Congratulations to Cassandra Latham Jones

Casandra proudly holding the new third edition of her book Village Witch

When Cassandra viewed her memories on social media and discovered today was the fifth anniversary of the release of her first edition of Village Witch in 2011.

She also received her completed third edition on the same day five years later from her publisher: Mandrake Of Oxford.

I have supported Cassandra throughout the emotional ‘highs and lows’ of this process and admire her consistency and strength over the past five years. I am delighted to say she now has genuine friends who are talented, professional artists that have contributed to her latest edition. The stunning new photographs and artwork have, in my opinion, made this book the best edition of them all.

The following link with provide you with further information on her journey: Village Witch

3 thoughts on “Congratulations to Cassandra Latham Jones

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  1. I can’t wait to see it. it was a wonderful book before. With Angie’s work between its pages it will be a masterpiece! We have plenty of ‘recipe books’. This is a marvellous account of someone following their heart into the craft against tremendous odds armed with the courage of her convictions and the strength in her heart. It’s beautifully written with ruthless honesty and an open heart. Thank you Cassandra for your bravery and for taking us on a journey through your fascinating and heartwarming history. Some say a witch is made while others claim they are born. This books tells how a witch comes to find her path and what lies at the end. You’ll want to buy two copies so you can share it with someone.


    1. Thank you for that wonderful feedback Chris, Cassandra will be delighted with your words and will no doubt include them on the Book page of her website. 🙂 xxx


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