34. Path of Discovery

Image - Rightmove

Image – Rightmove

We arranged to meet the wise woman at the new home of the traditional witch and partner to discuss rehearsing for the festivals. They had moved to a small terraced two bedroom granite cottage. The traditional witch owned many carefully crafted and attractive magical tools placed at the hearth that were in pristine condition compared to the wise woman’s rustic tools. My son, who was delighted to be a new rider eagerly listened to the conversation. The wise woman asked for our birth dates, times and locations as she wished to study our astrological birth charts. Occasionally it seemed as though she ridiculed people, but if confronted about it I was sure it would not have been her intention. The wise woman was pleased that a family were involved with the ‘Oss as she thought it created good energies and ensured the tradition would continue. There was also humor throughout the discussion and I had the opportunity to study the wise woman closely. Her clothes were loose and her trousers were short exposing her lower legs where I noticed an injury she may have received when walking the land. She had a strong growth of unruly dark hair and her appearance had the wild, unkempt energy of the land.  As a qualified Beauty Therapist I observed others appearances and grooming.

The wise woman and I were in contact regularly via a social media site on the internet and also emails. I arranged to visit her again at the beginning of February, but due to heavy snow I had to cancel. There were also floods on the roads as the snow melted and I postponed the visit until it had cleared.

the Ship Inn Par. Image - Tripadvisor

the Ship Inn Par. Image – Tripadvisor

I attended a séance held in an upstairs function room at The Ship Inn, Par the night before St Valentines Day. The therapist I met at the Truro salon and her boyfriend accompanied us. I won the psychic quiz and received a prize of a chocolate heart lollipop.

Tolcarne Inn. Image - Alamy

Tolcarne Inn. Image – Alamy

I knew the wise woman was at the Tolcarne pub in Newlyn that evening for a “St Bolox Eve” celebration. Her close friends were single and created this celebration in reaction to all the nauseous associations with Valentines Day.  We exchanged a few phone texts and I gave her some information she was pleased to hear.

The next day I received an email from the wise woman  She attached the first part of the manuscript for her book as she thought it important I read it before our relationship progressed. Her life story was distressing and uncomfortable to read especially the admittance to a psychiatric ward and electric shock treatment. I was a little apprehensive about the situation I was entering, but the fascination and attraction over-powered the apprehension. She awaited my response and I sent a message offering her the love she had waited for.

I sent her a humorous Valentine’s card with a picture of a little devil. As the wise woman wanted to reciprocate she ventured into town and searched through the a multitude of pink ‘soppy’ merchandise to find a decent card. The sales assistant did not provide a bag and she attempted to hide it in her jacket hoping she would not meet anyone she knew. Typically she met many people who wanted to speak to her and after supporting the yearly celebrations of St Bolox Eve I understood why she would not wish to be caught out!

Vanillas Nightclub. Image - Eddiejewell

Vanillas Nightclub. Image – Eddiejewell

I had planned to visit a nightclub for a Valentine’s event and informed the wise woman who asked if she could tag along. The therapist and her boyfriend also joined my husband and I that evening. I noticed that evening how much the wise woman drank and how it affected her behaviour. 

During March 2009 it seemed my years of searching had ended. I found the wise woman who was mentioned in my first reading and she appeared on the thirteenth year of my journey. She offered to teach me her ways of the Craft with Cornish energies. The wise woman had taught members of a coven and also worked within Wiccan groups and developed her own way of working. We had similar pasts and understood one another as our working relationship grew closer.

We met on Sunday afternoons to rehearse the ‘Oss and Teazer performance at a scrap yard belonging to another transgender friend of the traditional witch. This person was a talented engineer who designed the ‘Oss’ pole with a brilliant mechanism for movement. My husband and son rode the ‘Oss and her personality was unique with each rider. My husband was in touch with his feminine energy and the ‘Oss became a ‘cheeky little madam’ When my son rode her she was fast, mischievous and full of energy acting like a young mare. The wise woman and I practised our Teazer dancing and later viewed video footage of it. We moved naturally together during our first practice and further practices progressed well. After a few weeks I was introduced to other friends of the traditional witch and partner. I realised that there were many transgender people in Cornwall, but it was obvious that Cornwall attracted people and diversity.

As the wise woman and I worked closely together and our attraction grew, we wanted to be sure as it would affect our work. I suggested we wait six weeks until the Pagan Conference event in 2009 and if all went according to plan we would take the relationship further. I was not physically attracted to her, but her charm, confidence and energy attracted me, also something much deeper I could not explain.

I assumed the wise woman was renowned only amongst the Cornish Pagan scene but she later revealed to me she held a high position in the National Pagan Federation. I was unsure how I would cope being close to someone renowned within the media and Pagan world. I viewed film footage of her work and heard she was the world’s first tax paying witch. She was featured in newspapers, magazine articles and invited to take part in television programmes. The wise woman found it hard to believe I was unaware of this, but I was raised not to vote or have any involvement in politics therefore that part of any organization did not interest me. Political problems in performance teams were another reason I shied away from anything associated with it.  Articles in Pagan literature about the political side of the organization also did not interest me.

The wise woman studied my astrological birth chart and I received an email from her that it was important we met to discuss her findings. I assumed she discovered a few correspondences and did not understand the urgency. The journey to her cottage usually took an hour, but I arrived in forty-five minutes eager to see her. We discussed our birth charts and she demonstrated how both our charts fit together like two pieces of a puzzle and were a mirror image of one other. One of the most important factors was my planet of Saturn conjunct with her planet of Venus and meant the planets would activate one another. Her planet of Saturn was also conjunct with my planet of Venus. This was extraordinary.  My chart was mainly fire with little air and her chart was mainly air with little fire. There was a karmic link for healing which signified a challenging relationship. 

Witch's Ladder Spell. Image - Klaus Weber

Witch’s Ladder Spell. Image – Klaus Weber

 The wise woman showed me a witch’s ladder love spell made of Tarot cards she constructed in 1996. I had seen it in her bedroom, but did not know what it was and 1996 was also the year I began my spiritual journey. She had written a list of attributes for a prospective partner and I matched the majority of them. I felt a powerful urge to be with her and enjoyed the time we spent together, but leaving her was difficult. The wise woman had forgotten about the ladder spell and focussed on her development over the years until the time came when we were ready to meet. Even though we were aware it would not be easy we were prepared to proceed and the local Conference was fast approaching!


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