The ‘Old Ways’ Workshops 2014 to 2016

This image was captured at our first Workshop (Sea Magic) in 2014….how time flies!!

Workshops of 2015

We had a fabulous time in 2016 on our workshops and met some wonderful people. There were thought provoking discussions and profound experiences.

May 2016 Workshop 1- The Ancient Land.

workshop May2016a

workshop May2016c


June 2016 Workshop 2- Sea Enchantment and Divination

WorkshopJune2016 008

WorkshopJune2016 010

WorkshopJune2016 014

July 2016 Workshop 3 – Communing with the Unseen

Workshop2016 003

Workshop2016 006

Workshop2016 017

Workshop2016 010

August 2016 Workshop 2 – Sea Enchantment and Divination

WorkshopAug2016 002

WorkshopAug2016 003

WorkshopAug2016 007

WorkshopAug2016 009

WorkshopAug2016 014

WorkshopAug2016 017

WorkshopAug2016 022

WorkshopAug2016 026

Image - D. Martin

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