9. Magical Influences

I visited the Priestess of the Egyptian group and discussed our vacation. Apparently she had meditated with Sekhmet who told her I had difficulty channelling energy as my husband was supposedly draining me. The Priestess noticed he would often take over if I attempted to do anything myself. She lived alone and her children were adults so I knew she had past experience of relationships. I asked her whether a sexual relationship could drain one’s energy when working magically.  She explained this activity was of the lowest form associated with the survival and physical energy from the base chakra in the body. As the spiritual self develops to a higher plane a person would naturally need less physical sexual activity. It is possible to reach a level where the senses are so heightened that the energy field around them when touched could cause an ecstatic response without physical interaction.  The Priestess stated that lack of trust could also affect a person’s energy when interacting with members of the group but this would improve over a period of time. She thought the energies did not flow within the group and had queried this with another group member. They concluded it was because both married couples were working together. The Priestess advised me on the use of daily protective barriers to prevent my husband draining my energy. She considered him the type of person who could persuade others to believe anything he wanted. As a policeman he had studied psychology which would help with his influence. Her opinions did not sit comfortably with me, but I discovered she was right in years to come. The Priestess invited me to a new ‘Women’s Mystery Group’, but my husband sensed she disliked him and assumed she was having a sexual relationship with another single woman in the group. He was unhappy about her invitation to the new women’s group so I politely declined it. We did, however enjoy a wonderful Beltane ritual with a few group members earlier that year when we visited the small woodland belonging to my parents in law. The Priestess chose my husband and I to be the Beltane couple and presented me with a bouquet that contained the wonderful smell of pine twigs and various herbs. The weather that day was warm and sunny as we stood by the stream.

Image - Esophoria

Image – Esophoria

At this time I had an active life with my study of Reflexology and Aromatherapy. I attained my Reiki 1st degree qualification after travelling eighty miles for the course. I worked diligently at meditation as well as the magical work.

During the May bank holiday weekend my husband and I attended a local folk festival in Kent. I heard about this event from my Reflexology tutor and attended it with her on Sunday of that weekend. I was so impressed I took my husband the following day. There were many Morris teams dancing in the streets, musicians on stage and a large fun fair in the grounds of the beautiful castle. 

Rochester Sweeps Festival. Image - Mike In Medway

Rochester Sweeps Festival. Image – Mike In Medway

An impressive Gothic Morris team danced in the streets along with many other performers. While watching them I knew I would enjoy being a member of a dancing group and would have approached them to enquire, but their serious demeanour ( which was part of their image) made them unapproachable. The music at the festival was uplifting and the drum beat remained with me for days after the event.

Conway Halls London. Image - Humanist Heritage

Conway Halls London. Image – Humanist Heritage

At the beginning of October we attended our first Halloween event in London. Many stalls sold beautiful occult items and Pagan speakers provided talks on various subjects and paths within witchcraft. My son was only seven years of age and interested in this unusual event.  We entered the main hall where a tall slim man stood on the stage performing songs he had written about the Pagan scene. We sat at the front row to listen and discovered his songs were humourous and quite risqué! This amused my son although it was more about the man himself than his songs, but we decided to explore other areas until the performance was over. My son became an avid admirer of this talented man, but it was not until he reached his teenage years that he understood the content of the songs.

A member of the Egyptian group attended the Halloween event and welcomed us. He was tall and slim with a look of the movie star Peter Cushing about him. He spoke with a charming American accent and was a member of the Vampire groups in London. He was rather intriguing.


65-morris-dancing-l-l-jWe returned to the main hall for the final performance by a Morris dancing team. It was the Gothic team that interested me at the local folk festival earlier that year. During the interval, two of the male members announced they were after “new blood”. They spoke with a friendly manner so we approached them after the performance. We discovered they were based about a thirty minute drive from our home, so we arranged to attend their next practice. We attended regularly and I learnt the dances quickly which delighted the tutor. There were interesting members within the team and the organizers were talented tutors, dancers and musicians. Much emphasis was placed on performance presentation along with the choreography. We all worked hard on our performance and this showed when performing at events.


A few months later I performed at my first event outside a small country pub with fortunately only a few people watching.  My husband did not think he could dance, but with regular practice he eventually succeeded. My son accompanied us and brought along his school homework. The women’s team would practice for the first hour and the men for the second. My son would point out any mistakes made during the men’s dances as he remembered the moves. and he also played a good rhythm upon a drum. I created a Morris kit for him and he became a miniature Morris man. 


He danced occasionally with the male Morris team who originally did not allow children to participate but they could see he had talent and was well behaved.

At this time my daughter developed an obsessive relationship with her boyfriend and used magic to keep him. The spell gave her what she wanted, as the relationship was very intense. When it grew troublesome I tried to reverse the spell, but it was not possible as the spells need to develop in their own way. I realized why there is an age limit for members to join the Pagan Federation. Magic can be dangerous within the hands of immature people who may not consider the repercussions from the forces they deal with. My daughter eventually left home to be with her boyfriend.

A few members of the Egyptian magical group complained about waiting for the priestess to search her reference books for a ritual to perform each evening. By the time she had decided and we set up the space it was already quite late. Some members who travelled from London were unable to continue in the group for this reason. Although I enjoyed the Egyptian ritual I did not feel after a while that I developed any further from it, but gave it more time to see if it progressed.