Handfasting Celebrant Memories

Cassandra and I have been celebrants for many Handfastings since 2009.

We do our utmost to provide couples with the ceremony they desire and work closely with them leading up to the event.

A few years ago, we conducted a Handfasting ceremony for a young couple at St Loy woods. It was important to the bride that bluebells were in bloom for the occasion as they were also present when they first met.



Ceremonies can vary in size and location, some have many guests, while others prefer a more intimate occasion with a few close friends.  When they are held in public locations, it understandably attracts ‘on-lookers’ whether it be creatures of the wild, ancient spirits of  land and sea or the human variety. My ceremonial training within the Alexandrian tradition comes to the fore at these times for setting up a sacred space to perform these rites.


The image above is from one of our first Handfasting ceremonies at the Merry Maidens stone circle.  Only the couple and a handful of family members and friends were present, as they requested the ceremony at short notice. Chinese tourists passed the site on an open top bus and eagerly captured images of the occasion.



Cassandra and I performed this Handfasting ceremony ( image above) in the grounds of a Mill house that was our place of residence in 2010. It was a wonderful warm October day with perfect ambiance amongst the trees and beside a small stream.



This ceremony (see image above) had a medieval theme and was held at King Arthur’s castle in Tintagel. There were a few rain showers, however this did not dampen the wonderful celebrations at this ancient site. We were invited to a hog roast buffet in the King Arthur’s Arms and had a wonderful time.

Image - Mandy Raywood



This ceremony (see images above) was held at Prussia Cove, the location where this lovely couple first met.  We were blessed with warm sunshine that day and working so close to the sea was an extra special experience.  A friendship developed between us and the couple after their ceremony and we visit them often. They now have two adorable children.



Boscawen-un stone circle is a popular site for Handfasting ceremonies. This particular one was memorable as our ‘Obby ‘Oss Penkevyll made an appearance and performed with her Teazers from Boekka.


Madron Baptistry was the venue for this Handfasting (see images above). A couple travelled from France accompanied by their family. They stayed at Godolphin House where we later joined them for a sumptuous medieval wedding feast with copious amounts of champagne and a hog roast in the fabulous dining room.




A couple from overseas had their ceremony at Sancreed Holy Well. They requested we purchase and decorate their broomstick in order to infuse it with fertile energy. Six weeks later, they revealed that they had conceived and they now have a beautiful daughter!

Image - Lee Searle

Image - Lee Searle

This ceremony ( see images above) was performed at the Sennen Coastguard look-out on a cold, wild and windy day! We attempted to place the altar accoutrements upon the table but they would not stay upright, so we kept them in a box and took them out when required. The bride’s veil attached to her hat was vertical most of the time and their guests were huddled behind the building to shelter from the force of the wind.  We were determined to continue and the wedding party kept their sense of humour. We were appreciative of the warm open fire in the First and Last public house after the ceremony.




This Hand-fasting ceremony was held in the stunning Carn Glaze Caverns. It was for a couple who had invited a small family group.  The acoustics in the Caverns were wonderful as Cassandra’s bull roarer resonated over the rock faces. The echoes of the marriage vows could be heard all around the space beside a fabulous blue lake.

We conducted another Hand-fasting at this venue for a jolly couple. Their laughter is so infectious to all who know them. They requested a performance by our ‘Obby ‘Oss Penkevyll and Boekka during their feast in the caves, along with a fire display team. (See video footage below)


We were delighted to receive a visit from them recently and were pleased to hear they are both well and happy together.

These are just a few of the Handfastings we have taken on the role of Celebrants for and each occasion is special and unique in its own way.

To enquire about our Handfasting ceremonies, please visit the Contact page.

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