Working with Beach Sand

Working magically on a beach is wonderful. The tides remind you of the changing, but constant nature of life. The old is always washed away, but new things are brought in, along with fresh beginnings and a stiff breeze of energy. Beach sand is the perfect representation of that, along with sea water. Use it for cleansing, and encouraging new growth and changes.
– The beach is a place where all elements meet. The sun, the wind, the earth, the ocean; you can use beach sand to represent the elements, or a specific one by magically charging it, or channeling energy into it.

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Most people consider the beach a peaceful place. Use beach sand in relaxation and peace charms, and possibly to bring sleep, and within their sleep, magical work.
It’s been touched by the ocean over and over. This would imbue it with the element of water, and properties of salt. Use beach sand to help one achieve stability through change. It can combine strength and emotion, and help keep one level-headed through overwhelming and stressful events.
You could probably use it in relation to time. Longevity, resilience, and long-lasting ties all come to mind when you consider the ageless sand.
Consider the area when collecting things from nature. If you’re into asking nature, elements, or local spirits for permission, do it. If you’re into just going from intuition, and collecting things only when it feels right, then do it. Keep in mind that some places don’t like people taking natural things from the area.
Sand, shells, drift wood, and items found at the beach are good for offerings to certain deities and spirits, depending on what they prefer.

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Before the crowds arrive, when the morning is still new, go for a walk on the sand at sunrise. Take a small bottle or bag with you, fill it with sand, and bring it back home for magical workings that incorporate all four elements. Do the same with a bottle of ocean water. You can also use your bag of sand to cast a circle once you get back home, or as a substitute for graveyard dirt in workings.

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