Working with Seaweed

Seaweed offers protection for those at sea. It summons sea spirits and sea winds. It is used in sachets and spells to increase psychic powers.  If you use an infusion to scrub floors in a business premises it will attract customers and bring positive energy. Use it for financial gain too.

Seaweeds Sennen 013

It can also help to regulate an underactive thyroid and relieve the pain of rheumatism and rheumatic joints.

Herbs and Magical Correspondences

Easy Seaweed Bottle Spell for Luck

“Many good fortune spells feature seaweeds like bladderwrack and agar-agar, both popularly known as Sea Spirit. Seaweeds, in general, are perceived as auspicious; other species such as kelp and dulce may be easier to obtain, along with other seaweeds associated with Japanese cuisine or nutritional supplements.

Simply place the seaweed in a jar and cover with sake or whiskey. Keep the covered jar in the kitchen to magically attract good fortune.

Note: For this spell, seaweed may be fresh or dried, but tablets may not be substituted.”

Gypsy Magic Spells

A Seaweed Money Spell

“Items Needed:

A small boiling saucepan of water, edible seaweed, beef or chicken stock cubes  Do this on a waxing moon or full moon and a rising or high tide.

Do the spell at your stove, or if you have a cooking cauldron on a fire, even better! Boil some water and empower it with chanting. When it is at the peak of boiling add one of the cubes to the broth and as it dissolves repeat your chant. Hold your hands over the seaweed and visualise it turning into money. Take some and break it into small pieces and add to the broth saying:

“Seaweed abundant gift of the sea. bringing money in abundance to me, help to make me healthy and strong, bringing wellness and riches as I sing my song.

Take the soup off the stove and let it cool, add pepper or other seasonings to taste. Eat warm. If this soup is too much for you to eat or it does not taste pleasant, think of items that can be added to make it more appealing: carrots, peas, noodles, etc. Save a small amount to give as an offering to a plant or tree outside.”

Witch Spells

Seaweed Knot Wish

For this spell, you will need a piece of seaweed and the ocean

Get in the ocean, letting your worries sink to the bottom. Close your eyes and tune into the rhythm of the sea. Take your piece of seaweed and state your wish. Tie the seaweed into 3 knots and say, “By my will and knot times three. My wish is done, so shall it be!”

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