8. The 1999 Eclipse in Cornwall

After our long journey to Cornwall, we arrived at Bossiney camp-site.

Bossiney Caravan Park. Image - Trip Advisor

Bossiney Caravan Park. Image – Trip Advisor

 We met two families staying there who were excited about the forthcoming eclipse. We heard about the Battle of Camlann re-enactment event in Tintagel during the weekend that was performed in a field next to the church. We had not seen a re-enactment before so decided to attend.


There was an array of colourful medieval tents and stalls that sold items crafted using historical methods. Men wore suits of armour or archery attire and women were in medieval dresses and hats. Some dressed as peasants with plain clothes, but it was the upper class attire that attracted me as the beautiful embroidered material and cut of the dresses was impressive. Two battles were performed that day along with archery displays.


The battles were similar to pantomime performances with Arthur and Mordred’s soldiers fighting one another. The audience cheered for Arthur and his army as they stood in line facing the opposing army on the other side of the arena. They would charge at one another and their combat training appeared authentic. My son enjoyed this while my daughter showed more interest in the jewellery and clothing stalls. We also met a lovely couple who owned a stall selling clothes, armour and occult merchandise.


I admired their wonderful chalices, selenite wands and beautifully carved platters. Their items were more expensive than other stalls at the site but they were good quality and well crafted. We met with them after the event at the Camelot Hotel which had a wonderful energy and similar in appearance to the hotel used in “The Witches” movie.

Camelot Hotel. Image - Doc Martin Online

Camelot Hotel. Image – Doc Martin Online

(The actual hotel featured in the movie is situated on the headland in Newquay.) We relaxed in the lounge bar beside one of the large windows and gazed at the sea crashing against the cliffs. I told them of my dream to move to Cornwall and they too had considered selling their home to do this, but planned to wait a while as their two sons were a similar in age to my son and they did not want to disrupt their schooling. We discussed the eclipse and arranged to meet on that day and view it together.

The arranged meeting time was 10am as the eclipse occurred at 11.11am. We decided that the best place to view it would be on the cliffs next to King Arthur’s castle.

Cliffs of Tintagel. Image - Beautiful England

Cliffs of Tintagel. Image – Beautiful England

We purchased the special ‘viewers’ to enable us to look at the sun directly. It was a cloudy day, but there was a break in the clouds that allowed us to observe the shadow as it gradually covered the sun. We laid upon the grass which was easier than attempting to view it from a standing position.


Just before the total eclipse occurred, the clouds covered the sun and we could no longer observe it. We stood and observed the energy changes around us as well as the physical ones.  A black shadow crept across the sea and sky accompanied by a sound similar to a rumble of thunder. This startled my daughter as she had heard the media speculation about the ‘end of the world’. My son leapt with excitement as the sky darkened.


 The temperature dropped significantly and we heard the seagulls cry as they were confused by the unexpected changes. In the distance we noticed camera flashes for miles along the shoreline and echoes of applause and cheering. It was an emotional moment.

After a few minutes the light gradually returned and at this point you would experience the marvellous ‘diamond ring’ effect of the eclipse as the sun began to emerge. 

Image - Dreamview

Image – Dreamview

It was disappointing not to witness this but the break in the clouds we previously had was at Newquay. A friend of mine was fortunate to experience the total eclipse and the ‘diamond ring’ effect!

When the eclipse had ended and the light of day returned, we walked back to the camp-site. People around us were silent and the atmosphere was unusually quiet. I sensed a strong shift in the energies and also within myself. We experienced something special with our new friends who I am still connected to now. The local Pagans were relieved that on this occasion there were fewer tourists than expected. Maybe the magical work had helped protect the land after all.

We returned from a wonderful holiday in Cornwall and resumed our usual routine in Kent. My daughter had been unhappy while away as she missed her boyfriend, but had met new friends and enjoyed her evenings out with them. Teenage children can outgrow vacations with parents, but keep the special memories of them within their hearts.