21. Intriguing Experiences

We attended a local folk festival in May and met with members of our former Morris team. They were pleased to see us and we had the opportunity to explain our reasons for leaving. Our former Priestess attended a Yoga event that day, but the Priest entered the hotel with the other coven member and noticed we were sitting at a table with the rest of the team. After a quiet conversation between them the Priest left and the other coven member joined us. It was so good to see him again and he was friendly towards us but a little reserved. 

Image - Alef Healing

Image – Alef Healing

I completed the course for my Reiki Master/Teacher level in May 2003 and received my Diploma. It was intense course and the new information was fascinating. There were advanced meditations, plus Reiki attunements and empowerments to practice along with advice on teaching my own courses. Time was needed to digest the new information and familiarize myself with the practical aspect before I could consider teaching other students. I had a fantasy (as many do) of setting up a holistic retreat in Cornwall that provided Reiki treatments and courses. I discussed the idea with my former Priestess who thought there were too many therapists in Cornwall and the competition for work would make life difficult when working in the area of complimentary therapies. 

We visited Cornwall in August 2004 and the weather was beautiful. This time we had purchased a small video camera to capture footage of Boscastle, Tintagel, Rocky Valley and St Nectan’s waterfall.  This enabled me while in Kent to take a virtual journey when needed. My psychic development circle met a few days after our return and after meditation and spirit connection one group member sensed the presence of a Cornish water spirit with me.

Boscastle Flood. Image - Daily Mail

Boscastle Flood. Image – Daily Mail

One week after our visit to Boscastle, we heard via the television news that Boscastle had flooded. It was distressing to observe the film footage of this fabulous village engulfed by sea water. Rescue helicopters were lifting residents from buildings and a car identical to ours amongst many others were carried out to sea from the car park. Our family and friends contacted us to check that we were home from our vacation.

Image - Tintagel Web

Image – Tintagel Web

My husband contacted the information centre using the telephone number given by BBC news to check the owner and staff at the Museum were safe. He heard that the majority of enquiries received were about the Museum and the following day the owner gave a short interview to journalists on the television news. Understandably he seemed rather bewildered and explained the terrible state of the Museum. The beautiful stone bridge over the river had gone and the Harbour Lights shop opposite the Museum was no more. The Museum may have lost many of its artefacts, but fortunately the building remained intact.

I also received a reply from the Traditional Cornish Witchcraft group. The young man who contacted me agreed to correspondence via email and yearly meetings during my visits. This would help him decide whether or not I would be right for group membership.  I gave him details of my life experiences and sent photographs. We exchanged a few emails and he thanked me for the detailed information. He then revealed more about himself and how he had used a pseudonym for the Pagan email lists instead of his real name. The reason for this was that he awaited surgery to change gender and would then be known by his chosen female name. He requested I used his female name in correspondence from that moment on. I discovered that his partner was also transgender and twenty years his senior. Our communication continued.

Two of my Reiki students asked me to teach them magical ritual and once again I became part of a magical group. After past experiences, I preferred group members to work along with me as equals but this can at times be difficult when one is tutoring.

Image - Wolfshead Bowmen

Image – Wolfshead Bowmen

As we no longer had a family interest performing with the Morris team my husband announced he would choose our new family activity. We became members of a medieval longbow archery team that wore medieval attire and performed at historical events.

132-l-l-jWe attended medieval re-enactments and provided displays at ancient castles and sites. It was an expensive pastime purchasing longbows, arrows and the correct costumes. Membership of the Grand National Archery Society was also required for insurance purposes and there were health and safety regulations to adhere to.


We continued attending the Battle of Camlann re-enactment at Tintagel and enjoyed participating in the battles with the archers against the soldiers.

Teaching Reiki courses and providing treatments for clients kept me busy, but work was rather erratic. My husband assumed the ‘Reiki craze’ would eventually die out due to sceptics and this opinion was supported by my mother in law.

