Mermaid of Zennor

I have felt a close connection with Zennor from the first occasion Cassandra took me to visit Zennor Hill in 2009. We were there for the specific reason of my spiritual connection with the land. Whilst exploring the hill I was drawn energetically to the village of Zennor that was visible below the hill.

I then learnt about the legend of the Mermaid of Zennor and have already written about on this site

I have seen the mermaid carving upon the side of the chair within St Senara’s church in Zennor.

Image- Cornwall Guide

The time-battered chair is tucked away in the side aisle and holds the scars from more than 500 years of constant use.

Image – Commons Wikipedia

The curious carving of the mermaid has many interpretations from its medieval worshippers. Mermaids were a symbol of Aphrodite Goddess of love and the sea who held a love apple in one hand and a comb in the other. the quince (love apple) was later changed to a mirror which is a symbol of heartlessness and vanity. Medieval Christians viewed her as a symbol of the ‘sins of the flesh’. She was used to illustrate the two natures of Christ in the seafaring community as she was half fish and half human symbolizing that the Christ could be both divine and human. This resonated with the inhabitants of the region as their lives were intertwined with and dependant on the sea.

Image – William Fricker

Haunted Britain

Recently I visited The Healing Star in Penzance where they had displayed a cast of the Mermaid of Zennor carving by Rory Te Tigo. He had left it there hoping that they would sell it for him. Each time I entered the shop I was entranced by it, especially as I had found little memorabilia of this particular mermaid. When I eventually decided to purchase her, I visited the shop to discover that Rory had collected the mermaid as he intended to display her at an event.  I contacted him and he kindly offered to make another for me and requested I gave him a period of three weeks to do so.

Tinners Arms Zennor by Zennor Images

Mermaid of Zennor Carving in the Tinners Arms by ViewRanger

Rory had the marvellous idea of producing a casting of the mermaid carving displayed in the Tinner’s Arms at Zennor and creates replicas of it using this method.

I am now the proud owner of a Mermaid of Zennor which is about the same size as the one in the church. Rory described how he created her, as you can see by the photographs he works with precision and achieves wonderful results. Her powerful presence graces our home and brings with her the blessings of the sea.

Image – John Isaac


Image – John Isaac

To see more of Rory Te Tigo’s work visit hi website


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