Lammas Reflections 2017

The summer of 2017 provided hot weather during the month of June. July and August were surprisingly cooler with a considerable amount of rain. The corn we gathered for the construction of dolls had a different texture from the previous year as some of the farmers harvested their crop early due to the moist weather.

We had a busy summer work-wise and spent time contemplating our ‘harvest’ from our projects throughout the year.

Our group met during the evening of Lammas to construct dolls and Brigid crosses.

We ventured into the local fields of St Buryan to build a fire and burn our old corn dolls and crosses. It was a beautiful moonlit night with hardly a breeze and as each member of the group placed their corn in the fire, we had time to reflect on the year that had passed, sacrifices we made and the lessons or rewards we gained from them.

The flames and embers from a fire are rather hypnotic which provide an ideal setting for scrying, as many moving shapes are formed by the dancing flames and smoke.

Conjuring and drawing energies from the fire and the earth below, the moon and the sky above, with an awareness of elementals observing us along with the ancestors, creates a powerful potent energy to work with.

There was no better way to celebrate the harvest of our creativity throughout the spring and summer of 2017.

Images – John Isaac

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  1. This is magic! Absolute magic! I love reading your blogs. You are so inspiring, you and Cassandra. In my opinion, you and Cassandra are the embodiment of old world witchcraft! Which again in my opinion is rare now a days!


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