Winters Moon

I know this one all too well, excellent post.

Knot Magick

A bonus post for the start of 2017, a tale of winter workings.

Winters Moon

The night is cold; cold and biting like the anger within me. Over many years the little insults and petty jibes have flowed, ebbing and flowing like a tide; but with the icy tide in full spate it can no longer be borne. They have built up an anger within me which will never be a raging inferno but as cold as the winter and as keen as the knife in my hand.

The moon sits low on the horizon, intermittently visible from behind scudding clouds, as I raise my face towards her pale face to announce my rage to the Gods.

“I come this night as petitioner and destroyer; though I do so unwillingly, forced by the actions of thieves and liars.”

Unwilling but with a heart as hard as winter for they have…

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