Goldsithney Charter Fair 2016

An event at Goldsithney performing with the Golowan Band accompanied by the Raffidy Dumitz band and Tros and Trey Cornish dancers.

GoldsithneyManEngine2016 002

GoldsithneyManEngine2016 009

GoldsithneyManEngine2016 012

GoldsithneyManEngine2016 005

GoldsithneyManEngine2016 007

GoldsithneyManEngine2016 013

GoldsithneyManEngine2016 016

GoldsithneyManEngine2016 017

GoldsithneyManEngine2016 021

GoldsithneyManEngine2016 026

GoldsithneyManEngine2016 027

GoldsithneyManEngine2016 033

GoldsithneyManEngine2016 039

GoldsithneyManEngine2016 043

GoldsithneyManEngine2016 050

GoldsithneyManEngine2016 051

GoldsithneyManEngine2016 055

GoldsithneyManEngine2016 057

GoldsithneyManEngine2016 065

GoldsithneyManEngine2016 067

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