Morvargh’s First House Blessing

During the first week of July 2017 a close friend of ours moved to Cornwall. They are a special family, the lovely Michelle, her husband Dave, son Corvan and also their beautiful raven Odin. We entered the Aviary to meet him and words cannot express the way one feels when in close proximity to such a wonderful creature.

Michelle and Dave were delighted to meet Morvargh my Sea ‘Oss when she gave her powerful, protective energy while blessing their home.

The Mari Lwyds in the Welsh tradition bring good fortune to households:

“The Mari Lwyd (the Grey Mare) is a pre-Christian tradition said to bring good luck. People made a horse figure from a horse’s skull, with decorative ears and eyes attached. They adorned it with colourful reins, bells, and ribbons and wrapped it with a white sheet that is carried around on a pole. The Mari Lwyd and its party would go door-to-door, singing and challenging the families inside to a battle of rhyming insults in Welsh. At the end of the battle of wits (known as pwnco) the group would be invited into the house for refreshments.”

Read more here: Mari Lwyd Tradition

“The Mari Lwyd (grey mare) is a centuries-old Welsh winter tradition involving a decorated, shrouded horse skull which is carried from house to house, or pub, by performers seeking entry for food/drink by entertaining with songs, rhymes or riddles. The tradition is said to bring good luck.” Western Telegraph

“At last the Maris gained entrance to the Museum and they blessed it in their usual ways ending with the traditional libations of soul cakes and beer.” Grumpy Old Witchcraft

Read more here: Grumpy Old Witchcraft

It was a pleasure to do this for our wonderful friends who have offered an abundance of unconditional love and support.

Welcome to Cornwall Michelle, Dave, Corvan and Odin!

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