The Man Engine at Geevor Tin Mine

It was indeed a profound experience to see the Man Engine puppet created to mark the anniversary of the Cornish Mining Heritage. This fabulous spectacle attracted an audience of 7000 providing us with a comfortable and clear view of the performance.

GoldsithneyManEngine2016 084

GoldsithneyManEngine2016 089

GoldsithneyManEngine2016 078

GoldsithneyManEngine2016 072

GoldsithneyManEngine2016 093

GoldsithneyManEngine2016 095

GoldsithneyManEngine2016 097

GoldsithneyManEngine2016 100

GoldsithneyManEngine2016 101

GoldsithneyManEngine2016 102

GoldsithneyManEngine2016 103

GoldsithneyManEngine2016 104

GoldsithneyManEngine2016 105

GoldsithneyManEngine2016 106

GoldsithneyManEngine2016 107

GoldsithneyManEngine2016 113

GoldsithneyManEngine2016 114

GoldsithneyManEngine2016 115

GoldsithneyManEngine2016 123

GoldsithneyManEngine2016 126

The chanting from the audience as the Man Engine rose was powerfully evocative and as you will see in the video below. At this event they included the names of the miners who had passed as the Man Engine came to life, a significant and emotional moment that will always be remembered.

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