at a Psychic evening at Sennen’s Cafe Bar and Bistro.
An event such as this was something Cassandra had not experienced before and at first she was a little reticent. I encouraged her to try this event as many clients were excited about her presence and receiving a ‘taster’ tarot reading from her. We work together, Cassandra reads the Tarot and I provide guidance from spirit. There have been many occasions when I have given clients messages from spirit while Cassandra shuffles her cards and when she has laid them out the same guidance has also appeared within the symbolism of the cards.

We have worked there on a few occasions and even though the energies can be intense when working for 5 hours (with a short break half way through) providing readings for many clients, it is also rewarding.
This time we were joined by our wonderful friend and fellow magical practitioner Michelle Elliott who provided rune readings for clients and her unique way of working impressed the organizer. We work alongside a group of excellent readers and healers and the managers work hard ensuring that all readers have refreshments and their clients are happy with the service provided.


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