29. Moving to Cornwall

My son and I visited the local folk festival to see members of our former Morris team before our move. The members were surprised at how much my son had grown within the 6 years since we last met. We visited some other friends too and a Reiki student took me out for a farewell lunch in an Italian restaurant.

Bartellas. Image - Tripadvisor

Bartellas. Image – Tripadvisor

We had a delicious meal and she also surprised me with gifts she had purchased with her friend for our new home.  I knew that I would miss her most of all as we had been through a lot together during the past four years.

My husband, son and I met with friends from the London Pagan Conference for a meal. One performed as a lead vocalist of a band at various events and occasionally I joined them as a ‘backing vocalist’. His wife accompanied him along with another male friend who attended the Cornwall conference. The Pagan female singer also joined us at the restaurant. It was a fabulous evening and at times such as these one realizes how important genuine friends are.

My husband purchased a transit van for the gradual transportation of furniture to Cornwall during our visits and we accomplished this without help from friends or family. On the 12th June 2008 my son completed his final GCSE examination while we were packing remaining items and cleaning the empty rented property. After collecting him from school, we began our final journey with two vehicles full of our belongings. My husband drove the van and I followed in our car. During the journey there were occasions I was alone (as my son spent time in each vehicle) and I had time to contemplate many things. I contemplated the fact I was moving far away from my family, but as I had no contact with them for years it would make no difference where I was.  I also thought about the wise woman and my living in Cornwall may provide the opportunity to discover more about her. I sensed that getting to know her would not be easy as she once explained to me that she had a different sense of humour to most and her outlook was different from other Pagans  The only information I had about her was during her talk about the wise woman work and I did not remember much of that due to other distractions.  My vision of a wise woman had been completely different and her image did not fit my expectations at all. I had believed too many fairytales and expected to find an elderly woman residing in a cottage deep in the forest working solitary. I was on the threshold of discovering whether any of this were true.

After 6 hours of travelling, we arrived at Pendle cottage just before 10pm, tired and relieved to be there. One of our neighbours stood at the gate to welcome us, he was an elderly man in his 80s who had lived in the village all his life. He was fond of Pendle cottage as he passed it daily on his way to school as a young lad. This man was a feisty little Cornishman with mischievous blue eyes and his wife much younger than he. They regularly participated in fund raising for  cancer charities as their previous partners had passed away from this disease.

Belgravia Police Station. Image - Mainstream News

Belgravia Police Station. Image – Mainstream News

I settled in the cottage during the months that followed, but still found it difficult to adjust while my husband commuted to London. He would travel by motorcycle and had parked his transit van in the underground car park beneath the police station. He supposedly slept in the back of the van during the 18 months he worked there; apart from occasions when colleagues were on vacation and asked him to stay in their properties. My friends intimated that he could easily have an extramarital affair without my knowledge as he was so far away, but I understood that was a projection of their own insecurities. My husband worked twelve-hour shifts each day and the time passed quickly for him.

Image - Kempo UK

Image – Kempo UK

My son and I attended local karate classes taught an elderly man and his middle aged wife.  I had hoped they were spiritual and would teach this aspect with the martial art. After attending classes for a while the Karate master developed an attraction to a young Ukrainian girl who attended classes. She seemed to reciprocate and he was flattered, but when she discovered he was not as financially astute as she had hoped, it did not last. He was also a former military man and proudly related horrific stories about his time at war. He thought students should be trained to kill as well as defend and in these classes we were taught some precise and different karate moves.

My son achieved excellent exam results and was accepted by Truro College. Although he was excited about his new life, I was unaware at the time of how much he missed his friends and life in Kent.

178-p-jSix weeks after our move we purchased two kittens from the RSPCA. We were notified that six kittens were brought in after their mother abandoned them on a football pitch so we visited the kennels to see them. All six were given names beginning with F. Flynn was a black male who had bright alert eyes and spiked fur on his head. He was lively and the one for me. We observed the other kittens and Frankie a black and white male sat at the glass door calling to us. His cute expression ensured that we chose him and I re-named them with unusual surnames of witches.  The black kitten suckled the black and white one who behaved  more like a mother towards him due to early separation from their own mother.

Saltash. Image - Play Tojsiab

Saltash. Image – Play Tojsiab

I attended a summer solstice ritual the Bodmin moot group had arranged. One of the members owned some land at Saltash.  I was unfamiliar with that particular area of Cornwall so I followed a Priestess in her car and she assured me that it was difficult to lose your way in Cornwall. The ritual was beautiful and I was asked to participate reading the “Charge of the Goddess”. As I did so it reminded me of the time I spent in my former coven as the priestess had read this many times. My son was given the role of the Oak King who battled with the Holly King symbolizing the changing season. The priestess was an initiate of another priestess who attended the ritual, but resided in the Northern region of U.K.  The moot Priestess and I got on well together which surprised her as she had observed that high priestesses were usually ‘aloof’. I had similar experiences with priestesses in the past and her own high priestess was no exception as she looked ‘down her nose’ at me and questioned my training as if to test my knowledge. I observed the moot priestess as she set up circle and performed the ritual.  I enjoyed being part of the group without having to lead.  After the ritual was over, a picnic was arranged and I contributed home baked cheese and thyme bread which was enjoyed by the group, but unfortunately we left early due to my son’s severe pollen allergy. We were in a field on a hot sunny day and his eyes began to swell accompanied by constant sneezing so I removed him from the field to relieve the symptoms.  The journey back was not difficult and all roads were well sign posted.

Our new life and adventures had just begun.


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  1. i remember you coming to my land all those years ago for the solstice never worked out why you left the moot as you seemed to enjoy it .I remember Rhys in oak and holly king battle good days bbxx


    • Thank you for your comment 🙂 I attended a few of the moot rituals when circumstances permitted, but I was only in the area about 18 months and then I moved further down West. I hope you are well 🙂


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