24. Exploring New Realms

My next visit to Cornwall during July was an eventful one. We had arranged our first meeting with the traditional witch and partner by the promenade of Penzance. He had suggested this in a letter and included printed photographs so that we would recognize them.  Both were very tall with bright blonde hair so it was easy to do so.  We greeted them both with a kiss and conversed a while before an invitation to visit their apartment.

Image - Mitula

Image – Mitula

The apartment was in a period property with spacious rooms. The traditional witch was a talented artist and we were shown some of his artwork. His partner was not interested in Paganism but had good knowledge of business promotion and ideas to market the traditional witch’s talents. She spoke of certain transgender modelling sites that could be lucrative by corresponding with male clients and I was intrigued by this as it was a ‘lifestyle’ I knew little about. The traditional witch was also a gifted writer and  corresponded well by letters and emails, however in person he was a person of few words. It was interesting to discover that the traditional witch was also born and raised in Kent, something we had in common. His partner spoke continuously giving the impression that she was the dominant one in their relationship. When the traditional witch did converse, I learnt about his magical relationship with the elderly man I met at the Conference. He revealed that he did not wish to continue membership with the magical group as the elderly man did not agree with his forthcoming gender change. This was a disappointment for me as it was the group I had hoped to join, but the traditional witch had plans to set up a magical group of his own in the future.  We conversed easily with the traditional witch after a while and all seemed well so further arrangements were made for them to visit the Tintagel re-enactment of the Battle of Camlann during our holiday.

The friends in my Kent magical group had planned to join us in Cornwall during the weekend of our vacation. The youngest woman brought her two-man tent and was excited about sharing it with my Reiki student. She however was uncomfortable about sharing the tent so I offered her a bed in our static caravan. The young woman did not wish to stay in her tent alone and asked if she too could stay in the caravan. As there was no room we assured her she would be quite safe in her tent on a family camping site. After her return home she spread a rumour that we forced her to stay in her tent and she had an awful time, not mentioning the fact we had fed her and taken her to visit some wonderful places. A member of our archery group also visited Cornwall during our vacation to join the archers at the Battle of Camlann. He was a middle-aged man caring for his mother who had dementia. My Welsh pen friend enjoyed writing to like minded folks and was also in a similar situation caring for a disabled parent. I put them in contact with one another and hoped they would communicate for a substantial amount of time before they met. Two months later she arranged to visit him and this concerned me as they did not know one another well. I later discovered that ‘matchmaking’  friends can backfire badly, even when done with good intentions.

The Battle of Camlann weekend was enjoyed by all. I did not attend the first day due to feeling unwell. The traditional witch and his partner joined my husband and friends then all returned to the caravan and spent the evening with us. 

Piran's Cottage. Image - Rightmove

St Piran’s Well Cottage. Image – Rightmove

A cottaged by the name of St Piran in Rocky Valley was on the property market and situated near the entrance to St Nectan’s Glen. The owners had passed away and we had conversed with them during our previous visits as they had many vintage items for sale in the cottage. The garden gate was open so we entered it to look around and met another family looking into the cottage windows. They discovered an open window and climbed inside the cottage to look around and we followed. It was a 16th century period property and the floorboards on the first floor bowed in the centre of the rooms. The stone steps on the staircase were also worn.  I stood in the kitchen and felt the cold spirit energy of the couple who once lived there. I discussed spirit presences with members of the other family as they too were believers. We loved the cottage but knew it was way out of our price range at £500,000. About a week after our return home, my Reiki student’s friend who worked in a local ‘new age’ shop had heard from a customer that she had purchased St Piran’s cottage. How fortunate she was.

After returning home, I contemplated the development of a close friendship and magical relationship with a male who desperately wished to be female.  I discussed my concerns with my husband as I thought this matter may negatively affect the friendship. He advised me that the only way I would find out was to try.

We eventually left the archery group as my husband could not afford to continue paying the high insurance fee. The male member who joined us in Cornwall had spread false rumours about us to other members of the team and my former Welsh pen friend. This unfortunately seemed to be a trait of many ineffectual men.

I also left the psychic development circle as new members had joined which changed the group dynamics and affected its progression. 

Image - Rightmove

Image – Rightmove

I discovered another group nearer to home. The husband of the couple hosting it was a spirit medium. He had a serious accident while at work and fell from scaffolding just six weeks after the couple’s wedding. He broke his back and was then disabled. As a Reiki practitioner, he thought the Reiki energy should have prevented this accident and consequently abandoned the practice of it. I attempted to explain that Reiki would not interfere with lessons in life, but would assist in coping with them, but unfortunately, this did not alter his opinion. The members of my magical group also attended this new circle.

Aikido Martial Art. Image - Mitchellroth

Aikido Martial Art. Image – Mitchellroth

I studied the Aikido martial art which has close links to Reiki practice. Ueshiba the founder of Aikido was an associate of Usui the founder of Reiki and 

Mikao Usui. Image - The New You

Mikao Usui. Image – The New You

they exchanged ideas resulting in many similarities within meditations and discipline of both practices. I attended Aikido classes and discovered that it was not about the physical strength used towards an opponent, but the power of the mind. Using simple wrist and finger locking techniques gave one total control over an opponent’s body. I experienced how a small person could use these techniques on an opponent over six feet tall and bring him to the ground!

A remarkable experience I had while going about my daily chores was when I received a psychic message to search through my husband’s pockets. This was something I would not usually do unless checking them before doing the laundry. I ignored the messages for a few days, but when it persisted, I thought there was good reason to do so. I discovered receipts for petrol and cigarettes although he lead me to believe he had ceased smoking five years previously after the death of his father.  I suggested he visit the General Practitioner to arrange attending a support group. He also had a medical check up and they found something wrong. He attended a hospital appointment for further tests and discovered the problem was due to extremely high blood pressure and then they prescribed medication. There was good reason to act upon the psychic messages as doing so saved him from strokes or something worse. I no longer ignore messages and act upon them even when I am disbelieved until proved otherwise. It is vitally important to trust your intuition and guidance.