Samhain Approaching

We have had a considerable amount of rain this October accompanied by the winds of Ophelia and Brian stirring up the seas in West Cornwall creating spectacular scenes. The winds have also assisted the trees disrobing their dead leaves as a reminder that we too to need to shed all that no longer benefits us.
The darker time of year beckons and the presence of our ancestors can be felt. We are nearing the end of the Celtic year and our thoughts turn inwards to the spiritual and physical changes within ourselves and how they will affect our destiny. We can plan our future to a certain extent, but life is unpredictable and the ‘topsy turvy’ energies, particularly in Cornwall, can turn our well made plans upon their heads and life then takes us in a completely different direction.
It was a wet and misty day today when Cassandra and I visited Lamorna late in the afternoon to purchase our pumpkins. A local resident grows, nurtures and  sells them on the boundary of his property. The following image is one I captured last year during drier weather.

The journey to Lamorna valley is a wonderful experience. We pass the Merry Maidens stone circle which today was shrouded in mist. There were ‘walkers’ enjoying the atmospheric weather and silhouetted figures walking around the stones which added to the mystique!

The Lamorna woodland is particularly glorious at this time of year with its autumnal colours, crisp fallen leaves and the mist swirling around the trees.


The sublime scenery adds to the pleasure of each journey and deepens our connection with the changing seasons.
As we all prepare for our forthcoming Samhain celebrations, I send you all good wishes and hope that the new Celtic Year reflects back to you all the energy and intent that you have sent out to others.

2 thoughts on “Samhain Approaching

  1. Enjoyed your post! Autumn is my favorite season and Samhain is one of my favorite sabbot. This is indeed the time for laying down the old and rising for the new. Contemplation of our lives, physically and spiritually. Thank you for this very thoughtful post.


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