Image - Echonyc

Image – Echonyc

I regularly attended a mediumship development circle hosted by the couple I met at the Scole seminar. The woman would meditate and descend into deep trance connecting with her Indian Chief spirit guide. Before meditation she would unfasten her brassiere and loosen her clothing as she would take on his physical dimensions and the Indian Chief was a large man. The first time I witnessed this transformation it fascinated me to see the change in her facial features. Each week I was taught preparation of mind and body for a deep trance meditation. I was rather cautious when I sensed a spirit in close proximity and put off the full connection for weeks, but when I eventually relaxed, the spirit did not retreat, but connected in a slow and gentle way and it was a wonderful feeling. Certain television programmes about haunted locations with spirit mediums who ‘overacted’ concerning spirit possession and this could deter many from developing psychically believing that a medium had no control over spirit. The thought of a negative spirit entering the body is a deterrent until one understands that these television programmes increase exaggerate the drama of it for higher viewing statistics.

I celebrated Autumn Equinox with my magical group using a copy of a ritual from the Gardnarian group.  The youngest member of the group giggled constantly and I suspected anxiety. During the summer she practically invited herself to join us on our vacation to Cornwall. Although this woman was in her early twenties her mind was much younger and we soon discovered that she took advantage of others’ good nature.  She also became close friends with another female group member who was married with two sons, had a motherly energy and also wished she had a daughter. This lady was one of my most talented Reiki students. 

Organizing monthly rituals and hosting regular ‘Reiki shares’ kept me occupied.  My magical group met for a Yuletide celebration.  I did all the preparation before they arrived and cleared up after they left each ritual.  It was evident after a while that they had not practiced or remembered anything I taught them and repeatedly needed prompting. I concluded that the only way this would improve was by working alone and during our next group meeting I suggested they continue their work without me. 

Local Nursing Home. Image - Chronicle

Local Nursing Home. Image – Chronicl

 I visited a local nursing home voluntarily. There were a few residents who could still converse and some of them had suffered severe strokes leaving them paralysed except for movement in one arm. I befriended a wonderful man who enjoyed card and board games. We discussed his family and the fascinating war-time adventures he had. Visiting the nursing home filled a void in my life as I had no parental contact due to their religion’s rules. 



After frequenting the home for eighteen months, I arrived one afternoon and the nurse informed me the man I visited was unwell, but she allowed me to visit him in his room. I sat on the bed and held his hand and noticing a change in his breathing. Even though I had not experienced this before, I sensed it may be the laboured breathing that occurs before death. We were alone without nursing staff listening to us which provided an opportunity to discuss the world of spirit with him. One of his friends had recently died and I explained how he had entered the spirit world for a reunion party with his friends. He hoped I was right. I also assured him his wife would be there to greet him and show him the way when his time came. He once again hoped I was right so I asked him for a sign of confirmation when he entered the spirit world and he promised me he would do that. As we were conversing I felt the room filled with a powerful energy of unconditional love and I was in an altered state of consciousness and felt so positive and that anything was possible. A large cluster of lights like diamonds appeared before me just above his head and glistened before they disappeared.  Smaller individual lights also appeared around his bed and his reading light on the bedside table flickered. I described these to him and reassured him that they were a sign that those in the spirit world heard us. When it was time for me to leave, I gave him a hug, but he did not wish to say goodbye as he was unhappy about my departure.  As I left his room and walked along the corridor I heard him call “goodbye” as loud as he could and I reciprocated. I regret not returning to him for another hug before leaving. My visit happened on a Monday and the following Friday I attended a Reflexology treatment exchange with other therapists.  I laid back in the treatment chair to enjoy my treatment and as I relaxed a large cluster of lights appeared at the corner of the ceiling identical to the lights I saw at the nursing home. The following day a nurse called at my home to inform me the man at the nursing home passed away on Thursday. I believe the lights I saw were from him keeping his promise to confirm he was then in the spirit world.  I will always remember him and the extraordinary experience which was a wonderful gift from spirit for the love and happiness I gave him. Members of his family also visited to thank me for bringing happiness and light into the final days of his life.